How To Optimize Website With Rank Math

You can rank your website contents or any website on google using rank math seo, for 100% free

How To Optimize Website With Rank Math


Are you a website owner, webmaster or an SEO Expect, Discover How To Optimize Website With Rank Math for 100% free


You can optimize any websites, analyze any websites with rank math for 100% free and the good news is


Rank math is simple to use and has user guide, user dashboard, free support ticket, powerful features and many more, this indeed is one of the best WP SEO Tools I have ever seen


how to optimize website with rank math


Rank math is the best free WordPress SEO Tools In 2020, Latest but very powerful, powerful and far better than most of the paid WP SEO Tools out there


Rank math will help your WordPress website rank higher in search engines, with Rank math you can now optimize any website running on WordPress with zero stress using the setup wizard


To get started, just visit the official Rank Math website by clicking the link below

rank math


Once you are on the official website page of rank math, kindly click on the download link, see picture below and download the rank math SEO for free

how to optimize website with rank math free download


After you have downloaded the rank math, kindly head to your WordPress website, login to the dashboard, locate your plugin section and upload the rank math zip file, click on install after installation, activate the plugin, see video guide below



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There is more to website optimization and ranking, as a good optimized website contents stands a better chance to rank high and possible on page one across all search engine optimization


So proceed to Rank Math, download the plugin, install on your WordPress website, run the setup wizard and analyze your entire website, read the error codes and get the fixed and see how your site ranking and traffic will increase in days


Get Your Website’s Pages And Content Instant Indexing

There are other plugins from Rank Math that you can install, among such is Instant Indexing, you can checkout Instant Indexing Plugin Here


Have you ever wished that your brand new content would appear in the search engines – instantly? then wish no more, that is the work of this plugin


It will force your content to gets the attention that it deserves? That any changes you make to your content reflect in the search engines as soon as you make them


It Will Makes Your Contents Rank faster – Have that awesome content you know users will like? Get it in front of your audience faster.



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Instant Indexing Plugin increases your chances of ranking above your competition – Slow crawling and indexing defeat the purpose of being the first to write that piece of content. With the Instant Indexing plugin, your content will always get preference.

Keep search results up-to-date – Fresh content gets more clicks and improves your rankings. Now, any changes you make to your content will get updated in the search engines almost instantly.


How To Optimize Website With Rank Math

You don’t only install the rank math on your website and expect all your website contents to start ranking on the first page of Google and other search engine directories

You also need to supply your website with quality contents, not just copy and paste contents, but unique contents with value, use related keywords, tags and unique images on all your contents and watch how your contents rank faster


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