How To Post Free Ads On AfriNOTES Classified Deal Section

How To Post Free Ads On AfriNOTES Classified Deal Section


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Today you will love what am about to share with you, is all about promoting your business and service online, posting your business products and services to attract quality buyers, leveraging the power of Afrinotes classified deal, the fast-growing online marketplace for everyone

Buy and sell on afrinotes

You will love leveraging AfriNOTES Multipurpose Portal for Africa

And here our focus is on the classified deal section so first of all, let define what Classified Deal is all about for the benefit of those who are not familiar with the words ‘Classified deal”


What Is Classified Deal

The classified deal is a form of advertising to the global or targeted base market. The market here is the online community, where ads listing is particularly common in online web and mobile app platform

In other words, you as an individual or company need to have a product or service, physical or virtual goods before you can classified deal portals

Off which you will have to create an account and list your product or service on most of these platforms using the Post Ads feature


For repetition sake, To get started, using classified deals you will need to create an account with any of the classified deal portals, and mind you

There are various classified portal running on the internet today, from digital news portals, blogs, forums platform, directory platform, and classified sites

classified sites

And in our case today, we are going to use AfriNOTES classified deals section, so you have to visit AfriNOTES Classified deals. See a sample of the portal below

afrinotes classfied deals section

When you are live on AfriNOTES classified, there are two ways to post an Ads for 100% free


How to post an Ads with AfriNOTES Classified deal step one

Create an account, by clicking on the register menu item, See the Sample picture below


Once you are live on AfriNOTES Classified deal, click on register, and it will take you to the signup page, where you will have to fill in your basic registration details, such as nameusernameemail address, and password, then confirm that you are not a robot and click on the registerSee the sample picture below

signup with afrinotes classified

By so doing you are good to go, Next is for you to go to your email address, possible on the inbox, and confirm your registration, but should in case you can’t find the confirmation message in your inbox, don’t forget to check your promotions tab or best the spam folder of your mailbox

Once you have confirmed your registration, you are now free to Post Free Ads live on AfriNOTES classified deal


How to post an Ads with AfriNOTES Classified deal step two

You can also leverage Afrinotes classified without first necessary creating an account, as in. You can go directly to the Post Ads menu button, click on it and post your Ads live on AfriNOTES classified deal

Once you have posted Ads, is now left for AfriNOTES classified to create a user account and generate login details for you, which will be sent to your emails address


So This is how is work

Go to AfriNOTES Classified Deal and click on Post AdsSee the picture of the page it will direct you to

Post free ad


When you have click on Post ads. below is the post ad page it will direct you to, see picture below

Post ad, afrinotes classified, 1Post ad afrinotes classified, 2

You chose category

Choose a category as related to your business product or service, then enter the title of your product or service, add a description using the description box. Then scroll down more, and. Select upload images, you can upload up to 1 to 5 images, Take note image related to the product or service yours are listing.

select category, enter title, add description and upload images

Next is for you to enter your Price, if the product or service has a price, you can set the price to negotiate or make it static, you can also ignore adding price as this section is not mandatory


Then add your active mobile number, so that buyers can easily reach out to you, then next is for you to select a city, this can be your location or your target base. see picture

add price, add your phone number, city and add tags

If you are In Nigeria, the entire state, LGA, City, and town in Nigeria has been covered, likewise for those browsing from Ghana, South Africa, and few other Africa Countries. AfriNOTES Classified listing has successfully covered the above-mentioned countries in Africa

You can then add a tag, ”tag here can also be the title of your post” just copy the title of your post product or service and paste it on the add tag field


Then for those who have not registered an account with AfriNOTES classified deal, you will need to fill in the User detail. by entering Your Full Name, Email, and then click on Post An Ad. See picture below

enter user details

When you have entered all fields and have clicked on Post An Ad

Wait for the response code, as long as you have entered all required field correctly, you will receive a success message, instructing you to go to your email inbox to confirm your listing

Quickly proceed to your email and confirm your ad listing. by so doing. you have successfully confirmed your ad listing and in less than 2 minute an admin will approve your ads for 100% free and your ads will go live


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