How To Promote And Grow Your Business In 2020

Learn How To Promote And Grow Your Business In 2020, Leveraging the power of the internet. Secrets! Now Reveals By Mbonu Watson. Nairalearn


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First know that!!!

Building a business can take time, some time ago! before the advent of the Internet, Building a business can take years, but that has changed, The internet has changed the world and how business is run in this 21st century, yet a lot of people are still far away from leveraging the power of the Internet In growing they business


To you reading this article, be glad as your view, knowledge, and understanding on how to promote and grow your business is about to take a new turn

How To Promote And Grow Your Business In 2020, Written By Mbonu Watson. Continue Reading

This is my first post article in the year 2020, and am sharing this with you because I want you to grow, yes I want your business to grow and make you more profits without delay


Believe me. What am about to share here, are pure secret I Mbonu Watson, Owner of has been using to grow not just my platforms but a host of other clients business and services worldwide


With the information am about to share with you today you can now build a business that is supposed to take you years TO GROW for less than 2 months fast growth


Today I Mbonu Watson want to show you how, please do your self good by paying attention for what am about to say here

for the past 7 years, I have helped a lot of business grow, a lot of organizationcompaniesgovernment bodiesindividual, etc, yes I have helped a lot of people set up their business, some people even with zero capital and today they are cashing out big


Yes I have confidently done these services locally in Nigeria for my Nigerian clients and more in the International Gigs Economy to my global clients

My Books and Video kit has been watched by thousands to millions across the globe, so pay attention to what am about to reveal on this post article


Yes, you can build and grow a business in less than 2 months, be it an existing business or new business, no matter, what matter is practicing what am about to reveal to you on this post article

You don’t need to wait for years for your business to grow. You don’t need that, as I take you on this step by step guide on How To Promote And Grow Your Business In 2020, just do your self good by paying attention and taking action


People Ask

  • People ask me, Mr. Mbonu Watson, please how can I grow my business and services faster? 
  • How do I get my business and service across everyone on the internet? 
  • How do I get sales, they ask me. Mr. Mbonu Watson All I need for my business is sales upon sales, 
  • Please, how do I achieve this? They Ask?


Some even cry that they are about to give up on their business, that nothing is working and their business is about to close down


These questions come privately and I do my best to study the business and services of my clients and provide them with the best answers and resources, so today, I will not be answering the questions privately, but publicly, so other people like you can benefits


Every one of my readers, Nairalearn students, you reading this article to benefit from my answers. The year 2020, seems blessed, so you don’t need to struggle in other to grow your business and make more profit. so am sharing this with you on open article on this very thay 1st of January 2020

So Let Get Started.

How To Promote And Grow Your Business In 2020 Step One


1: Have A Website:

Do you want your business to grow faster in the year 2020, if yes, You must have a website? Yes your business and services must have a website

If you have been following my post, you too know, often time I do quote that any Business not having an online presence is running out of business, so for your business not to run out of business you must have a website


So ask your self this questionDo I Have A Website or Do My Business Has A Website? ) If the answer is yes. Then know that you have gotten the requirement one on how to promote and grow your business in 2020. so let proceed

But if you don’t have a website or your business doesn’t have a website yet, you can still have a premium website for yourself or for your business, just contact my humble self Mbonu Watson. let talk on how to develop a premium website for you.. Just Whatsapp me on +2348068608490 or 08099688839 both lines are active on whatsapp

So the requirement one is done. being having a premium website.


How To Promote And Grow Your Business In 2020 Step Two


2: Building An Email List

Building an email list is our second requirement you need in other to grow your business and services faster in 2020

Take Note? If you fail on your email list building, you have failed it all, and it will take you years to build your business, but years of active struggling.


So to avoid seeing your business and service struggling to survive, passing through stress to grow, you need to start building an email list, but first, let me explain what I mean by Building an email list


Definition Of Building An Email List

Building an email list is a collection of email addresses that a business or individual can create by engaging with potential customers through lead-generating campaigns. 


Email lists can shrink as members opt out of email subscriptions, and grow as the business solicits contact information from website visitors. 

See Sample Of Email Opt-in Form Below

That is to say, you should be collecting emails from your website visitors and engaging them with an email marketing campaign, this is one reason why I told you earlier that you will need a website. a website that collects emails from site visitors and does so many other things you to discover on this post as we proceed.


So building an email list made our second requirement on how to promote and grow your business in 2020 and this can be achieved by you or your website developer creating what will call a squeeze page, an opt-in form live on your websites and positioned them on some specific spot on your website. as you can see a sample of a squeeze page below 


Take Note… in other to create a winning opt-in form / Squeeze page, you must have something free to give out, it can be a book, an ebook, software, tools, training, online training, a demo version of your premium product or services, a first-time free consultation and many more.  


You must have something free or something on a low price to give away to your site visitors in exchange for their email address in other to have an award-winning opt-in page/squeeze page. This requirement is too important


Am good in giving out quality products, ebooks, software, internet marketing tools, videos out for free, must time in exchange in collecting people email address, Building trust and many more. 


This free give away cost me a lot of money and time, and it worth a paid product, but because I understand how important email building is, I have no choice but to offer it for free to my site visitors


So have it in mind now that Building An Email List is too vital on how to promote and grow your business in 2020, so prioritize building an email list. as we proceed


Why Do You Need To Build An Email List?

You need to build not just thousands of email list but millions of email list, building an email list in this 21st century of smart marketing is like you have 50% of your customers on your fingertips.


Do you know what that means, it simply means that you are not completely depending on Facebook, Google, Whatsapp, Youtube,, Nairaland, Instagram, Twitter, etc in promoting and growing your business. 


Because with the email list, you already have your customer at your hand and you can easily email them from time after time, at your own will and make money from your email list promoting your business and services AT EASE


And here is something cool for you, I have the Nigeria Email Database, which contains more than 100 million active email address and many more. Click here to secure a copy Now


With this Nigeria Email Database, You Can Grow Your Business email list from zero to 10 thousand opt-in lists in less than 24 hours and can scare up your email list to million subscribers in less than a month and more


So haven said that, let proceed to the third requirement on How To Promote And Grow Your Business In 2020


How To Promote And Grow Your Business In 2020 Step Three


3: Digital Marketing Academy

I Will not spend much time on this, but know too well, that if you want to carry out effective online marketing for your business, one of the very best eCourse you need is the Digital Marketing Academy Kit.

Digital Marketing Academy Course

This kit comes with over 50 step by step digital marketing secrets with over 200+ of internet marketing software and tools. and many more undisclosed items.


So plan to secure a copy of the Digital Marketing Academy Kit Here. You will love the fact that I recommended this kit to you

This settles our third requirement on How To Promote And Grow Your Business In 2020. so let proceed


How To Promote And Grow Your Business In 2020 Step Four


4: Google Adwords

Using Google Adwords to promote and grow your business in 2020 made our list four… here quality lead speaks louder than quantity. 

Google Adwords also refer to as Google Ads, is an online advertising platform developed by Google, where advertisers pay to display brief advertisements, service offerings, product listings, video content, and generate mobile application installs within the Google ad network to web users.


So by promoting your business and service on Google Adwords, you are directly placing your ads in over a thousand to millions of websites running on AdSense and mobile app running on AdMob


To get started advertising your business on Google Adwords all you need is a Gmail account.. once you have a Gmail account . just head to and sign up for google ad word and get started


How To Promote And Grow Your Business IN 2020 Step Five


5: Nairaland Paid Ads:

Using paid ads ( Advertisement ) is another way of growing your business and services faster in 2020 and beyond, the reason being that.

Nairaland is the Number one forum in Africa and among the top 7 most visited websites in Nigeria, with over 2+ million active members and millions of none registered visitors that stumble on nairaland daily and out of billion websites in the world, Nairaland is ranking 838 in global internet engagement according to Alexa, see picture below

So placing ads on nairaland can be a win-win-win for your business and service and moreover. Nairaland visitor and clicks are quality clicks and serious-minded visitors, the potential of 500 visitors from nairaland alone to your ads is far better than Facebook 2000 visitors.. so take note of that and do the needful, leverage the power of nairaland in growing your business faster in 2020


How To Promote And Grow Your Business In 2020 Step Six


6: Is The Nigeria Online Marketplace for Buy, Sell And Rent Anything Online, is one of the fastest-growing classified sites in Nigeria, and it is simple and easier to place ads on, all you need is to visit the and click on register and fill in your details and you are done

Once you have sign up, next is to click on Add Listing and start listing your business and services, please remember to place your ads on the categories that best match your business and services


You can also boost your ads listing on to reach more people across the globe, as paid listing with is the cheapest across the nation and moreover. is owner by us NL_SOFT, So we will make sure that your ads convert with over 80% of return on investment, being the amount you spend on placing the ads


How To Promote And Grow Your Business In 2020 Step Seven


7: Facebook Ads

Days have gone when facebook was facebook, like Mark Zuckerberg and the facebook team keep on updating the number one most use social media on planet earth


more people continue to lose hope on Facebook Ads, as quality leads generation from facebook ads keep dropping daily. an advertiser is now looking ease where to get quality leads not quantity


But in all, there are ways to leverage the power of Facebook ads to promote and grow your business in 2020 and watch your business and profit grow faster. all you need to master Facebook ads can be found on one of the eCourse Title The Complete Facebook Marketing Excellence Course


It covers everything you need to know about Facebook Marketing and generating quality leads from Facebook


How To Promote And Grow Your Business In 2020 Step Eight


8: Twitter Ads

Twitter is a powerful platform with the #tag. you can grow your business and services. all you need to get started is to sign up on twitter if you have not done so now


Signing up on twitter is free after you have sign up, quickly setup your twitter profile and start twitting using #tag’s inline to your twitter contents, business name, etc


In doing this, also make plans to use twitter paid ads to boost your business products and services across twitter. Twitter has great users and is the most favorite social platform for world-class leaders, businessmen and women.. while Instagram is for entertainment and social influencers, twitter is cool for the business-minded personals


Remember to get started using twitter to promote and grow your business you need a twitter account. Click here to sign up and get one for yourself


How To Promote And Grow Your Business In 2020 Step Nine


9: Social Influencers

Engaging with Social Influencers is another great way you can use to promote and grow your business in 2020, as there are lots of social influencers in Nigeria alone


Yes Nigeria has great social influencers across Facebook Pages and Groups, Twitter Influencers, Instagram Influencers, Youtube Influencers and many more


All you need is to come up with quality promotional content, contents here can betext contentspictures or videos, etc…


Once you have come up with promotional content, all you can do is to search for social influencers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube With over 100k plus to millions+ of followers and membership. e g, 


You can go to facebook and search for Facebook groups and pages with over 100k active membership. rob mind with the Facebook groups and page admin and see if he or she will accept your proposal to place ads on there facebook groups and page.


In some cases you will get a yes answer, due most time, these yes answers come with a token price, yes you have to pay the Facebook Group or page owner a small token to list and pin your post your ads


How To Promote And Grow Your Business In 2020, Step Ten


10: Writing For SEO Ranking

Nothing supers quality ranking of website pages, post, etc across all directories and search engine, as you can see this article title How To Promote And Grow Your Business In 2020 was not only written for humans, I also wrote it for Search engine bots, with over 3k words and a targeted keyword, am expecting that this article will rank on google, bing page one in less than 7 days from now


Yes you have to learn SEO, That is Search Engine Optimization, you have to learn how to outrank your competitors on search engine and my best recommendations here is for you to get the SEO Masterclass and Learn The A To Z Of Search Engine Optimization and start ranking your website pages and post on Google, Bing, etc 


How To Promote And Grow Your Business In 2020, Step Eleven


11: GSM Database

You can super fast grow your business by leveraging the power of GSM Number Database

All you need is to get the entire GSM Numbers Of Nigerians Here and Find an SMS Portal of your choice and use in sending Bulk messages to the numbers, promoting your business and service across the mobile via SMS marketing


12: Whatsapp Marketing Kit

Whatsapp has come to stay, as more people join the WhatsApp Messenger, a cross-platform messaging and Voice over IP service owned by Facebook, Inc.


Which allows users to send text messages and voice messages, make voice and video calls, and share images, documents, user locations, and other


You can use Whatsapp to grow your business in 2020, all you need is the Complete Whatsapp Marketing Kit, Get It here

Below Are Things You To Get From The Whatsapp Marketing Kit


In all promoting and growing your business in 2020 requires active focusingcreative writings, and articlesgenerating consistent targeted trafficsBuilding ListEngaging With Your AudienceWriting News Letters and Conversion


Business is all about making profits, you should be making profits from your business activities, nothing more, nothing less


I am convinced the only way to grow your business and service, make more money online is to have a consistent Advertising plan. A plan you are willing to work hard on and commit to for a selected period.


 When making this plan, you need to do two things. First, you should pick a few promotional plans that are of interest to you, you can start with placing Ads on, Nairaland and Google Adwords


Second, you need to decide how long you want to work these promotional plans.


Once you decide on a period (I recommend 3 months to 6 months ), you must make a promise to yourself that you will not stop advertising until that period is up. This is perhaps the most important factor in your success and building your business and services faster


Next, you need to consider your advertising options: traffic exchanges, classified adse-mail campaignsarticles publicationsposting to forums or message boardschatting with others who are interested in what you have to offer, and posting offline flyers around your town, city, and state. If need be


Now you see the many possible advertising avenues you can choose from. I recommend doing all of them. Yes all, due you have to start with 1 or three and scare up. 


Start all if you have the startup budget plans, but if you don’t, stick to a few of them. It may sound like a lot of work, but when broken down into a plan, it is not and you will enjoy the outcome



Commit to your new plan and don’t get involved in any other programs until your current programs are making you money consistently.  


Don’t give up. Sticking with this plan will significantly improve your success. Remember, Advertise, Advertise, Advertise that is the best solution on how to promote and grow your business in 2020


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Put this How To Promote And Grow Your Business In 2020 Into Practice and Enjoy The best of 2020. Your best year ever and beyond 

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And lastly

Practice Makes perfect, you can never grow your business if you just read the entirety of this ebook and never take action

Take action and start practicing what I Have revealed on the eBook, Report. Start Now. God’s time to super grows your business is now.

With Thanks From

Mbonu Watson


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January 1, 2020


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