How To Register For INEC Voters Card Online, Step By Step

Get your INEC Registration Voter’s Card Online, Follow this article to learn easy steps you can deploy, register for an INEC voters card online, get your PVC to be eligible for the 2023 Nigeria general election, is your right to vote and be voted for


Yes will understand that the insecurity in Nigeria has forced most Nigerians to stay away from participating in the ongoing INEC voter registration exercise, its a serious menace facing us, but all hope is not lost yet, we can still build the Nigeria of our dream by participating actively on the 2023 Nigeria general election


While Southeastern Nigeria is more affected by insecurity in a region where voters’ right is threatened, the good news is that you can process INEC voter’s card online, it’s free, it’s simple, user-friendly all you need do is to go through this post and also watch the video attached to this post and you are good to go

How To Register For INEC Voters Card Online

In this post, I will walk you through the steps of how to register for an INEC voters card online, with just a click and a few requirements such as your name, email address, and leveraging the INEC portal


You are good to go, you can process your INEC Registration voters card from the comfort of your home, as long you have internet-connected devices, such as a mobile phone, taps, or computer system, you can also register with your smart TV with an internet connection, the process is so simple


Another good news is that INEC registration is secure, is fast, is 100% secure, and lastly is legit, approved by both Independent National Electoral Commission ”INEC” and the Nigeria Federation, so to get started, Below are the requirements


1: Email Address: you need an email address to sign up on the INEC portal, this is important, any email address such as Gmail, Hotmail, yahoo mail, etc can do, don’t worry, this is safe, your email details are also safe with INEC Portal


2: Your Real Names: Such as your first name, last name, and Surname are all important, it is best you use your full name.


3: Mobile Number: Yes the mobile number is also important, there is a mobile number field, just enter your mobile number


4: Your Login Private Password: Next is to enter the password and confirm the password, also make sure you check the security ”check box” feature and then click on Continue: See the screenshot below

Step two on How To Register For INEC Voters Card Online, is to proceed to the email address you have used for registration and confirm the email INEC CVR Portal sent to you, also see screenshot below, on your end just click on the Verify Account

How To Register For INEC Voters Card Online, step 2

Once you click on the confirmation link, it will activate your INEC online CVR portal account and will take you to your user dashboard, where you can access INEC features, such as New Voter Registration, ReviewTransfer or wants to change your voting location to another polling unit, Information Update, how to Collect Your PVC, and if you have misplaced your voter card, how you can resolve it, and many more important information regarding the INEC CVR, all available at the user dashboard, while the majority of Nigerians will click on the New Voter Registration as seen on the screenshot below

INEC New voter registration

Just proceed with The New Voter Registration by clicking on New Pre-Registration, see the screenshot below

Accept the Declaration by clicking Yes and proceed

And lastly. proceed with providing the follow information to INEC CVR portal 

  1. Fill Pre-Registration Form on this Portal
  2. Choose an Appointment Date for your Biometric Capture
  3. Generate Application Slip for your Pre-Registration
  4. Visit Chosen Biometric Registration Centre to Capture your Fingerprints and Photo
  5. Track Registration Status Online
  6. Be Notified when your PVC is ready
  7. Pick Your PVC


When your are finally on each of the step above page, just fill in the required details of yours and click on Continue, follow the screen steps untill you get to the final stage and submit your INEC online registration forms


Next is to wait for some few hours and INEC will send you a mail, just follow the instructions they provided and in just few more days, you will have your INEC voters done and PVC ready, please make sure you collect your PVC and also encourage others to do so.


We as Nigerians above the age of 18 has right to vote and be voted for, encourage this post be sharing it, also download the eBook version at the last page of this post and share it across your friends, family, WhatsApp status, Facebook groups, let join hands together to motivate our people in participating in the ongoing INEC registration leveraging the Online portal


Now watch this video below, and remember to keep encouraging others to use the INEC online voters registration portal, to register, get your PVC and be eligible for the 2023 general election

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Cheers and remember to encourage all Nigerians near you, who are above 18 years to register by participating in the ongoing INEC registration, get your PVC and be eligible for the 2023 general INEC registration


Below Are INEC Portal Resource Link

Click Here To Start Processing Your INEC Online Registration

Access INEC Continues Voters Registration Portal Info Services Center Here


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