How to sell to Nigerians using GSM Numbers Database

How to sell to Nigerians using GSM Numbers Database

If you have been into an online business you will agree with me that Nigeria is among the top listing countries with a high rate of online buyers, come to talk of it 200+ millions of people no be beans

Nigeria as a country is rich, there may be hunger crying among few Nigerians but with the little others have, the majority of Nigeria are ever ready to spend it on things they love, value or need

How to sell to Nigerians using GSM Numbers Database

Today, here in this article we are to discuss how to sell to Nigerians using GSM Numbers Database

Yes, GSM Mobile remains one fastest way to reach Nigerians, as reports have it that over 75% of Nigerians check their phone every 10 minutes, that is to say, Nigerians are ever busy with their mobile phone

A great number of Nigeria always respond to checking their phone each time they receive an SMS and proceed to open the SMS even though the message is coming from an unknown number or source

In the case of promotional SMS, research has it that, SMS Marketing convert up to 35%, while WhatsApp Marketing Messages convert up to 45% if you are targeting Nigeria audience

Mobile marketing is the idea, but here, the problem is one having access to the GSM Numbers Database Of Nigeria as well as having the available marketing tools to carry out effective marketing to larger numbers of Nigerians

In other words, the majority of business owners in Nigeria do not know how to go about selling to Nigerians, sending promotional messages directly to the GSM Numbers mobile phones of Nigerians

Market Direct To Nigeria Via Their Mobile Phones

The Mobile Marketing secret here may look small, simple but powerful. And It will be more beneficial to you if you stop every other thing you are doing and pay attention to what am about to say here starting with


1: Get The GSM Numbers Database Of Nigerians

If you want to market your business product or service to Nigeria direct to Nigerians mobile phone numbers users, you will need to get the already available Nigeria GSM Numbers Database

With this alone. you have access to over 80 million active GSM numbers of Nigeria with individual name records, Age records, Location records, and many more

And the good news is that NairaLEARN has made the GSM Numbers Of Nigerians available and you can simply grab a copy of yours here


So getting the GSM Numbers Database of Nigeria remain top-secret if you truly want to sell to Nigerians using GSM Numbers, with you having access to this great marketing tool, you already have gold in your hands. Next is


2: Understanding WhatsApp Marketing

As an online marketer, seriously there are things we can do and things we can’t do, one thing an online marketer can’t do is avoid a platform where a great audience from his or her target location are using


For example, great serious-minds Nigerians are using WhatsApp platform for important things and business, staying connected with customers, friend s and family, in fact in 2021, WhatsApp tops as one great platform majority of Nigerians are using

So now imagine you as a business owner, targeting Nigerians but lack the knowledge and best ways you should carry out your WhatsApp marketing in promoting your business

On like Email marketing which still remains the number online money-making niche at the global level, but when it comes to marketing to Nigeria Whatsapp has it.

To start your own smart WhatsApp marketing, you will need 1: Whatsapp Bulk Sender App and 2: Whatsapp Marketing Masterclass, both are available here


With the above-listed tools, you can easily start your own professional WhatsApp marketing, promoting your business to Nigeria WhatsApp Active numbers

ALSO with the WhatsApp Bulk Sender App you can send thousands of WhatsApp messages daily at a zero cost as all you will need is to get the WhatsApp Bulk Sender App, then go through the step by step WhatsApp marketing course that comes with the kit and get started promoting your business, our next on how to sell to Nigerians using GSM Numbers database is a smart use of Bulk SMS Marketing


3: Using Bulk SMS Marketing

Lately, many people have been asking me, Mbonu Watson has Bulk SMS dead, my answer to them is no, Bulk SMS is virtually alive, active, and still converting

Yes the usage of bulk SMS has really dropped in Nigeria, the NCC roles and poor policies are few things that have indeed have affected Bulk SMS Marketing lately, but Bulk SMS is still working, another technology that has really affected Bulksms is the introduction of Whatsapp AND Telegram, etc


Whatsapp and Telegram has diverted people attention these days, as many marketers prefer using WhatsApp for their promotions and have ignored Bulk SMS, but belief me Bulk SMS marketing still works, in fact, these are the smart step I and my team recommend for everyone to use in their Bulk SMS Marketing


First: always filter your GSM Numbers lead, even if you got the GSM leads from us, NairaLEARN, please make sure you filter the numbers, try to separate active WhatsApp numbers from none active numbers


Here Is How You can go About Bulk SMS Marketing

Separate Active WhatsApp numbers from none active WhatsApp numbers, while you use the WhatsApp Bulk Sender app to send bulk WhatsApp messages to your active WhatsApp gsm numbers list, you can then use Bulk SMS to send a promotional message to the number not active or available on WhatsApp, hope you get it


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That is how we have been using GSM numbers lately to drive massive traffic to our business products or services as well offering these top services to others and the returns on investment is encouraging

With just this combination of marketing, your business growth, sales, and profits will skyrocket for good and you will love the outcome

It will be simple and direct, but when practice, put into action can outgrow the correct level of your business, help your boost sales and have better returns on profits

Nigeria with over 200+ million nationals targeting Nigerians across your online business can be a win-win-win for you, and that of your business, give this a try starting from now, get the gsm numbers in Nigeria, and thanks me later


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