If you can solve a problem you are 90% a millionaire: Get This Secret Of Millionaire Mindset

If you can solve a problem you are 90% a millionaire: Get This Secret Of Millionaire Mindset

The world is revolving, if you could solve problems, you have solved 50% of your financial problems, take it or leave it, if you could fix a problem in society you are on your way to becoming a millionaire or possible billionaire provided you have the understanding of leveraging the solutions you are providing

If you can solve a problem you are 90% a millionaire:The fastest way to be a success is to provide helps to people problems, if you could provide solutions, and you are willing to leverage them, makes money from it, hen you are good to go

Having the power of providing solutions to people problems and you are willing to take action, work hard, believe me, you have just solved 90% of your financial problem, the remaining 10% is nothing but Grace which in most cases comes from God and nature


Dear friend

in today article we are to discuss the number one way of attending success and (financial freedom), which is being able to solve problems, be a solution provider to peoples problems, community problems, nation and global issues affecting lives around us

In other words, I will focus my point on the area of digital marketing, niches and gigs economy as to how it has affected our world today

Before now, every day multiple products and services irrespective of the business niche are hitting the global market SOLVING one problem or the other for Marketers, Businesses, and consumers. 

Now of late… most products and services have been focusing on helping users sell a SPECIFIC service to local businesses as more people have seen the need of having their business and service online. 

People that saw this need on times, quickly develop tools, products, and services on SEO, Video making, Video streaming ‘Text-to-Speech’, Virtual meeting, ‘Websites, Funnel Builders’, ‘Copywriting Apps’, Image editors, Social media, blogs, forums, classified, directory and many more

There have also been skillsets like Mobile App developers, website developers, internet marketers, content creators, Mobile phones manufacturers, Inverters kits makers name but a few

In as much all these are great niches, there all focus on one thing, providing solutions, getting listened to, getting customers who need such services or products, picking up project and delivery

Some of these products and services are no longer news most of them have been oversaturated, but yet, more people are joining the niche daily, the reason being that all the niches are still profitable, provided your product or services is solving a specific problem

Discover a problem today, a problem can be people's needs and wants, then provide the needs and wants. then you have solves the problemBecause the world revolves, problems also come along, most times is not just about the problem but about the solution, the issues are that most people focus on the problem by looking the other way round, people see problems as problems, not opportunities, thereby handling their chances of making


Problems provide opportunities for new job creations

Being the opportunities such problems has already created, for if you can think, provides the solution to any problem, solve the problem, make the solution bigger, you have won, you have contributed to mankind and best stand a chance of making cool cash

Nothing much about success when you fail to solve a problem, it must not be internet niche related, it can be anything, just look around you, think deep, discover problems, and work in finding solutions to them

When you discover a problem, work in finding the best solutions to them and monetize it, that is when the wealth system comes in, so don’t just see a problem and takes your eyes off from it.


Always look in the direction of finding solutions to the problem

Because you have seen the problem, provided solutions, believe me, every problem has its pain on mankind and the society we live in

Which multiple people are suffering from, these people need solutions to their problem and will be ready to offer money in exchange for solutions to their problems

That if you can solve the problem you have healed them from being worried, you have contributed positively to our community just the way Bill Gates invented software computers and make our life easier, in a few years after, he became the world richest man and have remained a multi-billionaire living among us

5 books You Should Read Amid The Pandemic, By Bill Gates

Now most times, solutions to a problem most not come from you, the most important thing here is to discover the problem if you don’t have the solution

You can always outsource for a solution, possible identifying the problem and looking for a professional in that area who can proffer solutions to the problem

For example, Mark Zuckerberg and friends started Facebook in their single apartment back then in courage, but today, 60% of Facebook toolkits involving Facebook updates are outsourced, including them buying Instagram and WhatsApp from the formal default developers and owners

Solving a problem has always been the easiest way of becoming a success, and if the problem solutions are monetized, you are sure of making cool cash from the solutions you are providing, be it in form of products or services

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You have read ”If you can solve a problem you are 90% a millionaire: Get This Secret Of Millionaire Mindset” if you do wish to contribute to this topic kindly use the comment section to drop your comment

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