Improve Your Natural Beauty With This Simple Tips

It’s important that you learn to improve your Natural Beauty as Woman, how your physical appearance looks and feels matters a lot

Days have gone by when one relies on the adage that says beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, things have changed my sister, so it’s important you know these few but simple natural ways you can keep your beauty going

Yes, it was said that the creator of the world, came to reason with the man and created woman out from the man. the woman is the last thing God created, but the most beautiful among others, the most admired, and fragile

So friend, here I will be giving you simple but important tips every woman needs to learn, practice in other keeps her beauty furnishing, starting with, how you take care of your fingernails

Improve Your Natural Beauty With This Simple Tips

1: Keep Your Finger Nail Neat and well polish:

Take note: keeping your fingernails neat here is not just about your finger, but how neat you keep your hands

Beauty start with what goes into your mouth and in 80% of 100, what goes into once months passes through the hand, so the need for you to maintain 100% hands and finger hygiene is very important

For your fingernails as a woman, is vital that once in a while you use ice water to make your nail polish dry faster. Placing your fingers or toes in ice water after a polish will make it dry very fast.


2: Use only face wash for your face:

Face washes are specially formulated with the pH balance of your face in mind. Using soaps meant for other parts of your body for your face will mostly cause your face to dry. 

Main of women are found of robbing ( applying soaps on their face ) this is bad and unhealthy for your face, and you do not need all that, just simple clean water will keep your face neat and healthy 

So use only water to wash your face and for best results on your face, use products that contain vitamin C as it contains antioxidant ingredients for your skin.


3: Eat healthily:

Do you know? everything that enters your mouth defines how healthy you are, both physiological beauty and appearances, what you eat matters

As much as beautiful clothe and well-applied make-up can enhance your look, eating healthy is the ultimate secret to looking beautiful all the time. 

When you don’t take adequate care of yourself by staying away from unhealthy foods, you will only have yourself to blame for your bad skin, shapes, and looks,

This is while! Fruits, green leaves, and fresh whole foods are better than processed foods and are well recommended you as a woman should eat more


4: Don’t compromise with your skin:

Using good skin care products is inevitable if you are eager to see that glow everyone admires. As you eat healthy, using organic products from a reliable source that is suitable for your skin is the key here. 

The truth is that organic skin cares products has come to stay, the most important thing here is you finding a reliable product that matches your skin type

And also do yourself good to avoid using multiple products from multiple beauty care products especially, when you are not sure of the ingredients used.


5: Water:

Water is life, drink a lot of water because it helps you stay hydrated and prevents your skin from looking dry.


6: Exercise often: 

Exercise, helps you look younger than you are. It also helps you stay fit, smart, and active.

The problem here with most ladies is that they are too lazy to carry out an exercise routine, or best put it this way most of our ladies this day thinks that exercise is recommended for only fat people

Yes for those who want to shade off some weight. no is not, exercise is for everyone irrespective of your sex, age, or being slim or fats, get out and schedule a weekly exercise routine to keep your soul and body healthy thereby becoming more beautiful


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Last but not the least, when it comes to you removing a makeover from your face, is best you use coconut oil as your makeup (makeover) remover. with thanks for reading

Hope you have pic some point from my article ‘Improve Your Natural Beauty With This Simple Tips’, now use the comment box to drop your comment, also visit the Nairalearn course section to grab any of our course

November 11, 2021


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