Increase On Internet Traffic What Every Online Business Wants

Increase On Internet Traffic What Every Online Business Wants

The internet has provided millions of jobs for smart online users like you and me, there are so much positive and goodies when it comes to the internet and most of these goodies are circled on internet traffic

But before the advent of the Internet, the world was divided into material haves and have-nots. The industrialized economy made sense of the division according to the wealth and the accessories one has. 

The last decade of the 20th century ushered in the Internet revolution, and it became super smart in the 21st century and now powerful in our current days and years 

That in the year 2021 if you own a business and your business is not on the internet. you may run out of business by the year 2030

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IN THE WESTERN WORLD Business owners are closing down their offline shops from different part of the world to focus more on their online shops and make them super effective

In Nigeria where I come from this may not be yet the effort of the day by both business owners and buyers, but you reading this article ‘Increase On Internet Traffic What Every Online Business Wants’ should be planning toward that, is a plus win-win for you and your business


When it comes to online business, having a successful online business, one thing is sure, you need traffic, not just anyhow traffic, but quality online users traffic


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Yes, you need quality online user traffic, reasons been that, is not everyone that browse the internet that buys. so when outsourcing for web traffic, you must focus on the user’s interest and best targeting users that have the buying mindset


Before the innovation of the internet technology

Which gave birth to what millions of online business owners are enjoying now, traffic has always been enjoyed by a few


Back then most businesses still leverage the digital world, which divided the world into digital haves and have-nots. The knowledge economy made sense of these terms as one realizes the key to prosperity is knowledge and information.

The digital world was there but not everybody knows how powerful it is or it will become in few years to come, few have taken action many even after having an idea of how powerful the digital internet world will become in the years to come, where so fearful of investing and taking their business online


Same way majority of people in my country Nigeria were losing out when it comes to them taking their business online, many are still afraid of the online community which is not necessary in today technology

At the world level now, billions of world population now have access to the internet, In Africa Nigeria, the numbers are in millions, the internet community is growing daily, traffic is booming, online business niches are growing and earnings are increasing


People are online 24/7 for various reasons, some are just online for hangout, gossip, socialize, network, learning, business, and many more

Millions of people are busy online searching for a solution to one or two problems daily, these made the web traffic gotten from search engine directory search as one of the best

Search engine sites such as GoogleYouTubeYahooBing, and many more, they remain one of the best place to drive traffic from as a website or online business owner


Internet traffic measures usage. The usage depends upon the number of hours utilized, the number of individuals and entities, and the type of applications, questions, and solutions solved.

All these factors are, in turn, determined by the cost of bandwidth and the speed of the Internet. The type of applications include emails, web surfing, and online purchases. 

Emails and web surfing may not take much time at an individual level. Online purchases depend upon the type of purchase.

E-commerce has the potential to take Internet traffic on an increasing path. e-com being the ability for one to sell products and service online and delivers the same product or service to the buyer on time


Most of the large corporations have an Internet presence in the form of websites, classifieds, directories, forums, and discussion boards. 

E-commerce is still at a growing stage among small and medium enterprises and is growing super fast that even if you are to start your own E-commerce business now, you are not that too late

When it comes to the online world, literally there is no competition as there are rooms to accommodate everyone, so stop the fear and take your business online if you have not done so

Starting an online business is never a problem, what the majority of people worries about is the have it all, but the reality is that there is never a fully formed idea, so is impossible for you to have all the resources you need to start your online business

My advice has always been, when the ideas come, start with the little you have or know, the work smart on getting and increase traffic to your online business

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As An Online Business User, You Most Build Engagement and Trust Online

Because the concerns of the online purchasers regarding the security features are being addressed, and this has enabled growth in online purchasing and has become a driver of Internet traffic.

That many people are now beginning to trust online business, so you must make your business real and your product or service delivery stress-free to all buyers


Have your website or leverage classified sites, web directory portals, forum, and many more

A website is where you host and publish your online business contents, if you don’t have your website which is necessary but not mandatory, you can use classified sites, web directory, forum, and many more, you can even use your social media, WhatsApp, etc

Is all up to you, those channels can serve as your sales pages or online shops. channels for all your online business presence


Growing Web Traffic

Another driver for Internet traffic is the growing website traffic. To drive website traffic, a whole industry must cater to the demands of online businesses

Getting traffic, growing an online business, and making more sell, profits from your online business, has always been the hardest tasks to millions of people, but this we have solved


To be successful online, many things are involved, among the top priority is you working on your traffic, publish good contents, learn and unlearn, be in practice, leverage any new trick you discover from Nairalearn or elsewhere

And don’t just throw away an old working method, KNOWLEDGE or techniques, like email marketing, email marketing remain the number one till date that you getting access to the Nigeria email database is very necessary


The reality is that there are a considerable number of strategies to increase the traffic to an individual online business, website. social channel these possibilities make learning to be more versatile, never-ending, and fun

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