Investing In Your Intellectual Properties The Best Investment Ever

Investing In Your Intellectual Properties The Best Investment Ever

Hello Friend

Do you want to be a success? If you answer yes

Then start now to invest in your Intellectual properties, this is one form of investment that can never fail you or be outdated, as humans, we involve better when we invest in our intellectual properties


In Nigeria where I come from, is so pained that the government has failed the masses, one area the government has failed its masses in this part of the world is the failure for investment in human resource

The school in Nigeria are less than standard when you cross-check the requirement for standard education in this 21 first century skills

So will you keep on waiting on the government, the answer should be no, you can’t wait on them to fix the menace, but you can invest in your self and is simple

Investing In Your Intellectual Properties

That being said, that the government of my country has failed it citizens, but most of Nigeria citizen are making us proud, this is to tell you, one should not wait on the government to involve in making one’s life better, Investing in your intellectual properties

You involve, you educate your mind, you invest into your intellectual properties, first because of you, yes your self first, then for the love of your family, loves ones, and to those who believe in your abilities

In the 2021 century, a lot is changing, changing in the real world, so is best you face the reality of today, the rich have more friends including fake friends who will never disclose that they are fake, but remain friendly and loyal

poor places in Nigerian

The poor have fewer friends and the fake ones are easily identified, why isn’t so easy to identify a fake friend in poverty, than in rich, reason is that everyone wants to be involved in richness and no one wants to be in poverty. That is humanity for you and you can’t blame people for being human


Invest In Your Self

There is no greater rich you can bring to yourself apart from educating your mind, investing in your intellectual properties, learning a new skill, or improving on the ones you already have

Invest In Your SelfInvesting in cars, the car can get old in years, including house, yes all the essentials needs about life are cool, very much needed, and I have outlined them on yet to be released book I co-author, titled Heal Depression In the book, I include education as basic essential needs


One amongst the most essentials needs that people ignores, including the government of my country Nigeria, remain education, investing in human intellect

So when we talk of basic essential, we do understand that humanity needs good health, access to food, good housing to live on and rest and more importantly shared access to education, educating the mind, investing in your intellectual properties


If you have been following me, you too understand that one of my favorite quotes has always been, ”’Life is for the living, learn to live life in full

Yes, you need a fancy car, you may want to live larger and show off, show yourself, fly all over the world, these are part of life, who no want to enjoy life, in as much there is nothing wrong with enjoying life, there is everything wrong when you are not investing in your self

there is everything wrong when you are not investing in your selfBut in between all forms of living life, enjoying yourself, remember the greatest is the investment you are putting on the ground and one among the greatest is investing in your intellectual properties.

The world, the community we live IN will be far better if 50% of people start investing in their intellectual properties, with or without the help of the government

Yes the government need to make favorable policies, laws that help the masses to strive and have their dream life easily achieved, but from where I come from, the government keep failing

So the question is? will you still wait on the government? or you will strive to help yourself by yourself?

If you pick the second question, that you will strive to help yourself by yourself, then doing the following will be of great imminence to you

Choose the internet

Choose the internet, I mean the good part of the internet, because there are so many things we can learn from the internet, with unlimited information, kits, books, course

The internet can better your life. so choose the internet positively. Learn a new skill or improve on the ones you have as basic means of investing in your intellectual properties

I do like to introduce you to these few skillset courses, career kit you can learn as an investment to your intellect


Here They Go:

Learn: WhatsApp Bulk Sender App, With Whatsapp Marketing Step By Step Masterclass 2021

Learn: Football Betting Masterclass Kit

Learn: Solar Inverter Business Masterclass

Learn: Digital Marketing Academy, eCourse

Learn: AdMob Masterclass

Learn: Search Engine SEO Masterclass

Learn: Exportation Business Video Course

Learn: A To Z Importation Business Course

And many other great pro and free course kits. listed live from Nairalearn courses section


Invest in yourself Now, avoid procrastination, don’t say you will do it tomorrow or next, you will start later, start now, the time is not, your time for greater success is now

Involving and investing in yourself should no be procrastinated for any reason, one tomorrow will never come, so the time to start is now, God times is the best when the time is now, so God’s time should be now

In other words, learn to kill procrastination and get started with whatever you believe will add value to your personality

Remember life is for the living, just as I said earlier in this article, so learn to enjoy life by involving your intellectual properties, starting from today

For life is for the living, live life, enjoy yourself now while you consistently build up your intellectual, learning new skills, improving in the ones you have and best monetizing your skill

Learn to involve yourself daily, don’t just leave your intellect just like that, don’t empty yourself


Start Investing in yourself from today and thank us later

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NEXT Is Monetizing your skill, selling your intellectual properties for profits: coming soon. live on Nairalearn. stay tuned. also have you say on this ‘Investing In Your Intellectual Properties’ by dropping your opinion using the comment box with a wave of thanks


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