LEAH SHARIBU The Girl Boko Haram Left Behind, By Reno Omokri

LEAH SHARIBU The Girl Boko Haram Left Behind, By Reno Omokri

LEAH SHARIBU The Girl Boko Haram Left Behind, By Reno Omokri

Erstwhile Presidential aide Reno Omokri has published a new book titled ”Leah Sharibu: The Girl Boko Haram Left Behind”. In a tweet,

Reno Omokri, who is a strong critic of President Buhari administration said readers will be shocked at the great cover-up by the Buhari administration.

Leah Sharibu will not be forgotten as long as I am alive. What she is going through may be similar to what Malala Yousafzai went through, but when you look deeper into it, her ordeal is even worse.

Malala was attacked because of her advocacy for education. Leah is in captivity because of her loyalty to God through Jesus.

The world needs more people like Leah, a conscience-driven individual who has the courage of her convictions. Some people have asked me why I have chosen to take up this campaign for Leah instead of leaving it in the hands of the Nigerian government.

To those people, I respond by quoting a paragraph from a statement the Christian Association of Nigeria released on June 22, 2018:

Never in the history of Nigeria has a Presidential spokesperson Insulted an entire religion as has happened today when a spokeswoman of the President called the Christian Association of Nigeria a “CAN of Worms”.

Simply because we are insisting that the government must help rescue Leah Sharibu and stop the killings of Christians by Islamic radicals.

How can I or indeed anyone in their right mind expect a government, like the one described above, to actually care enough about Leah to do something without it being pressured into action? The purpose of this book there is to apply that pressure.

Where To Get The Book

The book is available on Amazon, Go Here To Order Your Copy

Also Available At The Official website Page Of Reno Omokri, Grab Yours Here Now

Don’t Forget To Join The Free Leah Sharibu Movement


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