Learning Is As Important To Making Money

Learning is as important to makings money, this being part of the reason most parents spend millions in training their children in schools (To Make Money)

From daycare to university, sad to say some children after all these rigorous levels of education may be due to the political or economic crises in their respective countries are still unable to find a job or create a business for themselves


Many remain unemployed for years with zero income to their name thereby defecting the aim of learning is as important to makings money. While there are lasting solutions


It’s important that you as a person ignore the educational system that teaches us how to pass exams, get good grades, and paper certificates from schools, and start searching for work, as there has been the reason why great numbers of people after graduation are unemployed for years, unable to create jobs for themselves as well


You see, not everyone who learns makes money, but there are a few who learn based on skillset, and career set, then put their learning experience into practice and within a short period they start making money


Such is the right way to learn, don’t spend your time thinking that learning is more important than making money, and don’t learn for too long when the profit of finance gain isn’t coming


Either you check the content of the thing you are learning, the type of skillset, or career set or you check your abilities to put such into practice, then monetize it


As I write to you, some people are learning how to develop websites and making money by offering web consultation as a service to the global audiences


Some people are learning Search Engine Optimization and at the same time making money helping people around the world to rank websites, pages, and blog posts on Google and Bing’s top search SERPs


Some is making killer money learning copyright skill while offering freelance service as a writer despite the current AI disruption to some tech niches


I read a story of a 42 years man who lost his job, Lucky for him he had a good wife who advised him to go learn a skill, he started learning #Welding as a skill and was able to catch up in less than 2 months, not just catch. 


He was so good at welding that he started getting projects after two months and now making 10x profits what his former employer was paying him even as a pro learner

Learning Is As Important To Making Money


There are skill sets, and career parts one can learn, you can start learning and in time, you will start profiting. I can name but a few, learning is as important as making money, don’t learn and forget how important earning cool cash is


Some people are making $$$$ from learning Ghostwriting to offering ghostwriting as a services


Some people are making $$$$ from learning how to write killer selling ebooks, to putting such in practice, writing and selling eBooks


Some people are making over $$$$ from learning email marketing, and cold email marketing to putting it into practice, getting our Nigeria email database and the 172 countries leads database and going into list building, growing 7 figure business model just from Email Marketing and Cold Email Marketing


Some people are making killer incomes just by learning skills, even some people who learn professional cleaning services are making huge incomes from cleaning houses and offices


There is never a “Best Way To Make Money” to give value in your chosen field, first, you need to find something to learn, a valuable skill or career part, and invest in learning and practice, then start offering such skill or career part as a product or services

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Find a learning part, skill set, or career part that will work for you, find the ones that are much more promising in today’s world and beyond, and do your best to put such into practice at the right time, you will have to monetize it for incomes generations


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