Making Money On Facebook In Nigeria

Making Money On Facebook In Nigeria Made Easy

Hello Friend, If you are a Facebook user and you are not making money on Facebook, then know that you are busy doing the opposite. You are Busy losing money, Your Are Busy Waisting Your Valuable Time and Other Valuable resources


Well today for the benefit Of Our University Of NairaLearn Readers And Students, We Want to save you the time, the money and the valuable resources you lose on daily basis right on Facebook, and covert your Facebook usage to Making Money On Facebook

Over time we have said this… There is Money On Facebook, with Over Billion Users On Facebook, you have gold at hand, just pay attention to what we are about to say on this article

With Facebook users reaching into millions in Nigeria alone and billions World Wide, making money on Facebook is not a joke.. is Real, no doubt Facebook is one of the best places to connect with people all over the world.


The social networking giant used exclusively for connecting with friends and family has outgrown but are now being used as a very viable advertising platform by individuals and businesses alike.

Do you know you could be in for some real money just by doing a few things on facebook? Well as you read on, I will share with you some ways of making money on Facebook in Nigeria. working from anywhere at any time of the day, starting with

1: With Your Facebook Wall, Profile Picture and Profile Cover

What you write on your facebook wall cam either make you more money or mal your personality, what some people don’t know about Facebook, is that. as a Facebook user, your Facebook account does say something about you, about Your personality, Your business and That of your profession

So in other to make money from Facebook, there are ideal things you should be saying on your facebook, thing related to your business and services, things that inform and educate people about the importance and benefit of your business and services and lastly why people should patronize your products and services


Yes On Your Facebook Wall, Tell Your Facebook Friends, educate facebook community on you wall everything good about your business and services, tell the entire world, things about your business

-Tell them how exceptional is your business and how your business is making impact to the society

-Tell the world the benefit of your business, be your self and promote your business on your facebook wall. e.g


If You are a Hairdresser, for example, come out on facebook and tell your friends that you are a professional Hairdresser, there is nothing wrong with that, believe me, there are a thousand plus of people in your area in need of your services even as Hair Salon Specialist


Tell them the importance of hair care ectal and always upload samples of your work on your Facebook wall and Make your Mobile Number and address visible to the public


Here applies to all kind of business and services, so to make money on facebook.. tell people what you are into, preach your business on Facebook

2. Become an Affiliate Marketer

One of the ways you could be making money on Facebook is by starting the affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing does not require much from you before you can begin. It is quite easy to do, and anyone could start affiliate marketing and be Making Money On Facebook In Nigeria

The idea here is that you get to help businesses and companies promote their products or services on Facebook and you get paid by commission for every purchase made through your affiliate link.

First, if you are not on Facebook, you will have to create an account before you can begin this program. After which, you will have to search for businesses that offer the opportunity,

or you could just join affiliate marketing websites such as ShareASale, Amazon, JVZoo, Jumia Affiliate and others.

Also, you must have a good number of followers before you can Make Money On Facebook In Nigeria using affiliate marketing program.

3. Use Facebook Page

If you have facebook page, you’re good to go on Making Money On Facebook In Nigeria or best Create a New Page on Facebook for this purpose

There are various things you could be doing on your Facebook page that will fetch you money, whether active cash or passive money,


Depending on how you approach it. First, you must create a page and build your followership. Using Educational marketing content that can get people engaged to your Facebook Page and always like to read your post each time you make a post


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Invite your friends to like your page, ask them to invite their friends too. When creating your page, you must make sure you choose a name which has a direct bearing on the niche, and content you will be posting.

But before you create a page, it is pertinent you know how you will be monetizing it. And take note. The best pages on Facebook are pages created with personal name

Here Is How your Page could Fetch You Money

As mentioned earlier in this post, there are a lot of things you could do on your page that will fetch you money. You could promote your products or services if you have a business or you could use it as an avenue for advertising affiliate links, and


You Can Start Advertising for businesses and companies right on your facebook page. As you see the number of your follower’s matters a lot

So you should always be on the part of growing your page followers, as you start promoting and selling your products or other people products on your page. If you have eBooks to market, here is a great avenue to get started selling all your product.

Regardless of how you choose to monetize the page, it is vital you keep the interests of your followers by not only advertising for money sake but always posting engaging contents

Sometimes post some valuable contents and make it free, such as ebook or best come up and share an eCard.. mobile Top Up Card also works best, just do things that keep you page engaging

Things that give your followers some value and keep them engaged. As you gather as many followers, and once you have as many as 5,000 followers, you would start getting advertising applications from advertisers to promote their brand on your page, which you will be paid.

4. Sell your Products on Facebook

I have already mentioned before that you can sell your products by advertising it on your Facebook page, but I would also like to point it out that you cannot only sell your products on your page Facebook

You can even sell other people products on your Facebook Wall and Pages.

-Tell your followers on Facebook about your products or other people’s products and services. Do you have any latest products, deals or promotions?

Go ahead, let the word out to your followers on Facebook, but be sure you are not too pushy; you do not want to make them think you are only obsessed with selling your products.

If you want to be making money on Facebook, you must be on the lookout for various opportunities you could take advantage of. Those trending hashtags on Facebook, you could take advantage of them and tactfully relate them to your product or services.

If You Have A Website Or Blog
Drive Traffic From Facebook to your Blog or Website, do you have a blog or a website? Now is the time you should be making money on Facebook

By driving traffic to your blog or website. Remember, if you already have followers on your Facebook page, all you need do is to keep posting links to your website or blog articles on your Facebook page.

The more visitors are coming to your blog or website, the more money you make. I believe you already know how to monetize your blog. If you do not, Google Adsense is a great one to start by. Find out more on that.

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If you do not have a blog, you could create one, or you could make contacts with bloggers and make offers for helping them drive visitors to their site.

Key into Sponsored Post
A sponsored post is ad service is quite popular among Facebook users, and chances are you probably have heard about it too.


How does this service work? This service provides you with the opportunity of re-posting advertisers’ messages and being paid in return.


To make real money from this service, you need to have followers, say a few thousand in other to Making Money On Facebook.

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These are just but a few ways of Making Money On Facebook In Nigeria, as there are so many ways of making money from Facebook right here in Nigeria.

Written By
Mbonu Watson
University Of NairaLearn

November 18, 2017


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