Model For Making Money Online In 2023

First, know that making money online is not easy work, it takes time, effort, and consistent to start and grow an online business model capable of making money regularly


Not that building an online business model is easy, life and living, in general, is hard, as the cost of living is becoming too expensive around the world, so there is never a better time to start a make money online business model than now


Irrespective of where you are reading this from, be it in third-world countries or western worlds, the reality now is things are getting more expensive by the day. Just today, I woke up, feeling very tired and lazy to work online.


While I was relaxing, I noticed that several alerts has been coming into my phone. When I checked, I saw that these alerts were deposits of money from different products I sell online


These alerts are the type of things that keep me awake, keep me going, and force me to work around the clock. These earnings have been coming daily and the important part is


The products bringing most of these earnings are done for one and sold for years kind of products, of which some of them are done in the last four years and still selling to date, that is how powerful online business is


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So after I woke up, with all the alert, I proceeded to check the earnings balance for the day so far so good, my today earnings in just 5 hours were so cool and much encouraging


These earnings have been ongoing, yesterday there are cool earnings, a day before yesterday I earned, and a similar thing happened, I made $$$, same goes with last week, last month, and so forth


Even while I was writing this article to be published on Nairalearn more earnings are dropping daily, how glad I’m working on this part years ago, this is one cool part about making money online

Though the earnings did not happen overnight, It takes time, it takes me putting my ideas to work, it takes making mistakes and learning from practice, it takes investment, it takes being consistent, it takes investing more into learning and practice, it also takes patience. Then comes the earnings part which is now regularly


And The cool part is, all these earnings come whether I’m, working, traveling, sleeping, exercising, playing with the kid, or doing anything any living being out to be doing


The earnings keep coming. Even when I no longer make serious efforts to get this money coming in daily like working clockwise


You see, I’ve made consistent earnings for about 6 years running one of my Niche international online business models, and don’t get me wrong if no one buys anything, I wouldn’t make money, so for almost 6 years, people have been buying something from me daily, including weekends and holidays


All this was possible because I take action, years ago without giving up, I invested money, time, learning, and practicing to make money online business.


That even when there are predictable things that may happen when someone starts an online business, such things as, a possible failure, that I may lose my money, that I can’t sell to the international market, and all that. I never pay attention to them, rather I took action by starting


I proceeded to start, designing my marketing plans, and setting up the funnel bath, I created to make money online that year.


I got a new website setup, started building email leads, collecting leads from my website, buying cold email leads, practicing email marketing used in reaching buyers


Yes, I bought leads from others then, just as we have a huge leads database offer for people like you here at Nairalearn with over 800+ million leads covering 172 countries. Then about 4% of my subscribers, buy from me within one year, you may say the numbers are poor


You may say, 4% is too small, but it did help my humble beginning, that the next year I was able to scale up the number of my subscribers buying from me from then 4% to about 17% and I repeated the up-scaling process to now 45% hot buyers just from my email leads alone


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