My Advice If Your Are Into Online Business

My Advice If Your Are Into Online Business

Here is my advice to all online business owners. First, our kits, product, and services live here at Nairalearn and every other platform on the internet have helped a lot of people like you, businesses, NGOs, etc. to make the best out of the internet


So take this advice am about to give here as one of the best experiences and important advice you have ever gotten from me recently


First know that the online business world and everything online is indeed changing, more involving if you are online for business. you need to take this post serious

You see almost every day people send me a text, call, DM, emails, etc telling me that“ Facebook has blocked their Ads account, that YouTube has shut down their channel“and that PayPal has blocked their account, that Google had de indexed their website, etc


Then I laugh but still do my best to provide them with solutions to the issues they are having, while the best solutions can be found in what am about to say here

My Advice If Your Are Into Online Business

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In most cases when people complain about how they have lost their youtube channel, Facebook Ads account, etc my answer first has always been: “Don’t Put All Your Eggs In On Basket” I hope you got my point. Things have changed with the internet biz


Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, seem to be a proverb too many but it carries a lot of meaning, I have been hearing this since my childhood days, and I want you to apply this in your online business


”Please don’t put all your online business in one basket, OK let me explain further”


Let’s assume, that Youtube shutdown your channels and you are a YouTuber, Your channel is your means of earning and now it has been shut down by Youtube itself, what next should you do


My Anwer ”you have to start another channel“ it sounds crazy right? please continue reading


Why It’s Hard To Start From Zero

Ok, let’s say, we understand that ”It’s hard to start from zero” be it building another Youtube channel, Facebook page, etc, the start is always the hardest”

And here you have no choice but to start again, a new youtube channel or Facebook page for that matter, or a new website should your case is google de-index, starting all from scratch, ”is hard indeed” I Understand


Now Pay Attention To This Best Answer:

If you are running an online business, there are high possibilities that all this will happen, 2020 during the pick of CO_VID, it happened to me


I lost over 2millions followers on one of my Facebook pages and my main monetized Youtube channel, I lost one of my websites aLL BECAUSE I Shared Dr. Stilla CO_VID reports and cure which was globally flagged as false, funny enough the report came to us directly from the U.S Government house with evidence and proof on how the said Dr is curing people of CO_VID


But we still get punished, not just we alone, a lot of Youtube channels, Facebook pages, groups, and websites that carried those stories, shared the articles, and reposted the videos almost got punished


Oh you see, these can happen to anyone for no just reasons “ so if you knew this could happen why didn’t you start Now to build more 3 channels, More Two Pages, More Two Websites, etc starting right from the beginning” even when your main channel, page, website are all ok


The online business is fast changing“ If you don’t know, there is no freedom online anymore, your channel is controlled, your page is controlled, even your website is controlled by the authorities, so anything can happen to any of them at any given time


While not knowing is a lack of knowledge right? Now that you have known start now to have second or third channels, pages, etc


Depending on what platform you are used to, or good on may turn out to be a pain one day. Strive to have more than one channel, e,g if you are into Youtube, start another channel right after reading this post


Do the same to the following, if you are into

Have more than one Bank account For Your Online Business, do the same with a PayPal account, please get the Pay Account Opening Kit Here and create more than one Paypal account that can receive money in Nigeria as well as send money to any part of the world


Having more than one Stripe account is also important. Do same with email Autoresponder, cold emailing server, Bulk SMSWhatsapp Bulk Sender


Have more than just one stream of income, have more than just one Investment, Please have multiple investments


If you are into the Real estate business, strive to have more than just one medium, do the same in Stock if you are into the stock market


Apply the same strategies to Crypto, if you are into cryptocurrency trading, Get the Crypto Leads Here


Lastly, build more than one team, have more than one staff, and be always prepared, the online business is changing, nothing is free anymore including freedom of speech is gone


Be prepared, get yourself ready to survive and thrive in all situations, no matter how their reposition the online business, or suppress online business. be ready and believe that as long the internet technologies live on we shall continue to make win. but don’t depend on just one stream. Multi have more incomes streams


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