Nigeria Problems With Or Without Solutions

Nigeria Problems With Or Without Solutions

Like any other country in the world, Nigeria is faced with a series of problems regarding its tendency to make progress, over time these problems continue to persist to the extent that most Nigeria has learned to live with it as most of them are forced to believe that the problem can not be solved

The problems facing us as a people cut across political, economic, social, cultural, ethnic, religious et cetera. These issues have lived with us for a very long time.

From decades to decases, most of the problems have become generational.

Be that as it may, there’s practically no problem without a solution; in as much the people are determined to solve them. Hence, this article is aimed at suggesting solutions to numerous Nigeria problems.

Nigeria’s problems can be solved. However, for the solutions to come through, good patriotic Nigerians with similar mindsets must come together, pull their resources together, and fight the problems of Nigeria in oness.

It takes the best hands with brain and brawn to get these things done. Nigeria with great personals, but currupt system has fueld the West Africa nations, the gaint of Africa

Irrespective of the price that must be paid, we must be determined not to look back. All we have to do is face the issues head-on and solve them with the best tenacity possible.

The Nigerian problems today are meant to be addressed by those of us who are still alive and breathing on Nigerian soil. Note that nobody will leave his own country and come solve our country’s challenges on our behalf.

Nigeria Problems With Or Without Solutions

It is our collective responsibility to do. 

I dare say that most of the Nigerian problems lie in the hands of the youths to solve. Proudly speaking, Nigerian youths are very talented in creativity, art, or sciences.

We do not need to import brains from anywhere in the world. The best we need is fully here in Nigeria our noble country. Yes! This country has so much in human and non-human endowment.


We do not need to be divided by ethnic, religious, or gender lines. If a Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo, Ijaw, Urhobo, Efik, etc. is found eligible for leadership, with the requisite potentials then incorporate him into the system. 

It doesn’t matter whether it is male or female. What counts is the capacity to get things done and exuding good emulatable qualities. 

This is not to say that Nigerian current and past leaders are seemingly lacking talent and quality, but the unarguable truth remains that these set of leaders have badly compromised standards. 

The desire to serve is clearly lacking. Accountability is zero. Every man simply does whatever seems beneficial to him, personally. Individualism over collectivism. Why won’t corruption possess the whole system?

The time to sifter the bad blood out of our national element is more than near. And things are becoming worse than “be careful”. We should focus majorly on how to get the best people to work in the interest of the nation. 

To get the best personnel to project the image of Nigeria in a positive light all over the world. 

It now appears that Nigerians especially the political/leadership cadre lack shamefacedness. Our leaders do not seem to be ashamed of the state of the nation – home or abroad.

It is a huge problem and calls for drastic change. Any leader without shame of underperformance would not sit up nor take responsibility. 

This is a fundamental challenge. 

Thus, we must put power in the hands of those citizens who can’t sleep comfortably with the country in quagmire distress. Don’t ask me where are they? 

They are Nigerians in Nigeria. Yes! They are here. As John Maxwell said, “leadership is influence.” Then influence us positively. There’s too much negative leadership influence in our polity. Bad precedent all over the place.


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Every country desires excellent leadership. But it doesn’t come by accident. It takes concerted energy to achieve it. Good leadership is not about who has the financial muscle or economic might. Not by being a native of a certain ethnic group or confraternity. 

It’s about who has compassion for his country – that citizen who is pleasured by the smile on another citizen’s face – who takes joy serving the masses. 

That is the fellow and the solution. I am saying this because the problems of any nation are most often caused by its citizens. Thus, it takes citizens of the country too to fix the system right.

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