Nigerians Vote For Peter Obi The Labour Party Presidential Candidate

Dear Fellow Nigerians, we have all promoted Peter Obi the Labour Party Presidential Candidate, online and offline for our collective free will. A big thank you to every one of us


Indeed God has been faithful in sending us ”innocent Nigerians” the person of Peter Obi, with just one more step on February 25th, please endeavor to go out in mass and vote massively for Peter Obi


Do this for yourself, for ourselves, for a better future, for our kids, and general well-being of innocent Nigerians who crave for better Nigeria


We are Nigerians and deserve to see the Nigeria of our Dreams, May Nigerians win, May Peter Obi Win, and May Peter Obi Happen To Nigeria comes February 25th


It’s Your Right To Go Out And Vote This Saturday, February 25th For Peter Obi

It’s Your right to vote and be voted for, with a hard time across Nigeria due to bad leadership of the past and present APC Lead government. Coming out to vote right is our collective right


Voting is an essential right and responsibility in any democratic society like Nigeria. Everyone has the right and opportunity to cast their vote, as well as the right to be voted for. So don’t let anything scare you off from participating in the February 25th Nigeria general election


As citizens, voting empowers us with a voice in the government and provides us with a platform to make our collective opinions heard and obeyed


Your vote matters this time around, as a strong democracy relies on active citizen participation through voting, which helps ensure that the needs of all citizens are represented in decision-making processes.


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Voting also provides a sense of belonging in our respective community and one nation as Nigerians, we can vote for officials at all levels of government such as federal, state, and local government areas


Please don’t trade your vote, don’t sell your power, and your right to vote wisely. Remember voting is the cornerstone of democratic societies. We at NL_SOFT encourage you to use your voice by casting a ballot on February 25th

Nigerians Vote For Peter Obi The Labour Party Presidential Candidate

Start now to move close to your polling Units, don’t allow the scarcity of Naira notes to derail you from traveling to your polling units, by all means, necessary please move close to your polling unit and vote for Peter Obi, the Labour Party Presidential candidate


With love from all of us at NL_SOFT Owner’s Publishers


We Thank God For Sending Us #Peter #Obi. May Nigerians win through the candidate of Labour Party @Obi


Watch This: LET US TAKE IT BACK, Peter Obi To Nigerians Youths, Video



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