Obi Cubana, Dangote all Billionaires With Jack of many trades, why we need to learn from them

Obi Cubana, Dangote all Billionaires With Jack of many trades, why we need to learn from them

You remember those days when neighbors will insult another neighbor of his for having multiple trades, to which they normally label them a jack of all trades


People of those days see this single act as evil, to them, it’s wrong for one to have multiple trades, many business modules

Then is seen as evil and too wrong when one is involved in multiple trades now known as (multiple streams of income), people back then will do everything within their power to discourage one, demotivate you, and make sure your fail in your businesses

Some will even call you a jealous and greedy man, woman, boy, or girl. They will talk down on you and demotivate your tradesman-ship hustle

The neighbors, including one’s family member, friends, etc are very good at abusing whoever involves himself, themselves in multiple hustles

DangoteThen Civil savants ARE advised to focus on the Government pay job only and never to involve in any other business or take up a side job, per time jobs.

Businessmen are advised to concentrate on his or her business, life was just like that then, until now, everything has changed, people, more millionaires, billionaires all have multiple streams of income, you can see it when your read the life of DangoteBill GatesObi Cubana

Obi Cubana is one of the trending names in Nigeria for the past few days after the burial of his late mother which got people talking

They are seriously into what we call the multiple streams of income, with more than one company in their names, multiple business modules, yet most of them are excelling, not just in one business module, but in most of the business, aimed at the millionaire or billionaire they are today


These brought about our topic of the day! Why you should learn from Obi CubanaDangote, even myself has been leaning on their success for the past 3 days

For that of Obi Cubanahe may have been known as a Nightlife kingpin, not everyone knows that he makes more of his money from drinks, importing severy brands of wine, and being a top distributor Across the West African countries

Obi Cubana, who in one of the videos he posted, said he was nobody in ten years ago, that in the year 2010 down, he was nobody and possibly a poor man


He then said, but look at me, I mean look at us now, within a short time, am today somebody, this is to tell us that we should not look down on Anybody, but rather, we should celebrate everybody, including our Gateman. Watch the video below

Video Coming soon.


Still, on Obi Cubana, facts have it that, among 20 different wines you bought, you have directly or indirectly made Obi Cubana richer

Same’s happens to Dangote the Africa Nigeria richest man, you and I know, all families in not just Nigeria but West Africa are contributing to making Dangote richer daily

That both DangoteObi Cubana have multiple trades Dangote will soon open his refinery for business, this will mean more money to his hustle


Now don’t say, is Just DangoteObi CubanaBill Gates, to name but a few, you too can measure up if you can believe then you will

It all starts with ideation, as human we are, God has blessed us with ideation, but the problem has always been fear, the fear of failure, and starting with just want we have


Fear to take a step and start has been our greatest problem. 

Take Notes: The Dangote you see today started his business with a family borrowed money and he did start small, Bill Gates started small, Obi Cubana started small, facebook that will all use today started small, name but a few

In fact, in one of our Facebook developer’s hanger out, Mark the CEO Of Facebook was asked, how did he start face book, how did he get the idea

His answer was, I started with not fully formed ideas, the ideas of what I wanted them were not that clear, first we started with a social forum for my back the college, and today we are not just a social forum college app, but a worldwide social media app, Said Mark, CEO Facebook inc

Richest-Billionaire-in-Every-State,-in-America.-NairalearnSo back to you, are you afraid of starting, this is not a motivational quote, please, we must learn from understanding reality from fiction.


Life is for the living, when you are alive is best you face the reality

If you have been having multiple ideations, please and please, never kill the ideas, please do all that you can to get started, even if it means starting small

Don’t be afraid of having multiple trades be involve in multiple streams of income. starting from now, do have more business modules in respective of what people may say, including that of your neighbor, family, friends, as long the idea is cool with you, get started now

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Plan to have your own multiple streams of income, don’t feel contented with just one system of income, such is not secure, not ideal for today present world. Also, Download the entire GSM Numbers of Nigeria here and the Email database and discover smart ways you can promote your business to over 135 million Nigeria. And click here to gran the Solar Inverter Business Masterclass


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So having multiple streams of income with pride, focus, and determination to make it, is our focus article of the day

So think about going into multiple streams of income, hope you have seen reasons why you should not allow that your ideation to die, learn to put the idea into action, ide left alone is nothing, taking action is everything. Visit our eCourse section for more. From Mbonu Watson. Naira Learn. with thanks. las las, we shall all be heard in a greater way. stay focus, stay legit in all.


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