Online Business And You Aimed The COVID 19 Pandemic

Online Business And You Aimed The COVID 19 Pandemic


People all over the world have begins to ask questions? When Will This Pandemic Ends, When Will The Coronavirus Go Away, When are we going to return to our normal ways of living


Will school resume, won’t our children return to school, how are we going to survive long lockdown, how about our offline business, will things return to normal again


Few of the online business is also affected in some ways, is indeed a hard time for all of us, a hard time for the world at large


And to make the situation harder, none of these questions has an answer, for now, and the online business and you aimed the COVID 19 Pandemic 


Moreover, science is predicting that coronavirus which causes COVID 19 may likely be with the world till the end of 2020


Online Business And You


How prepared are you today, how prepared are you mentally, health-wise and financially to withstand the coronavirus effect and post coronavirus era


To Jack Ma, CEO Alibaba Group. 

Jack Ma stay alive 2020 quote

Once said! For people in business 2020 is just a year for staying alive, Don’t even talk about your dreams or plans, don’t even talk much about making profits, Just make sure you stay alive. If you can stay alive till the end of this pandemic, then you would have made a profit already.


It has gone viral all over the world, that staying alive is the greatest profits for the year 2020, so learn to stay alive at this trying time, stay safe

During this pandemic a lot of business are affected, millions of business are set to crash, the question is

Will you fold your hands and allow your business to fold? just like that. when there are things you can still do to keep your business alive, healthy and be financially free from the global pandemic crisis


Here Is The Online Business And You, You Should Pay Attention To

You can leverage the power of the internet by taking your business online, making massive sales during this lockdown, yes we all believe in Jack Ma quote


Same time will have no choice but to also believe that, there is an opportunity in every giving crisis, and this coronavirus crisis can also create opportunity for we to tap from


To get started understanding the online business and you aimed the COVID 19 Pandemic, you have to accept the facts that its vital to have all your business and service online


That is to say, if you have not yet taken your business online, now is the right time for you to do so, as more than 36 million business and services are affected during this global pandemic and business lockdown and more losses will follow, Act Wise Now


The internet which never sleeps, which never lockdown can take your business products and service to all over the world, at ease, all that is required are as follows


  • 1: A Website For Online Business

  • 2: Social Media Channels

  • 3: Email Database and GSM Database Of Nigerians


And Many More


The above are just the basic and most vital tools you need at this period of a global pandemic to make massive sales online


I will take my time to discuss briefly on these 3 basic tools for your online business starting with the number one: Having A WEBSITE for your business products and service


1: Having A Website For Your Business: 

First, let talk about the website, even do that 99% of people reading this already know what website is all about


Still have this understanding that in 2020, your business needs it own self-hosted website, yes there are other websites you will be leveraging for your smart online marketing


Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTubes, Zooms, Nairalands, and many more




Yes you will need some web 2.0 websites as well to promote your business and service free or paid, but in other words, you still need your self-hosted website


A website that represents everything about your business and is well keyword optimized with your business name, products, and services for a global, national or local business listing to the public


For example. My NAME Is Mbonu Watson. am a website developer, mobile app developer, internet marketer, and a writer and my website name is which has full details about me and all my business products and service


Mbonu Watson

So a website can be personal or business-oriented, what matters most is for the website to list in full whats purpose, products and service is offering to the society, by so doing your website can bring you sales on sales daily with smart online promotions


2: Social Media Channels: 

The online business and you today also require that all your business and services should run across social media. that is to say


Your business should have a Youtube Account, Twitter Account, Facebook Page, Instagram handler and many more


This is very important due to the numbers of people using these platform and the traffic it can drive to your website and business


To create an account with these third party websites is best you go with your business name or best be business-minds oriented


Due you can choose to use your name across all the social media and use your personal channels to be promoting all your business and services online


But in the area of Youtube channel, is good for you to create youtube business channel so you can monetize it as well and make money from Ads live on youtube, please avoid creating a user-level youtube channel


3: Email Database and GSM Database Of Nigerians: 

Yes to grow Your Online Business and You aimed the COVID Pandemic and luck down period by leveraging the power of email marketing and that of mobile marketing


As you will need both the Email Database and GSM Database Of Nigerians, that is if your business is targeting Nigerians


To get access to the GSM Database and Email Database Click Here


Once you have access to the GSM database and the email database, with the knowledge of Smart Mobile Marketing And Email Marketing, You can easily send bulk email campaigns, bulk SMS AND Bulk Whatsapp Campaigns to the Databases respectively


This is just but basic marketing campaigns you can easily leverage during this pandemic and after post-pandemic to keep your business going


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Plan Now Ahead of the predicted recession

Stay Safe, Stay Well

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From All Of Us



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