Poverty is risky to entertain kill poverty by learning this simple skill

Poverty is risky to entertain kill poverty by learning this simple skill

Today there are millions of people depressed not for any other reasons but because of poverty, the world is not growing in terms of wealth sharing and massive job creation, in fact, is harder in my home country Nigeria. 

To make it worst the global world failed in achieving the Vision 2020 goal, ”To end, poverty failed vision” 

Instead of achieving the goal of ending poverty as was planned 20 years ago, the year 2020 came with a global pandemic which leads to millions of job losses and business downfalls

That even we at NL SOFT owners of NairaLAERN and AfriNOTES also lost one of our Adsense earning portal, youtube channel, Facebook monetized page, and Facebook group of ours, we lost an audience of 2.4 million members when put together during the pick of the 2020 pandemic

Poverty-is-risky-to-entertainSo you see, last year was not that easy for both the rich and poor, but end up creating more poverty around us, the question is how do you in person come out of poverty with all this global job losses and economic downplay across the Africa continent?


A lot of people became depressed due to their financial status, the problem is still involving, while some countries are making great plans to reposition their economy, most countries in Africa where I come from are busy doing nothing only but borrowing from IMFWorld BANK And China. 

So the questions now boil down to you in person! what can you do to save yourself, your family, and that of your loved one from poverty


What can you do?

Today in this article, am going to tell you one of the simple truth, for ending poverty, is going to be simple but harder if you fail to take action adhering to the information am about to share with you here

What can you do

 First, keep in mind that depression stems from psychiatric conditions, such as disorders, medical conditions, such as chemical 

imbalances, and environmental conditions, such as poverty. 

Am highlighting that of POVERTY as it relates to this very article, Poverty is risky to entertain, kill poverty now and remember I said that millions of people are depressed today for being financial poor

Poverty is risky since it causes many states of mind that cause us harm, including depression.  So is important you learn smart ways to kill poverty before it leads you to depression, of which depression kills


What can you do? 

Sometimes there is no way out of the situation. Yes, a lot of people are trap in poverty and have no way out, most people in Africa Nigeria where I come from.

However, most times there is. We can consider poverty to see if there is a way out of the situation. 

First, basic needs and bills are the primary focus. When the bills are paid and you have necessities, you are a rich person with fewer bills. 


Before we talk of poverty let first understand what “essential needs” means. I mean basic essentials

It means health. It means food. It means education, It means a house or bed to sleep in, and protect yourself against extreme cold and heat. It means basic clothes and basic things to remain alive and keep life going. 

It does not mean the flashy cars, the flashy clothes, the so-called stars, the live large and show off, It doesn’t mean the expensive dogs and cats. The daily massage sessions or the clubs and bars. None of that matters.

So if you have got those basic needs, you are not financial poor, but that does not stop you from aiming for more financial wealth

But you see, from Africa, millions of people are finding it hard to eathard to send their kids to schoolhard to access basic health carehard to pay off their house rent, and even harder to build a house of their own


To make the case more hopeless, the Africa nationals leaders are corrupt, with zero plans on how to get Africa to fix but busy looting Africa raw materials to the western world, thereby leaving millions of Africans in poverty

This is the reason, for this article, am asking you never to entertain poverty, that is risky for one to do so, moreover being in the class of poverty where you can’t provide food for yourself and family, you can’t provide good health care, education and housing can lead one to depression.


This is while you should pay attention to what am saying in this article, poverty is risky to entertain


So What Is That Simple Skill

Is simple as you learning a new skill, a side hustle to add to your existing job, work, or career, in today economy, is not wise for one to depend on one single means of earning

Learn Skill

But is wise for one to have multiple streams of income, days have gone by when Africa is good at mocking someone doing multiple streams, then Africans use to mock one by calling them a jack of all trade

Those era has come and gone and today you need to learn skills and be actively involved in multiple streams of income


The Question Is What Type Of Skill Can One Learn And Start Earning As A Side Hustle

There are thousands of skills to learn virtually online and offline, the question is are you ready to change your financial status, if yes, also pay attention as I will be listing just but few skills one can learn out of thousands


1: Importation or Exportation business:

Also modernized to drop shipping, if you are reading me from Africa, learning Importation business or Exportation business and start practicing can change your financial life

Reason being that Africa import 70% of its basic consumer goods, where exportation is cool, also, in exportation, Africa is rich with raw material highly needed across Africa countries, America, Europe, Asia and the rest of the world, so learning how to import being getting the Importation business course or exportation business course can end poverty and unemployment in your life


2: Tech skills

There are thousands of tech skills one can learn, get to practice, and start earning, among them are Website DevelopmentMobile App Development, Internet MarketingSEO, Search Engine OptimizationAffiliate marketing, and many more, tech skills are cool and can change your financial life for good


3: Content creation

Content creation is a booming business, as long as you are browsing the internet and best along as the internet continue to involve content creator will never be poor

As a content creator, you can choose to be are Graphic creatordesigning imagesphotos, including video graphic creatorYouTuber, and more, also writing falls into this category of skills

Writing and publishing are powerful, imaging after me Mbonu WatsonNairalearn finish writing this great article titled ”Poverty is risky to entertain and I failed to publish it

You in-person reading it wouldn’t have hard the privilege to read it, so don’t just write, write and look for a platform to publish your article and have a signature or by line pointing to you as the creator of such article or articles

Content remains the king, learning professional writing now can change your financial career, there are a lot of platforms including Afrinotes looking for creative writers, some of these platforms are ready to pay you are a writer or video graphic 

Learn new skills needed for the today gig economy, you can visit NairaLEARN Courses and enroll with any of the listed courses available IN Nairalearn


Do you have an Internet connection? 

Is it possible you can go online and discover the services available to you that could provide you additional income? 

Many job openings are available online, including freelance writing jobs. learning a new skill or improving the ones you have is a helpful tool in managing and conquering poverty, thus learning a skill today or a career could bring you rewards outside of extra cash. 

As you can see, many possibilities are available to help you get through any situation of poverty

In all, you will need to market your skill to the global world, so if your skill, business is targeting Nigerians, then it will be wise you learn smart targeted marketing

You can start with getting the GSM Number of Nigerian, with our over 80 million GSM Numbers of Nigeria and the over 50 million email database of Nigerian you already have smart tools in your hand to promote your skill or business and make more sales which will earn your supper profits and helps you in ending poverty, which happens to be the essence of this article


You May Ask. What are the dangers of poverty?

Is simple, not involved with the changing environment, learning what is invoke today and what is not, investing in your intellectual skill properties, and many more, this is facts, PLAN TO learn a new skill STARTING FROM today


Why is poverty a risk factor?

When you have already failed to learn or improved on the things you already know, in today era, when you fail to do so, failure to learn is a poverty risk factor, when you are not learning new things or worst you are not improving in the ones you already know, you will outgrow and become outdated

Sorry to say, Africa Nigeria is a country where poverty is common what are the poor, what can poor people do in this part of the world when the government keep failing them

The answer is for Africans to stand up, stop waiting on the government, learn news skill or best improve in the ones you already have, this to me is the best step, learn to help yourself by learning new skill needed in today global Gig Economy

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GSM Number, Email Database, GSM Database of NigeriaHope you enjoyed this article and want to have your say on this topic ”Poverty is risky to entertain kill poverty by learning new skill starting from today” Hope you enjoyed the article if you don please drop your comment using the comment box, with Thanks


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