Facebook Not Accepting Your Payment Card (SOLUTION KIT)



Facebook Not Accepting Your Payment Card (SOLUTION KIT)!! Here is a step-by-step course on how to solve all your Facebook, and Instagram Not Accepting Your Payment Card Issues, All Payment Issues Resolved


Dear Friend

Is META, Owners of Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp giving you a headache? LOL. Relax bro and sister. Please relax as I got you covered with just the Solution kit


Are you finding it Hard To Run Promotional Ads On Facebook And Instagram due to Payment and Card Related Issues? Smile for the best solutions and fixes is here


With just this eBook and Video Guide, you will discover the solution, and fix all the issues in less than 5 minutes, is easy and you will never have issues again across Facebook and Instagram


You will have your Ads Account payment approved, and Boost your post, so you can start running Ads on Facebook and Instagram


You see, in recent times!! a lot of Ads Publisher, Business owners, Entrepreneurs, Companies, NGOs, and Online Marketers In Nigeria can’t run ads on Facebook and Instagram


That even when some try to run ads, making payments for their ads across the META platform becomes an issue, as Facebook, and Instagram continues to decline their card and even go ahead suspending their Ads account. Thereby locking them off from advertising on Facebook


This has affected a lot of people’s businesses across Nigeria, imagine having money for Ads, yet you can’t run Ads. That is crazy right?


It’s sad knowing that you have Promotional Financial Budget for paid ads, but you can’t boost your products and services on Facebook and Instagram.


Imagine that kind of stress people like you and me have been going through, so painful right? that is the current situation a lot of Nigerians find themselves in at the moment


While this is a 100% Guaranteed Solution Kit For Your META, Facebook, and Instagram Payment (Card) issue. 


  If you are among those worried about Facebook not accepting your debit card or credit card in Nigeria, maybe Your Cards Are Being declined? oh RELAX, we got the perfect solution right on this ebook report and video guide


  Was your Facebook payment disabled due to unusual activity? or was your Facebook payment method temporarily suspended due to your inability to clear your previous payment on Facebook and Instagram? 


 ➜ Are Your Facebook Ads Payment Method Not working etc? 


Hey Just Relax ok, in a few minutes from now we are done, You will get that resolved, as I Reveal all the solutions to you to get the issues solved


  This Is The Solution Kit, To Facebook Not Accepting Your Debit Card In Nigeria Issues


➜ Solution Kit To Facebook Declining Your Cards and Ads Being Suspended or Not Running. You will get the perfect solution and have that fixed in minutes


This is the Solution Kit for all Facebook and Instagram Payment and Card issues across the META Platform, enabling you to start running Ads on Facebook and Instagram


Whether your Debit or Credit Card is being rejected, Payment Not Going Through, Payment Being On Hold, or Ads Not running due to payment being prohibited or being canceled. This ebook and Video Guide provides solutions to all that

Facebook Not Accepting Your Payment Card solvedHERE IS THE ISSUE

Before You Get To Learn About The Solution, First Know About The Problem, at least knowing where the issue (The Problem) is coming from will help you in leveraging the solution kit



First, the issues are not coming from Facebook, or Instagram, so let’s say META Owners of these platforms are not the problem


Yes, all Facebook Payment and card-related issues are not coming from Facebook. There are coming from the Government influences and control, through her Financial institution recently release poor policies in a bid to straighten the falling Naira


For your information, Facebook survives by ads, is an ads network system, so it will never limit such from its ads publishers, but will always comply with all Government and financial institution policies


So let’s say Facebook, and Instagram are complying with the Nigeria Government Policies, this is because, after God’s power, the next is Government power.


So Facebook has no choice here but to comply, while people blame them when for the problem, we have also figured out the perfect solution to all these problems, so you do not need to keep being worried.  Hope you get the point


So now that you know where the problem is coming from, e.g. That the problem is with our Nigeria Government and CBN policies.


They placed strict limitations on Naira to foreign currency, dollar, euro, etc. according to them, they took this measure in other to straighten the falling Naira


In some banks in Nigeria, you are only allowed with just $20 monthly expenses, while with few other banks, you are completely lucked out, you can’t make any payment, buy or trade with a Naira card


Because of this Facebook is finding it hard to collect their money from Ads Publishers so have no choice but to luck out most Nigeria publishers from using their platform to run Ads


Sadly, these issues, all these problems of Nigerians not being able to use their card is not just with Facebook and Instagram alone


As with all international vendors, from web hosting companies to other Social Media Platforms, Amazon, Alibaba, and Google Cloud, and down to individuals like you and me providing services and products around the world


SO HERE IS THE SOLUTION To All Facebook Payment Issues, Card Decline, ETC

We have provided the solution in a well-detailed step-by-step ebook and video guide, all you need is just a 3k ‘Three Thousand Naira Only’ to Order and get the full kit download link send to your email address and Whatsapp

Interested In Having This Facebook Payment And Card Solution Kit, Pay 3k Naira To The Below Account

Account Name: NL SOFT

Account Number: 0427252159

Bank Name: GT Bank

Price: ₦7000 Naira


Step Two: After Payment:

Just SMS, call or send us WhatsApp message to +2348068608490 or 08022529152 Your message should contain. Your email address which you wll like us to send the download link and the Name you use in making payment.


Once we get your message and confirm your payment. The download link to ”Facebook Not Accepting Your Payment Card (SOLUTION KIT)”, will be sent to the email you provided in less than 3 Minutes. YOU CAN ALSO Get The Downloads link sent to you across WhatsApp


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