Quit Poverty And Think Like A Billionaire

Quit Poverty And Think Like A Billionaire

Yes not everyone can attend the level of billionaire, but there is never anything wrong with trying and the best way to try, is to take action against poverty and learn to QUIT POVERTY


Before you read ‘Quit Poverty And Think Like A Billionaire’ know that nearly half the world population lives on less than $4 Dollars per day and according to the World Bank, over 65% of the world population lives in poverty, Africa nationals having the highest percentage on the global index of poverty



In Nigeria 7 out of 10 people are considered to be poor, no thanks to decades of bad Leadership (EndBadGovernment) In Nigeria my home country, ever since 1960 when the country Nigeria had her independence. Nigeria has never experienced true good leadership, not in the military or now none in democracy


All Nigeria has ever had are pure looters, so the level of hardships and poverty has drastically increased in this part of the world called Nigeria


The road to richness is an individual race, you reading this article Quit Poverty And Think Like A Billionaire, most learn how to race your race without depending on anybody, Not even the government


For its easier for you as a person to fix your self, than trying to fix any country, trying to fix any state, or best trying to fix anybody, when you fix your self you stand a better chance of having other reciprocate positively towards you


Because the reality of poverty, state that God the maker of man never created poverty, this goes to those who believe in the supreme mercy of God being


As poverty was made by we the human, we brought poverty and force poverty into the world by looting natural nationals raw resources and enslaving our fellow human to more hardship


How To Quit Poverty

In life, every human being is rich, but until you discover and acknowledge the inborn richness within you, you may still be battling with poverty


Reasons, why a lot of people are poor, is due to misplaced priority, they have the opportunity but failed to leverage such opportunity, rather they choose to pay more attention to things that drained the hell out of them, there by creates more poverty within them


Among such is lack of investment in real property (Asset): Not everyone invests rightfully.

So the law of money says, when you fail to invest rightfully, you have already failed from being called among the rich


You don’t expect to be rich by putting all your money into liabilities. if you want to be rich, then you must learn how to invest your money into real property (Asset).


Fact check has it that billionaires, I mean self-made billionaire, Not the person with the massive inherited wealth they did nothing to earn. I am talking about a person just like you, who started with very little. The person who had to work from a living


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A person who understands that to think like a self-made billionaire, you must first understand your choices in life and business, you must understand where to drive more money from and where to invest more money on


Your time management is another important facts, you must understand how to spend your time and the things you spend your time on, what tasks you should focus more on and what and what you should let go of or best pay less attention on


In all to Quit Poverty And Think Like A Billionaire, you must obsessively learn to invest only in assets that provide a positive return


Remember there are many kinds of an asset, among the most common among the poor and the rich is TIME, everyone seems to have time, only but few think that time is common


In my country Nigeria you hear people saying, Am just doing this and that to pass away time, unknown to them. Time is the most valuable, nonrenewable asset in the world, you can’t get back a time spent, so in reality, there is never anything like a second time so it is important that your learn to value this asset called (TIME)

Quit Poverty And Think Like A Billionaire


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