See The Multi Billions Dollar Companies That Still Run Ads

See The Multi Billions Dollar Companies That Still Run Ads

It will surprise you to know that these companies, multi-billion dollar startups with millions to billions of users still run Paid Ads, not just paid ads, but ongoing paid ads that run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days yearly. They still run Paid Ads consistently on none stop


The Names Of These Multi Billions Dollar Companies Are As Follows

1: Google Run Ads

2: Facebook Run Ads

3: Twitter Run Ads

There are others, but let’s limit our list here to just these three. You see, now one may ask, Why will companies like GoogleFacebookTwitter, and others continue to run paid ads?


Even with all their millions to billions of users, millions to billions of daily traffic also, coupled with the fact, that they are all household names. 

What are the ideas behind them continuously running Paid Ads? For heaven’s sake, Google Adword Ads is the number one Ads platform in the world, so why on earth will google keep running Paid Ads, leveraging other platforms? Why you may ask?


You see Google running ads on Facebook Twitter, Emails, Web 2.0, etc, same happens with Facebook running paid Ads across other platforms like Facebook, Tiktok, Google Ads word, Web 2.0, etc. With all the millions to billions of users, they all have, yet they keep running Paid ads, why are these platforms running Paid Ads?


The Answer Is Simple. They will never stop running Paid Ads, simple because the online money is on the List, the more list you build, the more users you have, the more visitors you keep getting the more opportunity you have to up_sell them the products or services you have, So all these companies will never stop running Paid Ads, for their lays the strength of their business

The Multi Billions Dollar Companies That Still Run Ads

All these giant companies run ads consistently, so what makes you and I think we have arrived, What makes us NL_SOFT think will have arrived, we have learned this simple secret years ago and have adapted to it, we keep on running paid ads, promotions, building leads in our capacity


A part to GoogleFacebook, and Twitter, there are other hundreds to thousands of companies out there still running Paid Ads, still building leads, so what makes you and I think lead building and email marketing are dead, what makes you and I with our little leads and users thinks we have enough or best we have arrived when we have not. LOL


Building business in today’s world is ongoing, it takes being consistent, the same thing with a career, learning and improving on your career requires practicing and being consistent. One needs to learn how to unlearn and keep learning NEW things again and again


As a business person, you must stay informed with the latest happenings, trending, and more important where the innovative technologies are heading. you need to keep informed


The way business and things are done yesterday may have changed today and more possibilities things will change tomorrow, so have an open heart to learning, getting information, practicing, leveraging technologies, and most importantly staying with the latest trend on internet tech.


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If companies like GoogleFacebookTwitter, etc are still running paid promotions what stops you from getting leads kits that will be much of help when it comes to growing your business


If Giant multi-billion dollar companies like GoogleFacebookTwitter, and hundreds of others are still running Paid Ads across many platforms, then what stop you from learning from them, what stop you from leveraging Paid Ads on your affordable budget and growing from there


These companies still run ads even to date, what stop you from leveraging Paid Ads and free listing in growing your business, now please watch this video below for more

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