SEE WHY: Your Business and Advert Should be like 5&6

SEE WHY: Your Business and Advert Should be like 5&6

Dear friend

I will do my best to be brief on this topic ”SEE WHY: Your Business and Advert Should be like 5&6”. Now hear this, there is a big difference between now and then, between the year 2021 to the year 2011, that is about 1-decade apart a lot most have happened ‘‘right”


But this is what 80% business owners, entrepreneurs, startups, Network marketers, content creators, including bloggers do to their business, mistakenly


This is what great numbers of people are doing to their business lately, backdating their business to 2011, instead of them embracing the business tech of 2021, the innovative technology of today use in growing business at speed using ads, their preference remains backdated


The reality of Business in 2021 demands that you invest heavily in Ads, Free Ads, and Paid Ads, promoting your business online and offline

I know some of you may be asking, what do Mr. Mbonu Watson mean again by using the phrase backdating in business

I simply mean you not using ads to promote your business only but, depending on free traffic, by faith, with faith I know that this will work, my business will grow, My dear, things don’t work like that anymore.


In-facts some will argue with you that you don’t need prayers for your business to grow in 2021, all you need are plans and actions, leveraging paid and Free Advertisement plans


For example: if you started a business in February, you do not necessarily have to wait for months or years, for your business to start growing and bring you better results, No you don’t, you can leverage ads, both Free Ads and Paid Ads and watch how you business will grow at ease


In Nigeria where I come from, many business owners subject the growth of their business to faith, in their words, with faith this business will survive, grow, and brings me supper profits

Yes, friend. faith does work, but faith without work according to the holy book ”the bible” is also dead by itself, so is vital you learn smart ways to always use Ads, Free Ads, and Paid Ads to grow your business

What that tells us is that you must work now, you must work smarter and have a plan on how to make your business ads and promotions profitable to you and your business


To get started

Know that there are various ways one can promote his or her business using both paid ads and free ads, 


First: you need to create the Ads contents, by writing promotional articles in the forms of news latter or ( sales letters) 

Designing ads picture, and making sure that the picture can engage with the audience and best tells stories that catch the audience eyes

There are other things you need to put in places, such as videos ads contents, ebooks files, and few other things 

Then you will need to work on your product or service delivery, make sure there are 100% ready and just as you have described them


These are just but few things, for now, you need to make your business and Advert be like 5&6

You will also need the GSM Number Database of Nigerians, with the availability of over 125 million active GSM Numbers, in line with the WhatsApp Bulk Sender. you are already in the front line in Advertising your business to millions


As well as using The Email Databases, Get this kit and start promoting your business to mass users online, stop the fated system of Business marketing of 2011, this is 2021 you need both Paid Ads and Free Ads to promote and grow your business fast, you need to spend money on Ads rightfully.


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 SEE WHY: Your Business and Advert Should be like 5&6, is a progressive article and will be updated, Click here to learn more


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