Simple Formula For Wealth And Riches

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Do You know there is a simple formula for wealth and riches? Now listen here

Value is what you offer to others, yes n everything you find yourself, value is what you offer, in your family, internal, external, extended family name it, value is what you offer and you are expected to offer, in everything value is what you offer to others, in Business what people buy in exchange to money with ends up making you wealthy is a simple value, when you what more wealth, to be wealthy, kindly check on the value system you are offering to be it as products or services.

Simple Formula For Wealth And Riches

For example, we here at NL SOFT Owner of Nairalearn and Publisher’s Worldforumlive offer values in exchange for money for services such as Software DevelopmentWeb DevelopmentMobile App DevelopmentSEO Services, core Internet Marketing, still live on Nairalearn we have premium courses and kit as products we offer, while our main focus is mostly on the value and customers certification, those are the value system we offer, hope you get it

There is a simple formula for wealth and riches which are centered on value, value is what you offer to others

Also take the example of the world’s richest man, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla. you and I know very well what level of value he offers on all his products and services, the same thing applies to Jeff Bezos CEO of AmazonAliko Dangote CEO of Dangote Group, Africa’s richest man who is correctly building an oil refinery known as Dangote refinery in Lagos Nigeria, same refinery the corrupt Nigeria Government said they can’t build, Value is what defined wealth, hope you are getting the point

When you are not getting the level of wealth system we dream of, the kind of riches you want, is important that you check on the value you are offering, not just on the wealth system, but on all facets of life, when people don’t value you, check your offers to them, the value your exchange to them and possibly improve on your value offer

When people say they don’t know your value, possible your friends, colleagues, sometimes even your family members, etc, it’s simply because they are not getting enough value from you, so defined your value, your offer to them, and improved from there


What Equals Wealth

Understand that wealth equals value plus fair exchange times leverage, so to create wealth, follow this simple wealth formula. 

Value is what you offer to others, that is useful and convenient, that makes life easier, that makes things easier, faster, and better, one reason Africa is still underdeveloped with all her human resources and raw materials is that our leaders ‘Government’ only offers looting and corruption


Being Wealthy

Being wealthy, and moving away from poverty is determined by what value you offer, including how you leverage your time. the fair exchange is the sweet spot in price between the value to the buyer and the profit for the seller and bests the leverage is going from local to national to global

What this tells, is you are free to start small, yes to be super wealthy, you can start small, with that little you have, but earned to go global, starting from local to national and then to global is one sure way of ensuring good wealth system

Understand that money is simply a universal exchange of value, money is never emotional, so get rid of the emotion and follow this simple formula, define your value system now, if you don’t have one, plan to create one, ‘CREATE YOUR VALUE’ then define it, define your audience, start leveraging and make sure, what you are offering has high leverage in term of making life easier, making things faster and better


And lastly:

These are simple formulas for wealth and riches that you can use to achieve financial stability, peace of mind, and increase your income. After you have created your value, be it products or services. 

To go places involves working harder, working smarter, always being smart in your exchange for money, when money starts coming, be able to save money only to reinvest the money, work more in increasing your income, keep your growth track, find your weakness and improve on them in other to reach your financial goals

Value is what you offer to others these simple formula for wealth and riches is also defined by learning, practicing, patience, and discipline, these three things will help you accumulate a fortune over time. 


While Going For Wealth And Riches, also 

  • Be Learnable
  • Be practical
  • Be Patience
  • Be Discipline

These four things will help you a lot when it comes to creating lasting wealth. Wealthy people are often those who have been successful at creating something from scratch, so don’t be afraid of starting from scratch

Be among those who know how to work hard and stay focused on their goals. It takes a lot of work and dedication to be successful in this field of wealth and riches, it takes a lot of practice and discipline, but it is possible to achieve when you put your mind to it.


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Cheer from Mbonu Watson, be the success of today, increase your value starting from now, go for legit wealth system, get the over 172 countries database here, and discover smart ways you can drive over 800 million online users to your business on a go


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