(Skillup) People Are Losing Their Jobs Due To Economic Downturn

Currently, most countries around the world are facing a significant economic crisis, some third-world countries largely due to a shortage of foreign currency, corrupt and bad leadership


This has led to high inflation and daily job cuts, job losses, and a high rate of employment.


I have seen a lot of my friends lose their jobs, and a lot of small and medium businesses shortened, unfortunately, due to this economic downturn. We here at NL SOFT are not left behind, so almost everyone is involved


The prices of essential goods are rising rapidly, making it increasingly challenging for people in most countries to go about their daily lives


This situation has left me struggling a lot these days. I’m aware that I can use my tiny voice to make a post on this situation most of us are facing, at least to my beloved readers and clients


It is no longer a joke that a great number of people are losing their jobs daily due to this economic downturn, so let’s not pretend that all is well, when most businesses are shorting down due to low sales and profits


Even those with working careers, jobs, and businesses are finding it very hard to keep up with life and business, things are getting harder daily


The high cost of things and inflation is biting almost everyone, the rich and poor. Not just in my country Nigeria, but all around the world, the cost of living is hard living


So is an interesting time for us all to learn to skill up, invest in ourselves, invest in our business, and more importantly invest in our family system


It’s also important that you read this and try to reduce your daily, weekly, and monthly expenses. Reduce the things taking money off from your bank account. 


These simple tips are highly important should you reading this want to stay strong, beat depression and mental health issues a whole number of people are facing lately


While we try to invest more in these three areas of our lives. I have highlighted below, should you are not yet aware of the 3 types of investing THAT CAN HELP YOU Handle A Time Like This. FIND THE BELOW

  • 1: Investing More In Yourself
  • 2: Investing More In Your Business
  • 3: Keep Investing In Your Family System


Investing More In Yourself

To most of us in business, we are made to understand that in entrepreneurship, BY FAR the most common form of investment is #2 > Investing More In Your Business.


But with the way mental health issues and depression are killing great numbers of people around the world, it is also now common for us to consider telling people to start investing more in themselves (Invest In Ourselves) as another important form of investment


Depression and mental health issues are real, so don’t just depend on your profession without thinking about investing in any skill set


Any skill you can learn, monetize, and make part of your source of income can also be helpful in our world today

People Are Losing Their Jobs Due To Economic Downturn

Cos, it takes only a healthy being to build a lasting business, career, or family system, so take self-investment so seriously at a trying time like these


Learn to invest in a skill set, any skill you feel like learning, and invest the time and other resources needed for you to proceed in learning such skills. No one can tell, but such a step can make your life safer in a time like this


Back to your business or work, please don’t let the happenings around you, the things you may be passing through at the moment, or the things happening around your community, state, or country affect your personality, health, feelings, business, or work. Don’t let this happening come in between your business or work


Investing More In Your Business

Work in investing more into your business, from the power of running ads across the internet promoting your business steadily to the importance of working on your business’s high products/services and building a good customer care support system


Down to hiring staff, investing in reading books on finance, economy, investment, business, marketing, tech, humanity, and more, knowing too well that you can go broke not investing in your business the right ways


That’s why #1 – investing more in yourself – also matters, just as #2 investing more in your business is highly important


These are vital to developing the mindset, leadership skills, finances, and network of relationships to support your growing business.


Knowing too well that life sometimes can be fated to be on the hamster wheel, constantly working on ourselves and our businesses, trying to achieve lifestyle freedom without carrying our family system can also mess up everything we have ever worked for in this life


So that takes us to number #3 Investing In Your Family System

We Africans values our family system to some extent, yes we believe in family, family unity, family peace, and family progress, so is also important for us not to forget to invest in our family, in the life of our siblings, parents, children, spouse while investing in our collective family system


Let us also invest in our internet family members, knowing too well our family’s progress will directly or indirectly influence our personal life and business


So we need all these 3 types of investing to thrive in life in a time like this, to beat the economic downturn we all are witnessing globally today


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