Smart Investment Mentality You Need During This COVID 19

Smart Investment Mentality You Need During This COVID 19


The truth is that no one saw it coming, The Global coronavirus crises have changed the global calendar and how events, business in the world are run


Smart Investment Mentality You Need During This COVID 19


How you attend to this pandemic now is very crucial to how your feature will be

So is best for you to pay attention to how you spend and invest your money by having a smart investment mentality


Learn to limit your expenses on liability and invest more on asset, invest more to learning and research during this pandemic


The Smart Investment Mentality You Need During This COVID 19 should be centered on Money Talk, Is no longer about how much you earn but how you reinvest it


The reality of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer is visible enough in this part of the world called Africa Nigeria, people lack financial discipline


Smart Investment Mentality You Need During This COVID 19, nairalearn


Understanding that is not about how much you earn, is what you do with it, how you invest your earnings matters


You will be happier with your financial life and worry less about money by getting into the financial independence of investing more and spending wisely


Money talk can frustrate you if you fail to understand how to invest wisely, I’ve discovered a lot about what it takes to become financially healthy. Starting with the right investment


A large part of it is being smarter about your money than just trusting what society tells you is normal as the days of societal norms is gone

Smart Investment Mentality You Need During This COVID 19 nairalearn


The reality about good investment is that it will always double your income, position you on financial freedom for the rest of your life. The smart investment mentality will change your life in a big way.


The How To Go About Smart Investment Mentality You Need During This COVID 19


1: The better you learn how to practice smart investment mentality so you can have the freedom to not need to work for money. but to allow money to work for you.


2: Wise investing and aggressive saving your money are the vital components of financial independence.


3: Even if you don’t make a lot of money, you can use the Smart Investment mentality method flexibly for a better life


The reality of life is that the society will accept whatever you choose to serve them if you serve society with failure, the society will muck you and accept you as failure


If you serve the society with success the same society will smile admire and celebrate you and accept you as a success, in other words, your success will shame your enemy


So strive in life with a knowledge of good investment for your earning let your success speak for you


Are you finally ready to feel relieved about your money situation instead of stressed by it? Let’s Light Up!


Lesson 1: Practicing Smart Investment Mentality

The smart investment will help you not have to work for money and begins with taking advantage of your earning


Smart investment isn’t just a good idea, but that many people are practicing it already, which is capable of the potential it had to free you from stressful money woes.


In reality, a lot of people don’t completely stop working. They just use the freedom of not having to work for money for better things. 


Like being flexible with their career, investing smart and allowing money to be working for them, traveling, donating to charity, or pursuing passions


To start with the SMART Investment mentality for yourself, First, you have to find your annual expenses and multiply by 25. That’s the amount that, if you saved and invested


Lesson 2: Financial independence requires that you make smart investments and save aggressively.

So you know what the end goal is, but how do you get there? The next step toward financial independence is to look at your finances in detail. You’ll need to maximize assets and minimize expenses.


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Start by tracking where each bit of your money is going. Look at all spending and savings over the last year. With a SMART Investment mentality


You should aim to save and invest 50-70% of your income. A good place to begin is with the main expenses of food, transportation, and housing.


When it comes to smart savings. You have to focus on just three types: stock market investments, business ventures, and real estate


For investing in stocks, it’s best to go with index funds as they’re cheap and perform at the average of the market as a whole. Even Warren Buffet recommends this over getting a money manager!


Lesson 3: The SMART Investment mentality is flexible and works for anyone regardless of income level.

You might be sitting there thinking this all sounds great but wondering how you can do this with how little you make


The truth is, it doesn’t matter what you earn, it’s what you do with it that makes the difference. 


The core of this mentality isn’t to just go crazy with saving and investing. It’s more about putting happiness over material possessions. Some people do get pretty wild with their saving plans, but you can be as flexible as you want.


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Money is the same way, you shouldn’t expect yourself to just keep cutting expenses like crazy and live happily. Cut some, yes, but focus mostly on increasing your income, saving, and investing. 


Soon you’ll be financially free and ready to retire early! while your investment work for you for life. So learn to practice the smart investment mentality



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