Smart Marketing Strategies For Small and Medium Business

Smart Marketing Strategies For Small and Medium Business

The joy of every business, be it small or medium business is to grow over time, keep growing and best keep making good profits, this is the dream of every business owner or entrepreneur out there

Whether you have just started a business, or you have an existing business, shop, or a restaurant, business niche that has products or offers services and you have constantly been trying to find ways to outgrow your business by selling more products and services


Here are smart marketing strategies for small and medium business owners to follow and grow that of your business, be it a digital online business, as well as an offline business, what am about to reveal to you in this article, works like a charm, that is if only you put in to practice what you will be getting here

Smart Marketing Strategies For Small and Medium Business

To get started with the smart marketing strategies for small and medium businesses, I will break my points down, starting with


1: Have A Budget

To be successful in life, in any project, you should learn how to be on a budget, to make your business successful, the first step to marketing is defining your end-game and strategizing your budget. 

Budgeting here is too important. as it will help you in assigning your business activities, timing, and finance at their appropriate positions

Budgeting is too important and helps you when you need to decide what is important to you, and to your business as well

Have A Budget


Tips to undertake on budget

Make sure your business activities are 100% on budget, I mean your timing, should be on a budget, your finance should be on a budget, your relationship with your clients, customers, and more should be base on the happy team, just make sure you are leveraging effective budgeting in your business

Learn to start prioritizing your goals. What are your most immediate need for your business and your most vital long-term objective? in all have a working business marketing budget


2: Use Paid Ads

Yes is good to start with free ads, free listing, but never you remain below Free ads, also learn to upgrade in using paid ads, promoting and growing your business targeting the right audiences that need your business products or services the most


As I learned with my first lemonade stand, you have got to spend money to earn money. Online marketing is the same way—if you would like to exercise a positive attitude toward leveraging Paid ads, your business stands a better chance of growing 200% times when compared to you using and depending on Free ads and free listing all alone

use paid ads

So when you want to market smart, you will need to spend a number of your financial budget on paid ads, display ads, social media ads, classified ads, business directories ads, etc. 

Having a good paid is cool, like, Google AdWords, Facebook adsYouTube ads, classified ads, you name but a few, Whether you tackle this yourself or hire somebody else to assist on setting up Paid as, the truth is that you need paid ads to grow your business 200% faster


Yes, the reality remains that, when you are building your business, effective paid ads marketing is vital for your business success


3: Maximize Google’s Local Listing

As the most generally used program, Google features a surplus of offerings that will help your small business. 

Google local listing “ helps you to Put your business live on Cities, town or village where your business is located on the Map” to target local businesses online, you will need to have Gmail address and best proceed to Google and search for Google business listing and list your business for free

Maximize Google’s Local Listing

Businesses that have a web presence grow 40% faster than people who don’t. If you missed the boat, now Is the time to join the bandwagon! and get started maximizing Google local listing

To get started, you need to create a Google My Business account, first, you will need to have Gmail, best use business Gmail, if you don’t have then create one


Then go to Google My Business and list your business, you will need to enter your business name, your business description, being about your business, enter your business working hours, enter your business address, Contact mobile number, and website, if you have. 

Once Google proved your business listing, your business will appear more on google search, as will google my business pages, google maps, and many more benefits your business stand on gaining from Google business listing


4: Business Directory Listing

Business directory listing has come to stay, a lot of business directories portals keeps on coming out daily, with good domain name authority, Afrinotes Business Directory is on of such business directory you should list your business on

4 Business Directory Listing

To list your business, kindly go to Afrinotes business directory and click on add listing menu item, then follow the instruction by filling up the box field


You will have to enter your business name, your business categories, your business working hours, your contact mobile number, email address, website being optional and many others, you will also have to create an account if you don’t have an account with Afrinotes


Listing your business on Afrinotes will help your business appear more on Google, with over thousands to million AfriNOTES Visit, majority of these people will be able to view your business products and service and best have a better chance of patronizing you


5: Using Social Media Channel

Social media are a platform where great numbers of people hang out and best network with other great minds, so you can leverage social media, with millions to billion social media traffic

If only you can turn your social media usages into business, then you stand a better chance of getting the best out of social media

So our take on this is, learn to leverage social media platforms, be it FacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedIn, and fast-growing TikTok

Just learning how to use all these platforms for business will do your business better than when you are using Facebook for just fun


Using Social Media Channel

Tips to undertake now:

While using multiple social medial channels, also find time to always analyze your current social media presence and find out where you are getting more engaged, more traffics, and the best return on investment from

It is where you are getting more engaged, that you should pay more attention to, and put more resources into, by so doing. your business is on the right track for fast growth that will bring more sales and profits for you


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