Start Growing Your Online Business (Start That Business)

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One thing you need to know about starting and building a business is that no idea is fully founded, so is very important whenever you conceive an idea for you to move into action starting with the very little you have, don’t wait until everything included the finances you need is fully available, Just start


Am using my self, experiences and my project as example cos I have had people ask? what is the best time to start a business, some have also asked me what the right budget is to start a business, the right place, and the right niche to start


As these people keep asking this and that questions, there are few people owners of multi-national companies today who started with nothing, but were able to take a step with the little they have and today they have so grown


Some people keep asking when, where, and what to start even when they have more than enough needed to get them started, some can keep on asking for days, weeks, months, and years even when they have what it takes to start and watch the business unfold


In today’s post Start growing your online business (Start that business) now, I want to encourage all the people reading me who have been thinking about how to start or best move their offline business to the online world to take action and get that started


The online business in coming months or years will get more interested, so is very much important you start now, as the technology is changing, for you not to lose out in the coming months or years, please start or take all your offline business online, am not saying you should close your offline business, no. All am saying is simple, have an online business version of your business, It gets why


Start Growing Your Online Business

While you can start your online business by simply creating a social media account, and channels when is necessary, you can also convert your existing social media account into your business stream


Or best if you are a shy person and don’t want to associate your social media account with your business, which I don’t think so, you can create a dedicated social media account for your business, the best social media platform depending on your business niche are

1: Create Youtube Channel

2: List Your Business On Google My Business Profile

3: Craete a Facebook, Twitter and TikTok account

4: Depending on your type of business niche, the Instagram account is optional

5: Get a WhatsApp active number as well Telegram active number for your business

6: Having a dedicated website is optional but highly important


The above are steps to get started taking your business online and then striving to grow them using the same platforms and a few added marketing strategies, such as leveraging target leads, Targeted GSM Numbers, Emails Database, and Business Directories of any of the countries you are targeting


For example, if your business is targeting Nigerians, then you will need this leads Nigeria Business Database GSM Number And Email Database as these are some of the important online marketing tools you need to reach Nigerians in their millions of numbers


You will also need the Whatsapp Mass Sender application for each mass messaging to active Whatsapp users live on WhatsApp targeting only active Whatsapp numbers for 100% free


The only requirement is for you to have access to the Whatsapp mass sender application, then make sure that your computer is fully connected to the internet and have a WhatsApp virtual or none channel, campaign list, and messages to use to convert your ideal customers. Then you are very good to go


Not waiting or fully depending on freebies, you can still upgrade and use platforms like Forum MarketingClassified marketingSocial media marketing, Bulk SMS Services, etc to keep growing your online business by leveraging their paid ads features


You can as well use the mother of all ads which is Google AdWords, running ads across the Google ecosystem on, and AdMobs, Adsense networks name but a few. 


That is if you can do just 10% of what I have listed here. You will be able to skyrocket your business in less than 31 days. Just give them a try, Get this leads Nigeria Business Database GSM Number And Email Database now in line with the Whatsapp Mass Sender


Don’t just read, learn without taking action take action now, remember it’s only in practice you will get results. from my humble self Mbonu Watson check out more premium courses at Nairalearn Course, Read more blog posts here and stay on to this great platform for more


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