The End Of Poverty 2023

The End Of Poverty Updated For The Year 2023

In everything your beginnings matter, how you start matters a lot, how you plan to make the year 2023 your best year ever, An End To Poverty Is Possible: if only you pay attention to this short report

end of poverty
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My name is Mbonu Watson C, Am a full stack developer, to break my works down in a layman’s understanding, am a Software Developer, Website developer, mobile app developer, and a full-time internet marketer from Africa Nigeria. You Can Read More Here

With all thanks to God, by His special Grace am a co-founder NL_SOFT, owner’s of, and many other websites, mobile apps, software, tools, and scripts too numerous to mention, Our WhatsApp Bulk Sender Software has been a touch notch, serving the global world, oh I Thank God

I have developed hundreds of websites and mobile apps, few software and tools for clients all over the world, including those in the United States of American, America at large, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, Antarctica, I have worked virtually all over the world

I have helped thousands of businesses and individuals leverage the internet, growing their business online, thousands of businesses that I can’t begin to mention here

In as much that I don’t like talking much about my humble self or the business I have helped to grow all these years, my focus has always been on What NEXT

Who can I be of blessing to next, how best would you allow me to assist you in growing that your business online, not kidding the internet made me and this is my simple way of giving back to the internet community

So Welcome To the Short Report ”The End Of Poverty 2022: please pay attention to what am about to say here, as my message here will be short and direct

The end of poverty 2022
Click Here To Download The Ebook Version of this report: The End Of Poverty 2022

Dear friend, do you know? 85% of the population in third world countries like my beloved country Nigeria are full of poor people, the rate of poverty has increased ever since the outbreak of this virus and the pandemic that follows in early 2020

To make the case hard to comprehend, at a time when the global world thinks that we ‘human’ have won against the virus, believing that life, events, and activities have begun to return to normal, then comes another variant of this virus called omicron which is fast spreading all over the world again

From man to man, traveling from country to country and now has been identified in over 52 countries around the world and is set to multiple after the Christmas celebration with a spark to another possible inter countries lockdown

And a possible interstate lockdown, what awaits us in 2022 are yet unknown, some reports say 2021 will be far better than 2022 if the fast spread of the omicron virus is not properly handled, the year 2022 may be harder than what we have witnessed in 2021, so start now to plan your year 2022

With mostly Africa countries being locked off, the united state of America has already placed a traveling ban on over 8 African countries, followed by entire Europe, Asia, banning African nations from entering Europe and America, while this is not being funny, literally African nations has been luck off as of the time of writing this reports on the 14th day of December 2021

While the Africa government care more or less, they only know how to loot the Africa Resources, for what goes into their pocket, their family and friend, the life of an ordinary African is fated and more in danger comes the year 2022, so start now to plan

The end of poverty 2022
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So if I may ask, how do you plan to end the year 2021 and start over in 2022, I know you have a great plan for yourself and that of your business, but I will like to assist you in making the year 2022, irrespective of all these odds around us the African continent, the year 2022 will still be our best year ever

Before now, COVID Came in 2019, and WHO and others said that Africans will die like rats, but God and Nature see us through, not minding how corrupt our Africa Leaders are, so whatever the news is reporting. Europe and America are busily lucking Africa off, the year 2022 will be an end to poverty to thousands of people reading this short report

With Some Online Marketing Secret Tools, I will be revealing to you on this report, if you take action after reading this, I bet you WITH 100% Guaranteed, your financial life will never remain the same comes the year 2022

But first: start planning your 2022 by cutting off unnecessary expenses for the Christmas season, omicron variant of the virus is fast spreading, start building your online business should in case another lockdown set in 2022, you will not be much affected

Am just writing this to you irrespective of where and when you are reading this, be it from Africa Nigeria, the USA, Europe, Asia, etc the reality remains that you can start the year 2022 as early as starting NOW

Don’t Wait Until New Year Set In, in other to Start Your Online Business! Friend, Every day is a day of a new beginning, yes normally there is this feeling and looks that comes with the beginning of every January, depending on the time you are reading this report, you can make the moment your January, your new start.

A lot of people develop the inspiration for the new year, new mindset, in as much the problem has never been with the new calendar, the problem has been with us the human

As I write to you, while you are reading this, a great number of people have given up for the remaining days and weeks of 2021, as they are busy waiting for the new year to set it, and mind you? a great number of people will still give up the year 2022 after the first two months of the year, being the month of January and February

So you see, the issues have never been with time and calendars, but  necessary with we the humans

In as much this is bad, we wants you to start your new year 2022 from now, don’t wait until the first of January 2022 set it, so there are few tools we will be including in this report, you too find links to them at the end of these report and is important that you grab those tools as there are capable of changing your business comes the year 2022

First Thinks: should the world witness another lockdown in 2022, how will your business operate, how solid have you built your online business network to stand another lockdown? in as much we don’t pray so, scientifically WHO reports is pointing toward another possible lockdown

These are questions YOU should be asking yourself now, not how perfect THE Christmas celebrations should be and possible how you plan to impress your village people

Start your new year now, and don’t wait to start until January set in, as studies have shown that 85% of New Year’s resolutions always ends up as a big failure, while many fail because they think that, there are relative differences between the time now and the time tomorrow

Thereby making them procrastinate what they are supposed to do now for tomorrow, unknown to them, there are no differences in time, what is different is how one leverage his or her time and to make the case worst ‘tomorrow will never come

So if one is failing today, giving in to procrastination for things he or she is supposed to do now, there is a relatively high percentage rate that such a person will also fail tomorrow that will never come

While all we have is, THE TIME TODAY, so plan to leverage your day today and avoid procrastination, Success waits for no woman or man! ending poverty in your life is sure when you take your today serious

Becoming a success in our world today is no longer about age, irrespective of you being under 16th years old, the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s years and more, making money, building your online business is no longer about your age

The time to get started is NOW so that you can hit the ground running in 2022 and not get left behind by all the other entrepreneurs who are making their plans RIGHT NOW!

We’d love to help you make 2022 the year you look back on for years to come, a year you join the 6 figure earners, the year that changed your life for good, the year that gives you financial freedom and everything good life has to offer! 

Just like we’ve helped so many entrepreneurs, business owners, NGO’s, individuals turn their passions and skills into thriving online businesses, we is 99% ready to help you start your 2022 on high nodes of earners

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January 27, 2023


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