The End Of Poverty Around You

The End Of Poverty Around You

The simple report, I am about to share with you today. Title The End Of Poverty Around You: will help you develop a kinder and more compassionate heart by opening your eyes to the terrible state of the poorest people, poorest countries in the world, how they got to be this way


What the Nigeria Government has been doing in making Nigerians poorer and why solving this problem of poverty is in our best interests and maybe easier than we think, only when will strive for a better us.


The End Of Poverty Around You, BY Mbonu watson

The End Of Poverty Around You:

The Fact Is That, Where I came from. The Africa Nigeria, Millions of people are so poor that the poor also call other people they believe they are a bit better than poor


Nigerians talented, gifted, and hardworking individuals, but with corrupt leaders ever since the 1960 leadership failure, a lot of Nigeria has accepted, live up to accept what life in Nigeria has provided them. The life of hardship and poverty


Only but few Nigerians have managed, some luckily escape from poverty.

It gets worst when you come to realize that Nigeria is blessed with both Mineral and natural resources but has millions of records of poor people


The truth about poverty: is that millions of people have grown up to realize that they are poor, few end up blaming their parents for not working hard, possible in their days of youth


But unknown to them Surviving In Africa Nigeria, ending and escaping poverty with the harsh Government policies, corruption, bad leadership in military and now in democracy


Couple with zero opportunities the Nigeria Government has given to Nigeria masses inabilities to excel in their home country with no electricity, high cost of living, increase in fuel prices, direct and indirect taxation on Business owners, etc


Surviving and escaping poverty in this part of the world became a Miracle in a world of wealth and abundance

The End Of Poverty Around You

Did you know there is more than enough wealth in the world to bring an end to poverty? irrespective of which country you come from, thanks to goodies for internet technology of today

Without waiting on the Government of Nigeria to do the needful, you reading this can be wealthy not minding the Nigeria policies that favor only but those in government, not minding the poor leadership in Nigeria, not minding the hardship, corrupt politician


The internet technology and every other great opportunity out they can change your life for good


Remember There Are Wealth In The World, Yes Wealth In Africa Nigeria

But yet millions of people, not thousands, but millions are living on just one or two dollars a day. And tragically, about 18,000 children die of malnutrition daily, not just children, also youths and elderly people die in thousand over poverty-related decease and hunger


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Poverty Is Real, much real in Africa and harder to believe in when you see the wealth of Nigeria yet millions of her citizens are dying of poverty with no mercy from the Government who blames and call them lazy people IN the voice of Mr. President Muhammadu Buhari (The Lazy Youth)


It’s pretty awful to think about how many people live lives of luxury and comfort while others don’t even know if they’ll have enough money to feed their families. 


Many of us go day to day not thinking about this bizarre reality. But the real question is, why does poverty still exist to this extent?


Years ago, world leaders came together, brought out a plan called Millennium Development Goals (Vision 2020), with a promise that in the year 2020 global poverty level will be a thing of the past, as to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger was among the goals


There work so hard, then came the year 2020 with the virus, pandemic, recession, job loss with more hunger virus killing people in Africa Nigeria, who do you blame, the government, nature or religion…. is so pathetic. That this is happening in our world we live in today


Huge amounts of aid are indeed sent to developing countries every year. But yet, poverty remains. even during the first wave of COVID 19, financial and food palliative stimulus where send to Africa Nations, with Nigeria Government looting the money funds and as well hiding the food palliative against there own citizens. So bad


So should we give more? Or should we give up? At The End Of Poverty: Economic Possibilities for Our Time, we learn the real truth behind why poverty persists and what we can collectively do to overcome it.


In reality, poverty is a complex problem and the reasons for it are highly individual to each country. But the good news is that helping countries affected by extreme poverty can be done, as long as developmental aid can be invested wisely. 


  • 1: The poorest countries are stuck in the poverty trap and can’t get out on their own.
  • 2: There is no one-size-fits-all solution to this dire problem, we must tailor our efforts to each country.
  • 3: If you live in a wealthy country, you need to prioritize ending poverty, it will improve your quality of life too.


Let’s get right into these lessons and discover the difficulties with this worldwide problem and how to solve it!


With the influence of technology, the internet, the online global community, poverty now seems like a global challenge, with an open opportunity for any individual who wishes to come out from poverty and put an end to poverty in his life, being 100% possible


There are books to read and practice, there are masterclass videos to watch and practice, there are audios to listen to and practice. If you as an individual can lean on audios, books, and videos in today’s technology if only you can develop the habits of learning and putting your learned lessons into practice. Individual poverty can be put to an end amongst us


These are fact and that if you learn, implement, you stand a better chance of banting poverty not just out from your life, but out from your life, your family, your loved ones, your workers


Do you want to end poverty and possible you are from Nigeria. Kindly develop the habit of learning, reading, listening to the right audios and best putting them into practice


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This report (The End Of Poverty Around You) will be continue

The End Of Poverty Around You, Naira learn


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