The Facebook Outage We Are Offering Website And Mobile App Development

The Facebook Outage We Are Offering Website And Mobile App Development 

Yesterday being the 4th day of October was a day to remember as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp all went down for 6 hours plus, this being the longest outage in the history of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp


Millions of business were affected, billions of people where in shock, some report has it that if Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp outages have lasted up to a day, that is up to 24 hours, few people would have committed suicide

For the 6 hours Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp was down few people has already started being depressive as they were lockout and can’t use or access their Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp


Millions of people globally have made social media part of their life, that if anything happens to social media a lot of people will be depressed and few may give up their life, we saw a break of this yesterday during Facebook down

 Well thank God all the platforms, the Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are all back and working perfectly, and Mark Zuckerberg the co-founder of Facebook has also apologized to the public, see screenshot

mark zuckerberg apologize for Facebook outage

Now what should you and I learn from these, you see, thousands of people or millions depend solely on Facebook Instagram, and WhatsApp as a channel for all their online business

These people have refused to have their dedicated website or mobile application, any attempt to talk them into getting one is a no-no-no response

But what happens yesterday should serve them as a lesson that they also need to have their PERSONAL/Business website or mobile app, of which we can help them to develop in less than 5 working days, get in touch with us here +2348068608490


Come to talk of it, imagine if Facebook Instagram, or WhatsApp was down for almost 7 days, and you have built all your audience on Facebook and keep them within Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp, that will affect your business. Right

To avoid such, get your self-hosted website or mobile app, you can get both as our promo offer of the day. We develop mobile or website platforms for our clients and readership in much affordable price, with over 75% off in price only for this week, get in touch with us on 08068608490 for more info

We Are Offering Website And Mobile App Development

We are offering website and mobile app development quick service plus marketing tools such as email marketing, Mobile Marketing, WhatsApp MarketingDigital Marketing, yes you will get the tools you need to drive quality traffic to your website or mobile app

We are going to give you access to most of these tools to fast track your online business success live on your personal or business website

Seriously, there are differences between my own, our won, or we are using their own, yes Facebook Instagram, WhatsApp, etc all social medial, classified sitedirectory siteforum website, and app are all cool, but nothing beat you having your website or mobile app.


Here are the reasons the Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp outage looks pretty major as many people who before now depends on social media for their online business

Now have a second thought, about three people have contacted me to develop a website for them among them are people I have previously sent a proposal for website and mobile app development which they both turn down

But have to contact me today after the down of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram, and we have started their project will be delivering all within the next 48 hours


This proves how the importance of you having your website for small businesses or private usage is, this also shows why building an email list and audience lead is important to depending solely on social medial lead

A lot of small businesses, especially here in Nigeria, rely on Facebook for their only public-facing internet presence. I know a few local places that have a Facebook page and no website

This is bad and if you are passionate about your business, having only Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp as your online public-facing platform without a website of yours is a suicide, something you need to rethink twice

I have sent website and mobile app development proposals to a few, only to have them turn down web dev offers by saying “we mostly use Facebook”.

Let the Facebook outage yesterday teach you a lesson that you still need your business website or mobile app, get in touch with us on +2348068608490 

Let talk about how to develop a website or mobile app for that your business and give your email marketing toolWhatsapp marketing toolGSM NumbersEmail Database of Nigeria, yes we are going to give you some Internet marketing tools you need to supper drive your website and business to success


This outage is the perfect opportunity to hit up businesses, GET IN TOUCH WITH US HERE 08068608490 For All Your Website or Mobile App Development, let give your business online presence a smart feel and professional looks

You need to have a website or mobile app, if you already have an existing website, that you don’t like or is not meeting up, get in touch with us now on 08068608490, let us redesign it for you and help you boost it to meet with today web and mobile technologies

We will position your website or mobile app on google search where millions of people will see it, access your product or services daily and have a wide platform where they can always patronize your services

Let help you own a website today, with the importance of “owning your online website or mobile app brand” give people a centralized online marketplace where the majority of people can always reach your business, see your menu, view your business products and services, etc.

Grandma used to say “Nothing is permanent in this world”. it makes sense if that which is not permanent belongs to you, at least is more ok, than depending on others when you can have yours

Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are all great platforms but hear the truth. you need a website or mobile app of your, Get In Touch With Developer Mbonu Watson ON +2348068608490 

Let him develop a premium website or mobile app in less than 5 working Days no matter or simple or complex your idea project may look. everything web, mobile, internet promotions are possible with us NL SOFT. with thanks From Mbonu Watson C


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Stay bless and All Thanks To Mark Zuckerberg and co for restoring Facebook Instagram and Whatsapp ALL BACK online and working

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