The Job Economy Is Dying, More Unemployment Roaming

Get Prepared, Post Pandemic, and Big Time Recession Is Coming If Your Failk To Do This?

The Job Economy Is Dying, More Unemployment Roaming




Yes, you read the headline, not a good time as the world faces global pandemic, the job economy is dying, more unemployment roaming, how prepared you are today to face the post-pandemic? Matters


Well, we got you cover as my team the NL_SOFT Owner’s of, set to Launch a new masterclass kit, coming soon. Titled Global Pandemic Crisis: Learn And Make Money Online Masterclass


You will love this kit, but before then, you have to read this, the reasons why the job economy is dying, more unemployment roaming globally and the best ways you can escape from the incoming recession


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You’ve probably seen the cost of the self-serving kiosk by the global coronavirus crisis, the wickedness of the government and the people at large


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How the prices of good and services have skyrocketed and the government not being there at a time when the poor masses needed them the more, it was indeed kiosk in Africa, Nigeria


The Coronavirus should saver as an eye-opener to the wise, as I write this, over 37 millions of people have lost their job In the United States Of America alone



With the hunger virus in Nigeria, more people have lost both their jobs and source of livelihood to the pandemic


And more will follow in the coming months, as the number of the confirmed cases of COVID-19 keeps increasing on a daily bases and the Government of Nigeria busy doing nothing in a country with this high rate of unemployment and hunger join together is disastrous here


With this COVID-19 Pandemic, more job losses in a country where the job economy has long been dead, where prospective youths graduate yearly without jobs and employment


A failed state, failed government, not just failed but the Golden Arches, many other companies are dying, the offline business is one way or the other affected. companies are laying down staff, including new generational banks and oil companies in Nigeria


In the international gigs economy, more companies are exploring AUTOMATION Technology thereby sacking humans workers and employing only but few with Automation computer


We’ve seen the news around Uber self-driving cars, electronic cars and the BILLIONS they spent to make it a reality. how jumia is affected as well and much other business online and offline


 And not forgetting the robot fulfillment workers of Amazon, Google and more


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Although it’s their mission to make life a bit more efficient and affordable… in their wake… is REAL evidence that the world is changing very fast.



How prepared are you, how ready are you, due am not sure if the job economy lost will affect you (and I hope it doesn’t), but the job economy we know is inevitably transitioning to what’s known as the “skill economy”. THE GIG ECONOMY.


Businesses are actively looking for ‘talents’ who can bring sustainable growth to their bottom line, rather than be bothered with common day-to-day concerns, business and companies are now out processing skill workers and freelancer to do the jobs remotely 


That skills and ‘talent’ revolve around 2 things…

1: Getting the most ideal prospects for their business (Traffic) 




2: Turning ‘cold’ prospects into loyal customers (Conversions)


Getting good at both has been a secret kept by the top 1% of income earners up till now… as 99% of business struggle at this period


How prepared are you, take a step now, head to e-course section and start a new class online, learn new skills and careers “In-Demand Skill” prepare your self now for the days ahead.


When you prepare, the post-pandemic can only be a blessing to you, because you already have the in-demand skills and career needed for today working environment


We’ll be revealing the 1 TRUE skill around CONVERSIONS that will make you highly sought after as a ‘talent’… Live On Our, Soon To Launch Masterclass kit Titled: Global Pandemic Crisis, Learn and Make Money Online Masterclass


Get Set


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This will fundamentally change the way you look at ‘your potential’ for the rest of your life, the panic associated with the pandemic will critically go away from you


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