The Most Important Capital you need for Any Business startup is SKILL CAPITAL

The Most Important Capital you need for Any Business startup is SKILL CAPITAL

By Strive Masiyiwa

He Writes

One of my nieces was never strong academically. One day her mother expressed her worry to me about her daughter’s future.

“What does she like doing?” I asked.

To Her Mum’s she does nothing, hear her in her voice,

“Nothing! All they do is work on their hair, and watch movies!” she complained.

After listing to her mother, I gave her advice, and this below was my opinion

“Ok, let’s get her into a training program for doing hair.”

Well, you know the story, right? but let me still brief you

Today she runs her own little hair salon which she owns, She owns a home too, and drives a nice car. She is not married yet but has God has blessed her with two lovely kids. which she is living up to her responsibilities as a mother.

The good news is that, she went for skill, grab the skill, leverage the skill and she is monetizing the skill. So the possibilities of her begging or roaming the street in search of jobs was drastically cut off

She will never starve, and yet we have graduates moping at home, angry that the government has not given them a job!, yes you can’t blame them for that, but in absent of the government, is best you seize the moment and create ways for yourself

Give God something to multiply today!

Now let assume you have a Zero, when you bring your zero and multiple it with 100, it will still give you Zero. e,g  Zero x 100 is ZERO! “What can you do with your hands?. That is Startup capital!

Are you thinking of starting a business, know this first and have a relatively peace, What can you do with your hands is your start up capital

This is the most important Capital is @Skill. Your skill is the most vital capital, learn to cherishes it, value it, add price to it and best monetize your skill


Its the monetization of skill that brings about the financial success, 

Having a skill at something, and being able to do it well, is the most important step in having @Capital.

If you know how to do people’s hair, you always can earn money, which you can save up to do the thing you want to do as an entrepreneur.

If you can write words, put relatively worlds and ideas into articles, you always can make money from article writing, that is what brought about freelance writers

So many young people leave university believing that their education equates to an actual workplace skill when it does not!

First you can’t blame most of the employers for even top companies these days are not looking for who has certificate but those with skill that can do the do, the Real work

The Most Important Capital you need for Any Business startup is SKILL CAPITALEducation makes it easy for you to acquire skills quickly and keep learning. So many graduates look down on craft skills that could be useful ways to generate income. This is not wise in my view.

When I left university:

I had a degree in engineering, but the first thing I did was to get some engineering craft skills, which meant I could always fix something to make a bit of money on the side if I needed to.

When I was 25, I could fix almost anything electrical, or electronic. I also had mechanical skills and could use a machine called a Lathe. I went to a local machine shop to learn how to use it.

These days, I envy you guys because getting basic skills is so much easier because of YouTube. It’s all there if you know where to look. In our days, the YouTube and many other eLearning platform are not there, but today generations are blessed with what i could call the numbers university, The Internet.

A friend of mine would always joke: “As a child, I used to polish shoes for pocket money, so I will never be without money in my pocket.”

It was so easy for me to leave my job because I never actually feared that I could starve!

Cheers for reading

This article ”The Most Important Capital you need for Any Business startup is SKILL CAPITAL” is Credited to ‘Strive Masiyiwa his post on the 3rd day of August 2021. for the love of Africa Entrepreneurs. Also Read ”Startup Business The Three Important P’s, You Should Know” and share this page with others


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