The Power Of Thank You In Business, By Mbonu Watson

The Power Of Thank You In Business, By Mbonu Watson

The Power Of Thank You in business can be applied in both business and in every other aspect of life activities, to which using Thank You In Your business can bring about a Speedy Growth in both sells and customer’s effective engagement


Just like, In the classic best-seller book, How To Win Friends And Influence PeopleDale Carnegie’s second chapter is entitled The Big Secret of Dealing With People. The secret is summed up in this principle: Give honest and sincere appreciation.


Carnegie said there is only one way to get anybody to do anything — by making the person want to do it. How can you encourage customers to say good things about you and give you referrals? By giving them what they and all human beings crave: honest and sincere appreciation.


By Using The Two Magic Words (Thank You)

The big secret of dealing with people (or customers) is often overlooked or forgotten. It’s simply saying “thank you” consistently, personally, and, above all, sincerely.

The Power Of Thank You In Business

These two words (Thank You) work marketing magic because customers want to feel important and you have to use the word thank you to make them feel among and appreciated


Saying “thank you” is an act of kindness, besides. But don’t say “thank you” for the sake of flattery. It must be sincere.


Thank You” Promotes Referrals And More Sells

The uncertainty of referrals can be disconcerting. Can you control them? No. Can you influence them? Absolutely.


First, you must provide a valuable product or service for customers. (You’re already doing this, right?) But perhaps you can make an even bigger difference in their minds by your continued interest after you’ve delivered the product or service.


Each customer has a different level of satisfaction with your products and services. However, all customers to whom you say “thank you” are satisfied that they’re important to you. This can determine whether you’ll continue a relationship with them and get referrals.


Thank You” as, WhatsApp Messages, SMS, Bulk SMS, Direct Mail or E-mail

If you’ve never used direct mail, maybe you are not used to it, then is best you use any medium best practice by you to send out the Thank You Message to your clients.


You can use SMS, Bulk SMS, WhatsApp Message, or Email To Send a Thank you message to your customer after a business or service deal


And are considering it, start a thank-you correspondence program. If you’ve used direct mail or e-mail but haven’t sent thank-you letters, WhatsApp Messages, SMS, BulkSMS, or E-mails, start now


Make Your Customers Feel Welcome, Make Them Feel Valued, That You Cares About They Success and Happiness

The thank-you letter or SMS to your customers is targeted (you know them, they know you), So address then by their name or Business Name. It’s guaranteed to receive a positive response from many and building effective engagement with your customers starts with just a Thank You Message


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Write a thank-you at every opportunity. But don’t send one with an invoice or other correspondence. Always send it separately.


Writing the Thank-You

The thought behind a thank-you may seem simple, but writing one can be tricky. Here are 9 tips for writing a winning thank-you.


  1. Keep it brief. A half dozen lines (or fewer) are sufficient.
  2. Make it sincere. This is crucial. If you aren’t careful, it can sound awkward, even when you’re trying to be sincere
  3. Start with “thank you.”  Dear Ms. Johnson (or first name, if appropriate): Thank you for …
  4. Make the tone warm, but professional. Be friendly, but keep it businesslike.
  5. Reinforce a positive. Jog their memory of a positive aspect of the relationship.
  6. Offer your continued support. If I can help, please call …
  7. End with “thank you.” Thanks again for …
  8. Use an appropriate closing. Sincerely, Best regards.
  9. No ulterior motive. Make it a pure “thank you,” otherwise sincerity is jeopardized.


Remember: Saying “thank you” is part of building strong customer relationships over time. Use these two magic words consistently and watch your repeat business and referrals grow.


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P:S: Plan now to start sending a Thank You Message or Notes To Your Customers at an end to business deal or Services, try this and watch how your engagement with your customers will grow over night.


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