The Smart Ways On How To Drive Traffic To Your Websites And Blogs

The Smart Ways On How To Drive Traffic To Your Websites And Blogs

Dear Friend! Welcome to our today discussion: the smart ways on how to drive traffic to your websites and blogs


For the benefits of those who do not understand what traffic or the type of traffic we are discussing here, is a simple web traffic


Understanding What We Mean By Web Traffic

Web traffic or blog traffic refers to the numbers of people’s and bots that visit a particular website or blog daily, weekly or monthly


For examples, it can be 20,000k visit per day, week or monthly, it can be lower or higher it all depends on the said website and blog, it can be consistent or inconsistent


As we proceed on this topic smart ways on how to drive traffic to your websites and blogs you to understand better and also learn simple tips on how to grow any website or blog traffics


Due website and blog traffic are basically in two forms. the real human traffics and the nonreal human traffic also known as bots traffics


The Real Human Traffics: are refers to humans who visits your website or blog from their various devices such as mobile phones or desktop PC, these are humans interested in what you are offering live on your website portal or blog


On the other hand


The Non-Human Traffics are referring to as bots: bot traffics can be beneficial and also dangerous, the beneficial bots are google bots, yahoo, bing bots, etc the beneficial bots are used to index and rank your website and blog contents across search engine directories, they are considered as ethical


Our focus on this topic smart ways on how to drive traffic to your websites and blogs is basically on how to get the real human traffics, yes best ways you can drive real human traffics to your website and blog


Because traffic is the determinant to your online business, so you must pay attention to what am about to say here, if you fail on getting quality and targeted real human traffics to your website and blog, you may find it hard to succeed online


So web and blog traffic are very much important to all website and blog owners, not only website and blogs owners, but also to vloggers, social media influencers, and very much other online business niche activities


Smart Ways On How To Drive Traffic To Your Websites And Blogs

I will be dividing our discussion here into two, namely

1: The Paid Traffic and

2: The Free Traffic

Both are important and complement each other that if your intentions are to get high quality traffics it’s very much important that you pay attention to both and best leverage both


Whether you are using free traffic methods or paid traffic methods, in some case, you may be using both to drive traffics to your website and blog, to rank your website contents across the search engine optimization


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It’s important that you understand that what matter is quality ( the quality of your web or blog contents matters a lot, not just the quality, but also the uniqueness of your web or blog contents counts


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Understanding The Paid Traffic:

Paid traffics are simple those traffics you get from advertising your website or blog contents across the net


It can be on Google Ads, Bings Ads, Solo Ads, Premium Email Marketing, Social Media Ads, Classified Ads, Web 2.0 Ads Featured, AdMob Ads, and many more, they are simply paid to list



Paid traffics are the fastest way on how to increase website and blog traffics faster, its the smartest ways to grow any online business and make more profits in thousand and million in the month in and months out


Paid traffics methods is not just the hiding truth for making thousands and millions of profits from the internet is also one fact a lot of website and blog owners has failed to leverage for being fearful


Most website and blog owners are so afraid of investing in paid traffic and thereby remaining static or average in business profits and growth


Many people and possible you reading this article smart ways on how to drive traffic to your websites and blogs may have failed in this area (The Paid Traffic) reason for being skeptical and fearful


The easiest way to keep an online business in bondage is to entertain fear, not taking risks, not leveraging Paid Ads, Paid Tools, Paid Courses, and many more


Once a website or blog owner fails in these areas the chances for greater success on all his or her online business products and services are limited


Provided you understand the importance, the gain, and how to go about leveraging paid traffic, you are 100% on the gain side and should not be worried about the money you are putting into paid traffic


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Understanding The Free Ads

The only difference between paid traffics and free traffics is that on like free traffic you are not paying for listing and advertisement, you are basically relying on the free, free features and free traffic methods of driving traffic to website and blog, across the internet


You are not using Google Paid Ads, Bing Paid Ads, Solo Paid Ads, Premium Email Marketing, Social Media Ads, Classified Paid Ads, Web 2.o Ads Featured, AdMob Ads, and many more 



You are just depending on everything online free traffic generation, the free Google and Bing listing, The Social Media free posting, and sharing of contents, The Youtube publishing, the free classified, the free email marketing, the free and free everything online. No paid method, no paid investing, just everything FREE


The only paid here can be the fact you are using a paid website name, hosting, you bought your devices, the mobile or desktop PC Device, you paid for your Data, but never on Paid Ads


Depending on the Free Traffic method alone is not too good for online business growth and more profits, Paid Ads remain the best and the fastest ways of growing business online and offline thereby making more profits


Yes is good to leverage free traffics methods, but depending on free, free is suicide to online business and you in person should learn to say a big no to it, LEARN TO LEVERAGE PAID ADS Across the INTERNET


The same contents you choose to depend on free traffic, can be promoted across the INTERNET and watch the result spack volume for you and your online business


Imagine you wrote quality content and choose to use paid traffic to promote the content across the internet, leveraging the Google Ads, Bing Ads, Solo Ads, Social Media Ads, Email Marketing Premium Blast, and many more to promote such contents


The reach will be the massive, same way the return on investment will be appreciated. it will be a win-win for you and your online business


So don’t just continuously depending on Free Methods for driving traffic to your website and blog, learn best practices on how to leverage Paid Ads, Get The Digital Marketing Academy Kit Here


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Help your business products and service to grow faster from Now by putting into practice the smart ways on how to drive traffic to your websites and blogs


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The Smart Ways On How To Drive Traffic To Your Websites And Blogs


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