The Story Of Jack Ma The China Billionaire By Mbonu Watson

The Story Of Jack Ma The China Billionaire By Mbonu Watson

Jack ma the richest man in China was once poor roaming the street searching for jobs, with loads of applications for jobs opening, he has applied for multiple jobs, most Hotel Jobs

Funny enough, all rejected him and keep turning down his job placement applications for the wrong reasons

In what suppose to be a complete loss, with the audacity of hope he keeps applying for a job, but their keep rejecting him, he continues applying for more jobs, including real estate management jobs, hotels jobs, supermarket mall attendant jobs

Name but few, yet he keeps getting the same rejection letter, weeks in weeks out, FOR LONG and this keeps happening to him for years


The employers mostly turn down his application for being too ugly with small height, his looks and feelings were nothing to write home about

They have told him, sorry we can’t employ you, you are too ugly… Jack mas after years of being unable to secure a job started Alibaba from his humble home apartment and today he is the richest man in China


No need me telling you about Alibaba or its net worth, as I believe you already know, my question is ”Why am I writing this” Telling you The Story Of Jack Ma The China Billionaire



Know that, there are people, including friends and family, employers and neighbors, to name but a few, who will never see the good in you, all they see is the weakness in you

Yes everyone has weaknesses.. don’t let people have a conclusion about you based on your weakness, or rate and judge your performances base on your weak you, learn to determine how you revolve

Always strive to work, work, work hard and smarter and best give the global world the best of you

Remember the story of Jack ma, some told him. You know YOU are a short man. not only that, you are too ugly so we can’t take the risk of employing you, that will be disaster ”They told him”

Most people, including employers, never saw the good in him, the creativity in him… The possibilities in him, all they were focusing on seeing was then his weakness by nature which never out to be

But he never turns that which nature gave him into weakness, he turns it into strength, and today he is the richest man in China, with hundreds to thousand model heist indorsement, he is a household name not just in China, but at the global level


Yes, he models people’s products and branding, this was a man employers once called ugly, how come he was able to turn the clock around and change the story. He never gave up

He pushes harder, works harder, believing IN his dream, he gave up job hunting and venture into entrepreneurship which today gave birth the number one world Online marketplace ”Alibaba”

He now hosts continental conferences around the world, thousands to millions of people all over the world clamor to attend his events, he has been a blessing to the Africa continent


Even more blessing to Us the Africans when compared him with that of our corrupt Africa leader we have leading African nations as president’s and head of state’s

No employer ever saw the good in him, yet none of them ever saw that today his company Alibaba is richer than most of them, he has even retired but his companies are still waxing strong, with thousands of employees all over the world and millions of customers globally

To him, I know he is ugly and short.. etc. He knows all that, but they keep reminding him of how ugly he was, letting him know that by this single act they can’t employ him

That is how life treats many people, many of us.  When people refuse to see the good in you, the talent in you, the facts that you have been working hard, putting in your best

When people, possibly your friends, family, colleagues, employers, employee, customers, etc fail to see the good in you, only but ends up seeing the weakness in you, don’t let this worries you and don’t try to force them to see the abilities in you

Don’t try to beg them to accept you, don’t force yourself to stay with them, don’t force them to stay with you, when people want to leave you, let them leave, when they don’t want to accept you let them go

Know when to accept the fate they have placed in you and move on, in all, don’t ever lose yourself, for its only when you don’t lose yourself that you stand a better chance of working on your dream career, talents, skills, with effective working, in a matter of time. you will make it and your success will change your stories, your success will speak for you

In all. don’t remain in your comfort zone, try to improve yourself, learn new skills, improve on the skillset and career you already have, dedicate more time to self-education, having mentors, learning, and practicing

In today’s era, you don’t just depend on your educational certificate, while school is important. know that learning skills needed in today’s global workforce are more important. What am saying is simple, Learn skills, visit NairaLEARN Course and enroll in any of the available skill courses in your best interest


When people keep seeing the negative part of you, just let them go and keep on with ur good work, don’t lose yourself, never give up on yourself so easily

When people ask you series of silly questions just to prove to you that they are far better than you.. just ignore them

Some people will never see the good in you or your product. Work. Work. work hard.. and let your success shame them

Think of leveraging the global economy, think of joining the gig economy, for example, you could be in Nigeria my home country, and work remotely abroad, offering products or services to the global market

First, you will need skills to sell, it what you know or can do that will sell you to the international market, in today era, the job economy is no longer after certificate qualification, but after what service can you do


For example: 

You can learn how to develop a mobile app, by getting the AdMob Masterclass, learn it by watching the step by step video, learn in the field of practical experience in just 7 days


You will have the indebt knowledge of developing mobile apps, you can list your skill and people searching for Mobile application developers will find you, you can then make money from developing and delivering mobile app project to your customers globally


The same applies to learning core Internet marketing by getting the Digital marketing course, you can also learn Importation Business, all you need is the Importation Business Course or Exportation Business with the help of the Exportation Business Course you are good to go


If you already have a business, the product you are selling, or services you are offering, then promoting your existing business online should be your goal


And when it comes to business and services promotions using the available GSM NumberPhone number database of Nigeria, as well the over 50 Million email address database of Nigeria, and The Nigeria business directory list will supper drive hundred to thousands of customers to your business


You can also use Classified portals such as Afri Advertthe fast-growing Africa classified ONLINE Marketplace for all African nations


Is not just about having a business or skill, what matters again, is how well are you promoting your business or skill, promoting is using the Internet, The Bulk SMS, The WhatsApp Bulk Sender, The Email Marketing, The Social media, The Classifieds, The Business Directory and many more in growing your business.

The internet has made it easier for business owners and skilled personnel to strive and succeed in their business, the product sales and service offering

All you need do is to learn to leverage, and hope you enjoyed this article ‘The Story Of Jack Ma The China Billionaire By Mbonu Watson‘ Get in touch with the writer via WhatsApp, Just save the mobile number +2348068608490 and give us a WhatsApp message, we will be more than glad to hear from you, with waves of thanks, Also Read The Story Behind The Success and be successful

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