The Value Of Money. Why You Should Go International

The Value Of Money. Why You Should Go International

A civil servant in my country Nigeria is being paid the sum of #18,000 naira, this being the Nigerian minimum wage salary.

Though some states in Nigeria have implemented the #35,000k naira minimum wage while the majority of other states are yet to Allie, even as at that

The Nigeria minimum wage of #35,000k naira which is still less than $86 US Dollars as of today day 20th of November 2021 is still too small

This has never helped the majority of Nigerians in question, but have created more low-income homes and more poverty across the country

How and what are the way forward. the simple truth remains that, the government are not ready to make Nigeria a working state, NOTHING IS WORKING IN THIS PART OF THE WORLD, and as it stands now, Nigeria is labeled among third world countries, a failed state with over 80% poor and hungry masses, with many innocent people dying more from hunger than any COVID and Cancers related diseases

With All This Happening To Us Nigerian: What Is The Way Forward:

So the best way forward is self-help, you reading this have to learn best ways you can bring yourself, your family and loved one out from the harsh hardship environment 90% of Nigerians find themselves

The Question Remains how

How can someone earn legitimately and support other life necessities, how can average Nigerian support his or her family in such an environment where 80% of Nigerians find themselves?. 

How can you reading us? support your family members or children that solely depend on you? if you fall in between the low-income earners in Nigeria, know that this is not a crime, but the good news is that you can move up and scale up to a better income ladder

Imagine a case where a civil servant personal is staying in a rented apartment, possibly a one-room or bedroom flat, which requires annually rent renewal, plus other essentials needs, then with just #18,000k or #35,000k naira monthly earning, How can one survive the situation in Nigeria

The Value Of Money. Why You Should Go International

In the case where the majority of the Nigerian adults has family, with Children to cater for, then with the low income, in which school fees is involved, feeding is involved, How THEN WILL #18,000 or #35,000 Naira keeps the family going?

Prices of products and services keep increasing in Nigeria. But salary is not increasing. Salary remains the same for decades

How then can Nigeria survive this. With a poor approach to governance by the states and federal government? the hope of making Nigeria work is still far. slim and looks impossible at this time

So what should you in person do? 

The answer is to leverage multiple streams of income, you can get involved in other forms of earning without necessary quitting your 9 to 5 daily jobs

Friend. you heard it.. you can start a side hustle, or best create a business module you can sell products or services to the international online community in what I call. Go International

You Can start a side hustle, go international, start marketing products or services to the global community and make cool cash in foreign currency.

These products most not necessary be used, they can be other people’s products and services, so you are coming in as an affiliate marketer, who is going to earn in foreign currency

You see, the reality of today technology is that you can be in your local country, right inside your humble village or city, you can be indoors, working from home or rent an office working from there with just a mobile phone or computer system that has an internet connection selling to the global world

Yes you can be in Nigeria and offer products or services to the international community without hiding your identity

To Get Started With ‘The Value Of Money. Why You Should Go International. The Basic Things You Will Need Are As Follows

1: Niche ( Type Of Business Products Or Services )

2: Phone or Computer ( This Can Serve As Your Virtual Offices )

3: Internet Connection ( To Access The Internet Using Your Phones or computer system )

Lastly but too important. you will need Database Leads

4: Database Leads ( These Can be GSM Mobile Number LeadEmail Database Leads, covering individuals, businesses, companies of different countries, with powerful users records friendly, 

With the availability of a Database, you can market to over 172 countries or get started with your business promotion targeting your base country in which your business products or services are located

Here Are More Tips To Go International and Start Earning

When you are just starting, please don’t expect overnight success, even with the 172 Countries Database Leads that can get your hundreds, thousands to millions of traffic overnight, you still need to sit down and draft your marketing plans in other for this to work

Focus On Targeted Traffic: Traffic is the cash flow when it comes to online business, traffic, quality traffic is what makes the money, so paying attention to your traffic success should be one of your core focuses. And ensure you are getting enough targeted traffic of the right people to your website, mobile app, or any online platform you are using as your call to action ( Store )

Going International Require More Time and working consistently, the more time and energy you put into your online business marketing campaigns, the more money you will make, the more at rest you will be

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If you don’t have business products and services of your to market to the global community, the good news is that you can also start as an affiliate marketing other peoples products and services

Once you have the above. you are good to go, don’t wait until you become a professional, or have it all mentality, get started with the little things you already know.

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