The World Is A Place Of Jungle, What Fulani, UK, USA Meted To Nigerians

The World Is A Place Of Jungle, What Fulani, UK, USA Meted To Nigerians

In the late 1960s, millions of Biafran Nigerians were killed, properties belonging to them were destroyed while billions of Biafran owned properties in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Calabar, Enugu, and ex where in Nigeria were taken away from the rightful owners the Biafra Nigerians by the Then Nigeria Government

Those years were dark years to the Southern and Eastern Nigerians, while the Northern and Western Nigerians rejoice on top of injustice meted on their follow humans all in the name of one Nigeria.

Years later, fast forward to 2021, entire Nigeria is on fire, injustice everywhere, insecurity here and there, more poverty to the Nigerian masses, more looting by the Government


Those in Government mostly looters and fanatic corrupt leaders are looting what the colonial master who once ruled Nigeria looted for years before they left

Today the Nigerian nationals are the one ruling themselves and there are doing the same thing they criticize and booted the Colonial master out for stealing Nigeria raw materials

The Now Nigeria lead by Nigerians are now in power looting while over 200 million Nigerians are dying of hunger virus

Millions of youth graduate from high institution with no job security to fall on, in a country blessed with both mineral and human resource, but with bad Government.. and injustice everywhere


Injustice has been with the world right before the birth of Jesus Christ, injustice is still within the world


This is laughable. As in the USA right Now, Republicans claim they love the media, Joe Biden, the New President United State Of America is preventing the media from going to the border and see ‘the crisis’ there

As you hear them, just remember that California was snatched from Mexico, yes California was never part of the USA, the same way Fulani tribes are never among the majority tribes in Nigeria

The World Is A Place Of Jungle, What Fulani, UK, USA Meted To NigeriansThe Fulani who immigrated from Lake Chad, Mali, Guinea, Cameroon, Senegal, Niger, South Sudan, Sudan, and ex were to Nigeria in few numbers and were welcome by the Hausa back then

Yes it was Hausa that inhabited them years back and today they have outnumbered the Hausa, take over the Hausa land, and now trying to take over entire Nigeria


The Yoruba tribe In Nigeria has seen the movement by the Fulani lead agenda to take over the entire Nigeria and they are not agitating for Yoruba Nation, only but time will tell, all this happening to Sub Sahara Africa Nigeria, a place full of jungle life and injustice to humanity


While the Government from the Federal level down to the state government are busy playing politics with the lives of Innocent Nigeria

Just the same way the USA took over California from the rightful owners the Mexican after beating them in an internal war back to back

Today in Nigeria my country Fulani has taken over Nigeria and sideline the Hausa tribe that gave them shelters during their early immigration from over 15 Africa Countries to Nigeria


It is a world of jungle and injustice we live, where the weak are always overturn by the strong

Louisiana was also never part of the USA, it was in 1803 that the U.S. bought Louisiana, New Mexico is no more part of Mexico and virtually all the land on the southern border was snatched through war. 


So, forget about what you read. After stealing the land from people who were there, the strong occupy the land and becomes the owners years after


The USA, EU Did Same To Africa Nationals

History has it that years ago, USA and EU officials then, came to Africa, they came with Religion mostly of Christian faith, they lied to our Africa forefathers that the Gods of Africa are false gods 

That Africa should give up their religion, culture and embrace their own the white man God’s and Culture

They loot Billions of raw materials from Africa, impregnate some of our women, and gave few of our Africa National scholarship to leave Africa to their land, The white man land


While the majority of them the white men from the USA and EU stole our God’s, our Africa crafts, kidnap millions of Africans to work for free for hundreds of years in the USA.


Today in Nigeria my country. The other tribes in Nigeria are not yet aware that their country (Nigeria) has been taken over by Fulani’s 

This not being about tribe or hate, this is about how the world is, bad things often a time happens to good people.. in a world where the weak are always overthrow


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 It’s just about who has the guns, the power, the heartless that lead, this was not how God created us the human to be, but humans on their own choose to turn the world to a place of jungle.

Knowing that no one will take the land to their graves. Yet Humans are the real enemy to humans the world’s number one enemy to man, remains we the humans. May God Help The Innocent People Around The World and Nigeria my country


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You have read it, The World Is A Place Of Jungle, What Fulani, UK, USA Meted To Nigerians, please note this is not hated speech targeting any tribe or race, but just art, SEE IT: Video Of Fulani Herdsmen Dancing With Guns


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