Tony Elumelu Recall His Youth Service Year (Share Photo) READ

To Tony Elumelu, it was Circa 1985, when the billionaire investor, Philanthropist, and Entrepreneur share a photo of his youth service days

In his words, he recalled his Youth Service days in Sokoto Northern part of Nigeria, when then he was young, still in his youthful days serving his motherland (Nigeria)


He was a young man, fresh out of school, enjoying the drinks they could afford (lol) at that time while they are unsure about the next steps

He also made it known that then it was uncertainty, he was sure of one thing, That he will stand out wherever he found himself tomorrow, not by words, but by actions through hard work, consistency, and resilience.

In the post shared, he said ”I had always admired the banking profession, for one, I loved that the guys in the profession were always impeccably dressed, suspenders were a huge thing then, and I wanted to look like them, my ideation of going into the banking sector did not start today, It has always been with me from my early youthful days

Then comes the reality. A few years later, after my Master, I saw the application for graduates with a minimum of 2:1 in All States Trust Bank, this aligned with what I wanted for my life, but my 2:2 grade did not make me qualified, but still, I applied for the job


Because I identified what I wanted in life and I was going to work toward it. I put in my application and said “Even though I do not meet these requirements if you give me the chance, I will prove myself”.


Lucky to me, I got this job and spent every day proving myself and earning my luck in the bank, as well with promotions


Now you may be asking, why I’m posting this, well, is just a piece of reality to young people out there, you may be afraid, I was once afraid when I was about to pass out from NYSC

I was afraid and keep asking myself, what type of job awaits me, and how I’m going to find a job, I was so afraid then, but see now, everything worked for my good, just because I put in the work


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No matter how life turns out, please you reading this should never lose yourself, keep pushing, keep believing, and do it even when it’s unsure


To the young ones out there once more, especially those who just passed out of NYSC yesterday, this is my message to you. The world needs your courage. Now than never. Wishing you all Goodlocks. As shared by Tony Elumelu. See the Post screenshot below

Tony Elumelu Recall His Youth Service Year


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