Top 3 How To Make Money, Nigerians Should Avoid

Here Are The Top 3 How To Make Money, Nigerians Should Avoid

There Are Over Million Plus Aways To Make Money, Online, and Offline And Also How To Lose Money. Today We Are Going To Talk About The Top 3 How To Make Money, Nigerians Should Avoid

Top 3 How To Make Money, Nigerians Should Avoid
Nigerians are like other humans on earth, as every living being need money in other to survive, we need money for several reasons. But while hustling for money, We Nigerians Should Avoid These Top 3 How To Make Money, Nigerians Should Avoid, Starting From The List


1.Involving On Election Rigging
In Nigeria, The Aim Of The Government, The Politicians Are To Keep On In prisoning Nigerians. Believing that the masses do not have the power to vote someone into power, rather they the politician has the power through Election Rigging

Some wicked politicians in their devilish minds will think of ways to cling on to powers and arrive at a conclusion to make use of the masses to rig elections.

These are common across Nigeria.Please don’t involve in helping the politicians in rigging elections; Time Is Money we all understand but know that Even The Money they may pay you don’t worth your time and the risk involved.

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If he were a good leader, he wouldn’t need you.I do advice Nigerians not to risk their life for peanuts from one politician because election exercises can turn violent and lead to deaths of many innocent souls. while the politicians go about stilling our National Resource only to be enjoyed by their family

2. Stay Away From Ponzi schemes
Between 2015 To 2017 Millions of Nigerians Lost Billions To Ponzi Schemes Scams, and 85% Of This Money Never Stays Within Nigeria, It was taken away to other Nations along with personals, the masterminds behind the Ponzi Scheme Platform

These are among the reasons why you shouldn’t invest in Ponzi schemes of any type, as a Nigerian. As Ponzi is never an investment, rather a Gambling with 99% Risk that you that is involved may end up as top loser

Ponzi will trick you to start with little money, and before you know it, you are investing thousands because you want more money and when doing Ponzi, You may lose focus on other important things.

The bloody Truth about Ponzi schemes is that they always crash because it is founded on a system of greed and nothing more. Greed is the father and Mother of all Ponzi schemes.

All Ponzi schemes are it MMM etc all make use of your greedy nature. Earlier this year.The media was awash with stories of mmm and how millions of Nigerians lost their money

3. Involving Online Scams

Today In Nigeria Any Body With A Laptop System is labeled as Scammer, A Yahoo Yahoo Guy due to increased Online scams resulting from Nigerians..

Scamming ( Yahoo Yahoo ) Slows down the thinking faculty of a person, is never creative, is never a skill, is never a profession, is never an investment. is a crime against humanity

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I had a friend who was into yahoo-yahoo, the only thing he could think off was how to scam white women and men online and nothing more,

He never thinks about his dreams. If his clients or maga hasn’t paid him, he becomes restless, sad and confused. Online scams are bad too because it gives your country a very bad name

For example, go on fiver and several online Job sites you would notice that most people hardly give Nigerian Jobs due to the bad image this scammer has given us.

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