Top 40 export products from Nigeria

Discover The Top 40 export products from Nigeria

Discover The Top 40 export products from Nigeria

Before now some people still find it hard to accept the fact that Nigeria as a nation has over 500+ Exportable products in hot demand, Waiting For Suppliers like you and I To Explore

So Friend, Please Pay Attention As We proceed on this post, you will discover over top 40 export products from Nigeria that you can export and make money in dollars on ongoing basis

I had practice and made vast profit from exportation business, In continuation of the double-digit boom exhibited by exports in February 2017, Know That Export Business Pays, it can put cool dollars in your bank account

Also, note that You Can Outsources Most of these Products and Export them to The International Market And Make Cool Cash In Dollar


Here are the Top 40 export products from Nigeria, Best commodities most exported from Nigeria To The World. Enjoy

1. Bitter kola ( Agricultural commodities )
2. Cocoa beans, ( Agricultural commodities )
3. Shear Butter ( Agricultural commodities )
4. Kola nut ( Agricultural commodities )
5. Cassava ( Agricultural commodities )
6. Garlic ( Agricultural commodities )
7. Ginger ( Agricultural commodities )
8. Kola nut ( Agricultural commodities )
9. Cashew ( Agricultural commodities )
10. Hardwood Charcoal ( Agricultural commodities )

The lists are Under Argo Exportable Products and the list are endless…. just think of any agro products you know. They are all exportable with high rate in demand….


Processed Agro Products

11. Cassava flour ( Processed Agro Products )
12. Yam flour ( Processed Agro Products )
13. Beans flour ( Processed Agro Products )
14. Garri ( Processed Agro Products )
15. Vegetable oil ( Processed Agro Products )
16. Palm kernel oil ( Processed Agro Products )
17. Plantain chips ( Processed Agro Products )
18. Potato chips ( Processed Agro Products )


Clothing Materials

19. Aso Oke ( Clothing Materials )
20. Ankara ( Clothing Materials )
21. Lace ( Clothing Materials )
22. Adire/Kanpala (Tie and die) – ( Clothing Materials )
The lists are endless….


Craft Works

23. Beads ( Craft Works )
24. Wood carvings ( Craft Works )
25. Metal carvings ( Craft Works )
26. Woven baskets ( Craft Works )
27. Traditional drums ( Craft Works )
The lists are endless….


Produced Goods

28. Industrial chemicals ( Produced Goods )
29. Alcoholic drink ( Produced Goods )
30. Body cream ( Produced Goods )
31. Non Alcoholic drink ( Produced Goods )
32. Electric wires or cables ( Produced Goods )
33. Insecticides and much more……


Solid Materials

34. Coal ( Solid Materials )
35. Granite ( Solid Materials )
36. Lead ore ( Solid Materials )
37. Gem stones ( Solid Materials )
38. Copper ( Solid Materials )
39. Calcium ( Solid Materials )
40. Iron ore ( Solid Materials )


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