Understanding The Email Marketing Funnel Banting System

Understanding The Email Marketing Funnel Banting System

In marketing funnels, there is a need for understanding the use of the WHO, WHAT, WHY, AND HOW sequence in engaging better with your prospective clients


When you understand and use this email marketing funnel banting system, it can bring both fast growth and profit to your business over time


The WHO, WHAT WHY, And HOW is the marketing engagement typically used in building an email list, as well as engaging with your email list over time



Inexpensive offers or free offers, free give away, free delivery kit, free plus shipping items, and many more are always used in this form of Email Marketing Funnel Banting System


Usually don’t require a long involved sales letters, but simple to the point sale funnel magnets that buyers can easily relate to in a short time


Understanding The Email Marketing Funnel Banting System is also all about you hitting the main selling points and build credibility as quickly as you can


To Understanding The Email Marketing Funnel Banting System it’s important that you have something valuable to offer to the online community. this can be a simple video course, ebook, or anything valuable that you can either give away for free or sale at a low price


So once you have something cool to give away in exchange to collecting people’s email address, phone numbers, etc, below are the Email Marketing Funnel Banting System of The WHO, THE WHAT, THE WHY, And THE HOW you should use


The WHO: The Who here refers to who are you, it’s important that you introduce yourself briefly to your buyers, clients, etc


For example

Hi, I’m Mbonu Watson, the founder of NL_SOFT, Owners of Naira LEARN, and the publisher of AfriNOTES. An Application and Web Developer, Internet Marketing from Africa Nigeria


Irrespective of who you are, never you lie to your online audience or trying to fake your personality of services to them, just be yourself and let them know and love you for who you are


The WHAT: The what do you have to offer, once it comes to the online business is like football that speaks one language (Football) but here. The online business language is all about what you can (offer)


So it’s important that you introduce your offer in the form of products or services with great value to the online community, it’s also important that you brief it


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Introduce your products and services offer briefly to the online community

For example

I have got a free ebook that is going to show you how to work abroad even while you are living in Nigeria, go here to access it now for free

That is the example of The What you have to offer a banting system


The WHY: The why do they need it (that which you are offering)


Here you have to explain to them the benefits of your offer

For example

If you have been struggling with poverty for years and want to be free from poverty, then you need to follow this link to access the ebook (Name Of Offer) Now


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The HOW: How can they get it (your offer) remember your offer can be your business products and service or best other people products or service which you are promoting as an affiliate



So detailing them how they can get it, is very important here, learn to walk them through the offer process so the know what to expect from you

For example

Just fill in or Enter your active email address out the form on this page, and click on the submit button in other to have access to our offer Now


Remember: to tell them why you are offering this products or services for free if the offer is free.

If the offer is a low price product also do yourself good to explain to them why you brought down the price of the products without manipulating quality


Indeed people always think, there is a catch, so instead of avoiding the topic (the catch) let them know, in clear terms that there is no catch and they will be getting more emails from you or your company


Urgency: Explain why they should get your offer right now and also inform them that this offer won’t be available for long, in fact, that you will soon take it down, so they should take action and get it NOW

For example

I only have a very limited number of offer with a limiting time to go, just a few offer remaining, so don’t be left out, this offer ends at midnight today or ends in the next few hours from Now, don’t miss out. GET IT NOW


Guarantee: reverse any risk in ordering the products

For example

If you don’t love it, maybe after them the client (Buying) your product or services, went through it but did not find value from it, he or she can get back the money


Yes tell them no need to worry, you too refund them they full money plus the keeping the products


Recap: Remind them of what they are getting and why

For example

One more time, here is what you are re getting from Name of Offer, and add the benefits with picture call to action and lastly buy or get a free link


That is all for now on Understanding The Email Marketing Funnel Banting System

You are getting this from all of us


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September 27, 2020


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