Want To Dominate Google In 2023 (Go Topical)

In the ever-changing stream of digital marketing, search engine optimization and contents creations, it can be challenging to keep up in appearing on top of Google ranking if you fail to keep up with the latest thread in tech 


Leveraging the latest strategies and tactics to ensure your business remains competitive in the long run across the internet.


While many companies are focused on optimizing their website, content for what works today in SERP, it’s important to look ahead and plan for your business future, most important to direct your SEO journey to where SEO is heading in 2023


If you want to dominate Google, Bings, and Youtube searches by 2023, you should plan to Go ”TOPICAL”


Also, Is important you know! when it comes to SEO nothing wins these days like creating topical threads, articles, and posts, optimizing them with relatively keywords across your website


I know the term ‘TOPICAL” here may sound strange to you, but just pay attention as I make everything clear to you in a few minutes. So Keep reading

Dominate Google In 2023

AI-driven contents, as AI this and that continues to dominate internet tech, you as a website owner, content creator, online business owner, etc can only win if you focus on a specific niche, by creating high-quality helpful topical content covering a specific niche


Understanding What I Mean By Topical

By the word topical, I mean creating related blog topics, posts, and articles in line with your business niches, for example. if your business niche is focusing on email marketing


To go topical here simple mean, you should plan to publish over 20 to 50 related high-quality articles monthly


Haven made that clear to you (That is TOPICALLY what this post is all about). creating and publishing-related content with specific low keywords 


2023 is going to be a great year for all of us, yes it might be a little disruptive to bloggers, product vendors, SaaS, and Affiliate Marketers, Online Business Owners name but a few. But first, you need to understand where the tech industry is heading and adapt to it.


A lot is changing across the online tech industry, and many are saying ”The end of Google is near”, funny enough, this is not the first time we are hearing such, to them saying this! the feature of the next tech is unpredictable, as they also say ”Google will soon lose its position” as a major search engine


While we agree a bit with them but not on the part that the end of Google is near, Google is not dying, and neither is SEO dying, Google will still be here with us. Both Google and SEO will become more smarter and popular in 2023


SEO is not dying, Google is not going anywhere soon, at least not yet, so instead of thinking, hoping for google search to die, ist not better you learn where the SERP is heading and leverage on it


In today’s world of tech, all website and mobile platform want organic traffics to grow their base, not just organic but a lot of traffic without spending thousands to millions of dollars or naira on paid ads, backlinks, etc


You as a contents creator need to learn where the SERP is heading and work on how to rank your website, and mobile applications’ content across the search engine


Knowing too well that, one smart way you can achieve this is simply by ”Using Topical Authority Content” to grow your business in 2023


I know, you may not understand, What I MEAN by Topical here, so let me define the word (TOPICAL) here in layman’s language


By Topical

I simply mean you building a niche-focused website, publishing high-quality topical content daily or weekly across your web/mobile app platform


When this is gotten correctly, is when the magic happens, when you start publishing related topical content across your website, until then. Search engines will now see your website as an authority in that niche


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As you start creating topical content, your website covers enough topics and areas on your niche, just by doing on regular basis, the search engine will love and rank your website as an authority in that niche


Focusing on creating and publishing-related topics are proving ways you can rank a website across SERP, Google, Bing, and Yandex, all search engine platform loves websites that cover topical areas on a specific niche, and sees such website as an Expert


The Good news is that, once you achieve topical authority, Google, Bings, and all search engine portal will begin to trust your content and rank your content on the first page of SERP.


Increase your website domain authority, then index your website faster, pick your content each time you make a new publication, and take important notes about your website which will lead to good ranking for your posts and articles


While you will love to use topical content to grow your website in 2023, you must keep being focused on your niche target and avoid doing the opposite which is simple (creating a random topic). This takes us to while you need to understand what not going topical means


What Not Going Topical Is

You see, you may be publishing content, great content across your website, but if there fail from being topical, you will get no or just small result across the SERP


So while you are focusing on Creating Topical Content, is also important that you know some of the pitfalls to growing your platform


Now one problem with going topical is when you try to go ”Random”, sorry you can’t achieve success online these days when you write random articles, great random posts


No, you won’t get ranked, and your site will not be seen as an authority in any niche area creating a random topic will end up confusing Google on what your website is all about, or what area of niche you are focusing on.  So is highly important that you avoid writing random articles and post


Your website needs to be structured with related articles in your niche, starting from your website menusinternal links, and blog topics. All have to be well structured


Writing helpful content in your niche which will help the website crawlers to understand your website better, and move to favor you at SERP, it’s also important you structure your website for easy user use, navigation with your content


No, just making your website structures easy for humans, you also need to make it easy for bot crawlers by linking relevant internal links on your home page, inner pages, articles and blog posts related to each other should be linked


Going Topical also tells that you make your website interface simple, easy, and user-friendly, the menu structures should be simple. In most cases, you don’t need to add all the sub-menu items on your menu, as you only need a few simple and base ones


To gain success with a Topical website, you need to ”Plan Your Website Journey” in general, from start to progress. You need to plan correctly or ease you stand no chance of making it


If you want to achieve topical authority and dominate Google, Bing, and Youtube search in your niche in 2023, follow the simple tips I have revealed here and watch how your website authority, and ranking skyrocket in just the first months of practice


Hope you enjoyed this post ” Dominate Google in 2023” if yes. Please I do like to get in touch with you, fee free to save my mobile number +2348068608490 and send me a Whatsapp message. I got goodies for you and will love to hear from you


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Plan now to go topical and make the year 2023 a blast. your best year in SERP ever. Cheers, and remain blessed.

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