Ways To Prevent Corona Virus And Stay COVID-19 Free, Tradition Medicine

Together WE Can Win The Virus, stay at home, download and read this ebook, prevention is indeed better than cure


Before the advent of science our fathers, forefathers have their ways, The traditional ways of combating disease, infections, virus, injuries, etc that can easily lead to illness, and death

Ways To Prevent Corona Virus And Stay COVID-19 Free, Tradition Medicine


As of then, life was not perfect, no advance technology in both science and art but the world was a bit good, better than what we are witness today

corona virus

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The Reality Is That We Shall Overcome The Virus, as we wait on the science opposition to launch COVID-19 vaccine we must all stay at home, stay safe from contracting and spreading the virus using the Ways To Prevent Corona Virus And Stay COVID-19 Free Tradition medicine eReport

COVID-19 Herbal Drugs, Nairalearn

We must all stay alive, stay corona virus free, stay at home

We must all join hands together in fighting this unknown enemy called COVID-19 and the best ways to fight the virus, stay safe and win over the virus is to listen to what the WHO is saying


Listen to what the government is saying and with all due respect also listen to what am about to say on this report


Listening to what WHO And The Government are saying is one thing, as believing in what the WHO, NCDC And the Government is saying is another thing


In Nigeria, My Country majority of people are yet to believe that CORONAVIRUS Is real, in as much as we can’t blame a few of these people, its a time to come together and fight as one against the virus.


You may have your reason not to believe the government system here in Nigeria, one reason being that the Government can’t be trusted, same as with the masses being inhumane in fighting this virus, yes you may have your reason


But believe me its a time for war against virus, so even if you have to work with your human enemy until the coronavirus of a thing goes away, please work with your human enemy


This is not a time for Nigeria politic, blame games, and tribal war, it’s a time we all need to come together and fight this unknown enemy called COVID-19


But please believe that coronavirus is real just as the Bible instructs us to obey the laws of the land, to obey our parents. so drop all your unbelieving system and obey what WHO, NCDC, And the Government is saying. STAY AT HOME, STAY SAFE.

  • If WHO Tells you that Coronavirus is real, please listen to them and believe what they are saying
  • If Government tells you that coronavirus is real please listen to them and believe what they are saying
  • If WHO And the Government Tells you to stay at home and stay free from all social gathering, observe social distancing, please stay at home and stay safe by obeying the rules and laws of the government


At a time like this, you must listen to what the Government is saying, if the government says closed the border, close the schools, close all religion gathering, close all social gathering, CLOSED MARKET etc please accept it and join hands together in slowing down the spread of COVID-19


DISCLAIMER: Please this is not a cure to COVID-19, But can help you prevent coronavirus, as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure, SO READ And Watch The Videos that comes with this report



NOTE: This Report  Is Not For Sale


Ways To Prevent Corona Virus And Stay COVID-19 Free, OBEYING THE SCIENCE OPPOSITION

#1: Stay At Home Stay Safe, Obey The Order:

The WHO, NCDC, And the government has said it all, due to the coronavirus models you have no choice but to refrain from nonessential domestic movement and travel for now


If you are lacking some domestic essential such as food and drugs which may require you going out to get them, please wear a face mask and best with hand groves


Just as the WHO, NCDC And the government of nationals has instructed, that we should always avoid handshake, please avoid handshake, when you go out, as soon as you return back home, please watch your hands with soap and running water for more than 30 seconds and use hand sanitizer to sanitize your hands also bath immediately with very warm water


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There Is A Section on this report that reveals how to make a hand sanitizer, you can refer to it and make your hand sanitizer as more untrust ( fake ) hand sanitizer hit the market overnight here in Nigeria. It advisable that you should learn how to make hand sanitizer with 70% alcoholic base for your personal and family use. NOT TO BE SOLD.

2# Drink Hot Warm Water, Always:

Yes due to the coronavirus model WHO,NCDC And the Government have instructed everyone to always drink warm water, ALWAYS. And is best for you to avoid drinking and bathing cold water for now. 


Drink WARM WATER AND BATH WARM WATER ALWAYS, Even as you stay at home, bath always

3#: Adopt Good Hygiene:

Pay attention to WHO, NCDC, And Government advice by adopting good hygiene in curbing the spread of COVID-19


Ways To Prevent Corona Virus And Stay COVID-19 Free, USING THE TRADITIONAL MEDICATION


See picture below with the items needed for the medication

Ways To Prevent Corona Virus And Stay COVID-19 Free, Tradition Medicine, 1


1: Kettle:
Get a kettle, electric kettle or stainless steel kettle, separated for this purpose

1: Kettle: Get a kettle, electric kettle or stainless steel kettle, separated for this purpose. 2


3: Neem Leaf, Also known In Nigeria As Dogoyaro:
Dogoyaro is used both traditional and in pharmaceuticals, however, many are unaware of the amazing benefits of Dogo Yaro antiseptic, antibiotic and antiviral nature

ways to prevent corona virus and stay covid-19 free tradition medicine, 4

In our case here, we will be using the combo for the prevention of the virus, not cure


Before the coming of science, art, and facts. Our traditional medicine has been using Neem leaf, Dogoyaro for treatment of malaria, high fever. it has been used as an alternative traditional chloroquine tablet.


TAKE NOTE: The use of the herbs is not a cure for COVID-19 yet, as no direct cure for coronavirus which causes COVID-19 has been scientifically and medically approved yet


While we wait on the approved vaccine for the treatment of COVID-19 you can use the methods am detailing here to prevent contracting the virus

4# Lemongrass:
Also known as lemongrass, barbed wire grass, silky heads, Cochin grass or Malabar grass or oily heads

#5: Lemon Orange:
Just get Lemon Oranges, as many you can, both the native and agric lemon-orange are ok. see picture below

corona virus, using lemon orange

#6: Lime
You will also need lime citrus fruit, which contains acidic juice vesicles, see picture below

corona virus, using lime

#7: Scent Leaves
You will also need scent leaves. I too tell you how to prepare and add scent leaf to your herbal combo in preventing coronavirus which causes COVID-19. See Sample Picture of Scent Leaf Below

Scent leave

#8: Bitter Cola
Yes you will also need bitter cola, Also known as Garcinia kola see picture below

bitter kola cure for corona virus

#9: local gin
local gin also know as ogogoro dry with over 60 to 70 alcoholic base, you need it not for drinking, but to serve as hand sanitizer.. see sample picture of ogogoro below

local gin

#10: Shampoo
Yes, you will need shampoo, this is need for preparation of your hand sanitizer with local gin combo. see the picture of Shampoo below



THOSE ARE THE LIST OF ITEMS WE NEED AS RECOMMENDED On The Report!!! Ways To Prevent Corona Virus And Stay COVID-19 Free, Tradition Medicine

COVID-19 Herbal Drugs, Nairalearn


So haven known the items, fruit, and herbs we need to prevent contracting coronavirus, next is how to prepare the herb


And here we are going to prepare two different herb medication


  1. #1: Medication one: Is For ( Inhaling )
  2. #2: Medication Two: Is For Sipping ( Drinking )


1: Below Is How To Prepare Your Herbs Medication One For Inhaling


Items you will need are as follow

1: Stainless Bucks or Big Cooking Pot

2: Neem ( Dogoyaro )

3: Lemongrass

4: Lemon Orange

5: Lime

That is about 5 items, see picture below

Herb Preparation For Prevention Of Coronaviru


To Prepare the HERB is very simple, just wash them properly with clean water and start adding them into the bucket or big cooking pot

Get the bucket to add your neem/dogoyaro, add lemongrass, slice 2 to 3 of the lemon-orange and add it up, then add lime 3 to 6 seed is ok and add water to it

ways to prevent corona virus and stay COVID-19 Free, tradition medicine, bucket of herbs


Next: Is to put on the cooking gas and boil the bucket of herb, leave in on the fire until it steams very well, then takes it down, get a bracket and cover yourself while you inhale the vapor for 10 to 13 minutes, see sample picture below

inhale steam vapor for preventions of corona virus


Live practical Video Coming Soon, plan to revisit this page

Remember our aim is to keep coronavirus off and stay free from COVID-19


So you are not treating other ailments these herbs are used for such as Malaria, High Fever, etc. Your purpose here is to keep Corona virus off, stay healthy and don’t let the virus get into you


In that case: the only time you are advised to inhale the herbs is whenever you go out maybe to get some domestic needs, as soon as you come back, sanitize your hands, wash your hands, proceed to the bathroom and have a warm water bath and lastly steam the bucket of herbs and inhale for the period of 10 to 12 minutes


Remember WHO, NCDC and The Government Advice that we should all stay at home, stay safe and avoid going out when is not necessary, Let Fight The Virus Together, Soon We Shall All Over Come


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I understand staying at home is hard to keep, very hard in this part of the world called Nigeria, but we have no choice but to stay at home, stay safe, only use the herbs when you go out to get some important domestic needs


2: Below Is How To Prepare Your Herbs Medication One For Drinking

Below is how to prepare your herbs medication one for Drinking


List of items needed
1: Kettle
2: Lemon Orange
3: Lime
4: Scent leave
5: bitter cola
6: Neem/Dogoyaro ( Optional )
7: Lemongrass ( Optional )


Remember adding dogoyaro and lemongrass is optional here, you may add it on your week one of using and drinking the herbs, but not necessary on week two, three pro to when the coronavirus pandemic will go off.


Step To Prepare Herb For Drink
Get the items and wash them very well

Next: Get the kettle, slice the lemon-orange, slice the lime and put both into the kettle, add the scent leaves, then bitter cola, 2 to 3 seeds are ok, that is all, due you can add Neem/Dogoyaro and lemongrass. Both are optional


As I said you can add Neem/Dogoyaro and lemongrass. Both are optional, optional in the sense that we don’t know how long this corona virus pandemic will last, and health otherwise, is not advisable to be taking herbs containing dogoyaro, lemongrass for a long period of time


Next: boil the herb and wait for it to steam very well, get a glass and drink, maybe two-shot morning and night is ok.. this will boost your immune system and your body will stand a better chance in fighting the virus


Side Effects Of The Herbs:

Scientifically:  Medically All Medication, Drugs, and Herbs wise. All drugs Has They Associated Side Effect


Using neem/dogoyaro and lemongrass tea ( For Drinking ) is not advised for pregnant women, lactating women, couples looking to conceive, children, people taking lithium, those with autoimmune disorders or diabetes, organ transplants, or for someone with surgery scheduled within two weeks. 


At This Trying Period, any person that has one or two of this condition SHOULD NOT DRINK THE HERBS, They should stay 100% at home


The effects of consuming high doses of neem over a long period of time are not well studied and therefore not recommended. If you are on medications that are prone to interactions, consult your doctor before consuming the herb drink/tea made up of neem/dogoyaro, and lemon grass.


So if you fall into any of these categories, Please This Is Not Recommended For You, or best you may need to consult your Dr. For More Guide On The Use Of Herbs


Children Are Also Not To Take It: So if you have Children. The Best Thing To Do Is To Luck Them Up, They Should Stay At Home, Educate Them Properly and let them know reasons why they should stay at home


Other Things You Should Be Doing To Prevent Corona Virus Are As Follows

1: Always Sanitize Your Hands:

Nigerians are great people, good people, funny people, only both a few of the populace are bad people, because of the rush on hand sanitizer, a lot of fake hand sanitizer has hit the market. so beware of fake sanitizer


Is either you buy original hand sanitizer with 70% alcoholic base or your make your own hand sanitizer, is easy to make, all you need is to get original Local Gin ( Ogogoro ) and also get Shampoo, see pictures below

Hand sanitizer


Once you have both items, just get clean empty bottle water and add in some quantity of the Local Gin ( Ogogoro ) Into it and also add a small quantity of shampoo into it, then shake the bottle very well. that is all, You now have 60 to 70% base hand sanitizer is now ready for use


Corona Virus is real: Please remember to always Drink Warm Water Always, at least every 30 minutes


You can also add Natural Green Tea into your daily meal menu and develop the habit of eating good foods that will boost your immune system


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corona virus, ebook


From All Of Us 



With Thanks

Please Stay Safe, For We Shall All Overcome The Virus


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