Welcome To Whatsapp Cold Marketing Course Kit 1 (Whatsapp Mass Sender)

Now Fully Released on 13 Jan 2023 by NL SOFT, Owners Nairalearn, and Publisher’s WorldforumLive. For your 2023 massive marketing


First Thanks a lot for purchasing the Whatsapp Kit 2023, if you have any questions. Please contact our Support Line at +2348022529152. We provide 100% support to all our kits. If you are yet to purchase, kindly purchase and enjoy. So thanks again


HERE Are the Prerequisite to using the Whatsapp Mass Sender Kit

1: Net Framework 4.6.1 runtime setup version is ok, use the URL below to grab it for 100% Free from Microsoft 


Download Net Framework 4.6.1

Though there are possibilities that you may already have Net Framework running on your computer system, so after downloading Net Frame


Proceed To run the installation and pay attention to the onscreen message, follow the instruction to install. Should Net Framework is not yet on your system or should your system Net Frame opt for updated, proceed to Net Framework 4.6.1 and you are done with Net Framework


2: Proceed And Download the Latest Version Of Google Chrome and make it your default browser


3: Proceed To Your Kit folder send to you after purchase and find the Folder (Whatsapp Mass Sender) open it and locate the Folder (App Kit) and run ”Setup.exe” allow the installation process to propagate and after that locate the Icon on your Desktop and proceed with Your Whatsapp Cold Marketing, Send unlimited WhatsApp messages on ago


Whatsapp Mass Sender Tools

Take Note

To start sending to mass numbers, save all numbers (without the + sign & with the country code) 


For example, am from Africa Nigeria and our country code is +234, here you don’t need to add the +. Just save the numbers without the plus sign.




For United States Numbers, Ghana numbers, or any country numbers, just save numbers without + and country code and you are good to go


You can save hundreds to thousands of numbers, as well you can import numbers, is as easy as ABCD with the Whatsapp Mass Sender app. You can do amazing things


You can send mass messages, containing text, images, videos, pdf, and files to an individual list, as well as to the group list, is simple, is easy

Also, Leverage Other features of the kit (The Whatsapp Mass Sender Tool Kit)


You can also do the following

Grab Whatsapp Group member’s numbers, Grab Whatsapp Group Links from the web page, Setup Whatsapp Auto Responder Bot, Scrab and Grab numbers from Whatsapp, Use Google Map Data Extractor To Build Massive leads, Auto Join Whatsapp Group


Filter Non-Whatsapp Numbers from the list, Filter and Grab active group members from WhatsApp groups, Grab a Chat list (list of active people on your leads


Build WhatsApp Groups and Bulk All group members, Find Groups, Get access to over 2000 Whatsapp active groups, and scrap members’ numbers. Very massive


Whatsapp Mass Sender Tools

This tool goes for only 10K naira, you can order for yours from the account below


Pay The Sum Of  ₦10,000 Into

Account Name: NL SOFT

Account Number: 0427252159

Bank Name: GT Bank

Price: ₦10,000


Step Two: After Successful Payment:

Just Send Us an SMS or Call +2348068608490 or 08022529152. You are free to send us a message or call us at any time, we are open for business and support 24 hours daily


You can also Whatsapp us using any of the above numbers, all we need is the name you use in making the payment, for payment confirmation on our end and also an email address where you will like us to send the download link of Whatsapp Mass Sender Application Tool Kits


We normally send the download link by email, but if you feel like getting the download link on your Whatsapp, just let us know and that will be done 


We can also deliver the download to your Email and your WhatsApp, the choice is yours, just let us know how you want to receive the download link and it will be delivered to you in less than 3 minutes after successful payment confirmation


REMEMBER: After the payment just contacts us on our support mobile lines using 08068608490  or  08022529152.  You can SMS Us, Whatsapp Us or even call us, you can even save any of the numbers now chat us up


Your message should contain your email address and the name you use in making payment. Once we get your message and confirm your payment. The download link to Whatsapp Mass Sender Application Took Kit will be sent to the email you provided and your WhatsApp in less than 3 Minutes. 


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