What If You Do The Opposite Of These And Make More Money

What if you do the opposite of these and it leads to you making more money? It may sound like a simple question, but one that can lead to big changes in your life doing just the opposite


Just by doing the opposite of what the majority of people like you and I usually do, think, and believe on


What if you start doing the opposite, that can open you up to new experiences, take you to high levels of financial freedom, gives you new ways of thinking, and an understanding of how money work


What if instead of wanting Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Amazon, etc to be the ones paying you monthly when you are the one paying them daily

What if you do the opposite that will change your life for good for decades to come, what if you do what only but few are doing


You may find that the opposite is exactly what you need to achieve your goals faster when compare to doing the normal say

I know at this point, you are possible still trying to get my point here, don’t worry, I will break it further down so you can easily understand better

What if you do the opposite of these and make more money

You See Friend: What if you do the opposite of these when compare to what others are doing, can you ever imagine being the one paying giant companies like Google, FacebookAmazonYoutube, etc ”Can you ever imagine that”


Have you ever imagined what if you do the opposite of these, just think about it? I know you will be imagining, ”What doing the opposite of these” ever worth it when compared to doing the normal say


Well  Here Is It

You see, most people want to earn money online. majority wish is to start earning cool cash from GoogleFacebookYoutube, etc, First, there is nothing wrong or illegal with earning money from Google, Facebook, etc


So is normal when people want to earn big money from Google,  FacebookYoutube,  and many others, back in my early days of internet marketing, I was among those who strive to keep earning money day to day, month to month from these platforms


To keep increasing my earnings, earning a good amount of money from Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Youtube, was a dream come true for me back in the days


Please am not saying is wrong or bad TO EARN From Google, Facebook, Youtube, etc, please there is nothing wrong with that, just that there are better ways to it


Then again ”What if you do the opposite, the reverse engineering, what if you move from earning money from these platforms to being the one paying them


What if you do the opposite, instead of earning money from Google, what if you do the opposite by being the one paying money to Google


What if instead of earning money from Facebook you become the one paying money to Facebook, To Amazon, To Youtube, and many other online tech industries


I know at this time you may be thinking What is Mbonu Watson trying to say? Please hold and listen once again and please get my point clear


Am not saying is wrong to earn from Google, Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube, name them, Yes nothing is wrong


But because we are in an ever-changing world and the internet community is fast changing for good you must also move fast in aligning your business to meet with these changes


Fast, we do understand that 90% of people including you and I want to earn money online, yes we all want to earn money online, not just about spending money online, we want to earn money from Facebook, Google, Youtube, Amazon, cryptocurrency name but few


We, including business owners, entrepreneurs want to earn money online from all these platforms I have just mentioned


In reality, many people don’t just want to be the ones giving these platform money, but to keep being the ones earning, and receiving money from these platforms


These are the reasons Google strives for Adsense, AdMob, and Youtube Monetization, Facebook strives for Content Creator Monetization, Amazon strives with Amazon AWS


The same with other host brands around the world, they try to offer users a platform where users can earn money by doing XYZ


You will get a commission for these and that, when you do this and that, which is not bad. But ask yourself, What If I Do The Opposite, being the one paying these platforms daily, monthly, and yearly


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But Here Is The Trick

There is cool money, more money to make when you are the one paying Google, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and many others for premium Paid Ads Services


Just as the saying goes, ”There is money in numbers” so doing the revised engineer here can be golden to you, it can make you more money when compared to your earnings from these platforms


You Will Make More Money Being The One Paying Google, Facebook, Youtube, and Amazon AWS when you do the opposite of what the majority of people working hard day and night just to earn money from these platforms


Earning Cool CASH and Running Ads

The Secret here is no secret, you will make more money running planned ”On Going Ads” across Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube using AWS marketing and automation services:


On Going Ads, explained

These are the type of paid advertisements that never stop, when you start these types of ads placement running on Google Facebook, Youtube, and every other top tech network around the globe


In one way, you may think you are spending more money by running ongoing premium ads across these platforms, being the one giving them money daily


But when you start to analyze the result you are getting, only then will you discover that you are making money running ads across them compare to when you are just focusing on earning from them

For Better More Understanding Of Doing Th Opposite And Making More Money

Lastly: Be glad to be the one paying Google, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Igbosocial, etc to run ads for you or your company, please be glad and focus on the gain. Not on the money you are spending


And when you start running ads, for better results, set it on ongoing, where you will have no single plan to stop it, start this, doing just the opposite and it will make you more money

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