When She Was Born Poor But Now A Billionaire: Her Story

When She Was Born Poor But Now A Billionaire: Her Story

She Was Born Into poverty, but now a billionaire am referring to Linda Ikeji: The certified Nigeria number one controversial blogger

Her story from poverty to success is one you need to read, learn and lean on the fact why you should always put your family in front first, in everything you do, understanding that your family is everything great and there should come first 

You see one reason why I love and respect Linda Ikeji, First, she and her sibling were born into poverty just like millions of other Nigerians and their families

She was born into real poverty, her family was so poor that poverty was written all over them. Her family neighbors who are also poor people were so sympathetic to Linda’s family for being too poor

You know that feeling when even the poor people around you take pity on you by calling you poor, The poor calling their fellow neighbor poor, that was how hard life was with the Linda Ikeji Family


Linda once told media personalities that their case was so bad back then, in her narrative, you know that feeling when a poor person calls you poor. not just because he wants to mock your situation, but fact aside, his conditions are far better than yours. making them call us poor

When you live in a neighborhood of poverty. That your parents can’t even afford good schooling for their children, can’t afford a balanced diet when you wake up daily with an empty stomach

Knowing too well that your family has nothing to eat, and no hope for food is forthcoming, that period when your family has to beg for food the next day to survive.

That was the life of a today billionaire personality in the person of Linda Ikeji, who has also been a source of a financial breakthrough to her family

She was so poor. But managed to get featured on Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria MBGN back in the early 2000s edition. As a former model who later discover her passion for blogging and went into controversial publications online, setting up Linda Ikeji’s blog

Before then she was nominated as a contestant. She was so full of herself that she would make it. At least the last top 5 standing. But the event came and she never made it

She was so depressed after the show. More confused now as in when she gets into the show, that she wanted to take her own life

Then in between her depressive mood, she manages to fix herself, but this time around she wants to tell her story but first, she needs to quit modeling and start blogging.

So she started blogging without a computer and phone, she use Cybercafe now known as a business center

So Literary Linda started her multi Billionaire business from Cybercafe, with no phone no computer system

Then she and her family were managing life like millions of other Nigeria’s families who live from hand to mouth until her blogging career pick up, after about four years of active blogging

Blessings started to follow her, on another hand she never forget her family, where she is coming from, so when she started making money from blogging her primary focus was to bring her family out of poverty

So she started reinvesting in her family, in the lives of her sibling, she was not the first child but the second child in her family’s order of birth, but she was the mantle God use in ending years of poverty and financial lack in her family

As she continue to invest in her family, investing in the life and career of her sibling, it did not take much time for poverty to disappear from her family, from the life of her siblings that today no demon of poverty is found in her family, She is a big-time blessing to her family

Here are the amazing things she did. She Put Her Family First.

She makes sure that the situation of her family is changed for good, she puts her family first, first above every other thing. From her siblings to her parents she loves and invested cool money in them

As she continues to blog, publishing engaging content, her blog platform and brand continue to grow and she got richer and continues to make sure that poverty departs from her family.

That to this end. No demon of poverty is found in her family. None of her siblings, including her parents, are poor. They are all million and. Some billionaire

There is the essential part of being rich. When you get rich. Remember your family, starting from your parents, your siblings, your family love and the wealthy system should come first

It makes no sense to be rich while poverty is written all over your family, from your parents to your siblings, learn from Linda Ikeji’s story and bring your wealth home, by all means, invest in your family, focus on all-round family wealth creation and success


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