Yaro Medicare Discovers Cure For Diabetics, Hepatitis, Strokes, Ulcer, Cancer

Prince Ayodele Adeleye of Yaro Medicare Nigeria limited Discovers Cure For Diabetics, Hepatitis, Strokes, Ulcer, Cancer, and Many Others


Good News Reaching Us
Is That A Nigerian medical scientist, Prince Ayodele I. Adeleye has recorded a breakthrough for discovering permanent cure for some chronic diseases known to have no cure according to world medical records history.

The disease according to his claims include diabetics, strokes/paralysis, hepatitis, cancer, BP, ulcer, epilepsy and sickle cell.

The scientist has also improved on therapy that now reduces to two hours, the treatment and cure for HIV/Aids, including kidney, plus other damaged organs.

Prof. Adeleye, made the outcome of his breakthrough public penultimate week after an age-long research where he excelled in establishing cure in the nine ailments considered to have no permanent cure the world over.

Adeleye was the best graduate of Laboratory Sciences, Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria, and was retained immediately after graduation as a lecturer as well as staff in medical lab department of the university teaching hospital, ABUTH.

A major in parasitology, Adeleye rose to the position of principal staff in the lab science department of ABUTH and retired after a successful career as a federal civil servant to establish a research center in Kaduna metropolis.

In a chat with Nairalearn our correspondent Iho Amadi, at the “Yaro Medicare Nigeria limited, the research center”, located in the heart of Kaduna, Adeleye said more research was still in progress.

In a handbill made available to journalists, the permanent cure for diabetes takes only a month, stating that it’s the first and only of its kind in the world.

On hepatitis, the cure is said to be instantaneous and takes only a day, while the cure for all kinds of stroke/paralysis, at any level inclusive, takes only three days, respectively.

Curatives, according to the claimant, include all types of cancer including leukemia, are also instant, and takes only one day for treatment and cure, while that of ulcer is also one day.

Work on the full cure of epilepsy and sickle cell have also been completed, and permanent cure also discovered, he said.

The two hours, HIV/Aids cure according to the medical researcher, also treats organs, including kidney, and others, damaged as a result of prolonged anti-retroviral therapy, adding that patients would test negative five days later.

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Yaro Medicare Nigeria Limited

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Mr Ayo Adeleye

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7 responses on "Yaro Medicare Discovers Cure For Diabetics, Hepatitis, Strokes, Ulcer, Cancer"

  1. To God be the glory that a breakthrough is coming from a nigerian may God give him more wisdom to make another discovery. indeed this is a good news.

  2. The discovery of a permanent cure for all the above deadly or terminal ailments is phenomenal and a groundbreaking epoch making to the medical profession in the area of a tailored research and above all putting Nigeria medical research on a global map as first line destination for medical tourism.Kudos to Yaro Medicare.

  3. I am so happy to read your Medicare by Dr ADELEYE on what’s of our church at Osogbo. My aim is to come for proper check up in your medicare clinic. I will be glad if you can give me an appointment on when to come. Am at Osogbo

  4. Hello I m. So pleased to read this.as a matter of fact I want to visit your clinic for cancer treatment as soon as possible. In the next 3 days.I am Yvette from Cameroon. I will be so glad if you can reply me via email .please as soon as possible

  5. I am delighted a Nigerian Medical Scientist is authoritatively claiming a scientific breakthrough in multiple human diseases.
    Our governments and well meaning individuals should give adequate and timely support to Prof Ayo Adeleye on the fits already attained.

  6. I consider my self a lucky man coming across Mr Ayo Adeleye. Will like to visit your clinic for hepatitis b treatment as soon as possible. I reside in lagos, in my case distance is Not a barria at all. Pls sir I need to visit your clinic quickly.

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