You need to be street smart, Think Skill-wise

You need to be street smart, Think Skill-wise

In today’s world, somehow globally, people have beginning to think skill-wise when compare to school wise and getting degree certificate 

People think ‘’Should I go to college?’’ or best to learn a skill, A lot of young people come to me asking for advice on this matter, school-wise r skill-wise?


And here is my advice, if you are opportune to go to school, go to school, but make learning skill your priority, having a skill in today world, not just in Africa Nigeria is too important so have the plan to learn a skill because skill pays more now, skill employ more, skill can keep you off from unemployment, with the skill you can also be an employer of labor

Learning skill is quicker when compared to school, YES GOING TO SCHOOL TO GET A DEGREE IS IMPORTANT, At the same time, learning skill is more of practical when compared to school, so you see, while the changing world need more of skill-wise when compare to school


Skill will teach you to want school will not, the skill will teach you how to make the money, the school will teach you how to search for money, the skill will teach you to work, the school will teach you how to write a CV and go looking for job

In today world, depending only on school is a suicide, never you thinks that, while thinking of getting educational degree also thinks of getting a skill, you can even go for professional skill career

Read the life of many billionaires today, how many of them did education get them to where there are, but many of them are where they are today, base on skill-wise, practicing, practicing practicing. that brings in the greater success

Most time the best thing you can do to yourself, are self-thought, self-development with the help of a guide, support team a mentor, you will surely excel, this is one reason why NL-SOFT Developers created The University of Nairalearn, a place where anyone irrespective of status, can come a learn from the comfort of they home or office


Not minding your educational qualification, language, or the tribe you come from, your skin colour, Naira LEARN is open for everyone who want to learn a new skill, take a look at Nairalearn courses here and plan to secure a course, give yourself that push of excellence you have ever wanted, excellence in career, skill, finance, with your dream life, walk smart to make it come through


Think Skill WISE, Skill pays in today world

A lot of people are today roaming the street, road in search of a job, with their big certificate in a country where the corrupt government people have decided to frustrate the life of the masses by not creating massive jobs for it nationals


In as much there is nothing wrong with having a certificate, searching for a job, is always better for one to tell himself the truth, be real, in Nigeria for those reading me from Nigeria, there is no job, but you see with skill, you can learn and start practicing as an International freelancer, and allow people from other countries to hire you, pay you and best appreciate your great work, all it takes is learning a skill, by skill-wise Now.

You need to be street smart, Think Skill-wise

And the good news is that skill can be learn at any point in someone’s life, you can learn a skill before going to a higher institution, you can learn a skill while in school, you can learn skill after school, you can learn skill now by NairaLEARN Course


This has been my answer and opinion to those asking me if school is better than skill, is up to you to be street smart, Think Skill-wise


And please NOTE: the answer I provided above is my opinion, yes my personal opinion, you have the right to agree with me or disagree with me in total, whatever stand you are on, be it the school wise or skill-wise, you are right.

Though you do have yours to make, your choice to make in life, at the end of the day, you do what you think is right for you. 

For example, if you want to be a doctor, a nurse for instance, well then you probably need a college/university degree for that. I know, on that one, I wouldn’t want to be operated on by someone self-taught on skillset, but when it comes to technology, entrepreneurship, trading, and many others… look in the direction of skillset and get informed rightfully

Visit the Nairalearn Course section to learn new skill capable of making you cool earning, some skills can end your years of unemployment and financial lack


You can learn Youtuber, Youtube Monetization right from Nairalearn all you need to get started with is self-development, imagine you creating videos, uploading videos online, on youtube, and being paid for your contents

Youtube Monetization

To make it online, you have to understand marketing and one key ingredient in marketing is time, it takes time for results to start showing, even if you want to learn a new skill, it also takes time before you can start seeing greater results, so no matter what you do, learn, remember that patience is a virtue, it may take time before you will start getting a result, have that in mind and be consistent in your learning and practicing, learn never to give up too soon.


You can choose to learn How to Develop a Mobile app, WITH NairaLEARN AdMob Masterclass you are good to go

You can choose to learn professional website design and development, starting with CMS, HTML, PHP, and more, and also learn the blueprint of web consultation


You can choose to learn how to start a profitable youtube channel (Vlog). Many people like you are making over 1000 USD monthly from Youtube as a starter

If you are to exchange 1000 United States dollar for my Nigeria Naira Currency at the rate of 500 naira to 1 dollar and you are making 1000 dollar monthly, you can do that math and find out how much you will be making in a month just by uploading monetized videos


You can choose to learn how to Install a CCTV and also learn the business areas, in most African nations, security has always been a big problem, so if you are reading this and you are still Jobless, thinking to learn CCTV, learning CCTV Installation as a skill can ball you out from unemployment.


You can choose to learn How to Install a car tracker AND also learn the Business area of it, learning skill is one thing, monetizing the skill is another.

You can choose to learn how to install a Solar inverter system and start making money from solar system installation and sales, In most, African Nation power electricity supplies have always been a big problem so get the Solar Inverter installation masterclass to learn the A To Z Of Solar Inverter installation and Business


You can choose to learn Internet Marketing, using the Digital Marketing Academy step by step videos, I don’t need to talk much about this, the fact is that the internet has been the employers of labor, with millions of people being virtually employed, including the writer of this, My humble self Mbonu Watson is proudly an internet tech, fully employed by the internet

You can choose to learn email marketing, when it comes to making cool cases online, the money has always been on the engagement of the list, the list audience you have, starting with your email list database, as well with your GSM Number list database


You can choose to learn Facebook Marketing, Instagram, Twitteracross the social media platforms and start monetization of your social media channels

You Can Choose To Learn how to start recharge card printing and ecard sell the business, as well as Bulk SMS Business


You can choose to learn WhatsApp marketing, by getting the WhatsApp Marketing Course, with the WhatsApp Bulk Sender App that allows you to send thousands of mass WhatsApp messages daily

Learning a skill is one thing, monetization of your skillset is another, so when planning to learn also make room to monetize your skill, your number one essence for learning skill should be to make money, not for fun

Yes you can learn skill base on your passion, while most people these days learn skill base on monetization, to make money, make a living. Know this and define your part when learning skill


You can choose to learn professional courses like project managementMarketing, ActingFootball bettingAffiliate MarketingNetworking BusinessBlogging, and many others

To get started. Kindly visit NAIRALEARN Courses NOW and select any course of your choice listed there, make an order and you will get the course contents to download links sent across to you, next is for you to start learning, practice, monetizing, and start earning

Self-development is a goal, give it a try NOW, learn a new skill or skills to end unemployment and joblessness in your life, you can as well share these articles” with your friends and family, be a blessing to someone’s life today. Share this article ‘‘You need to be street smart, Think Skill-wise” with others, don’t just keep it to your self. and most important plan to learn a skill starting from today

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