Acting Masterclass Video Training

Our ‘ Acting Masterclass Video Training ‘ Course Is for Both Beginners And Professional Actors, The Acting Class offers an introduction to acting in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.

Get Ready To Discover how to creates memorable characters, powerful performances, and a long-lasting career. Learn to master auditions, analyze scripts, and find the truth in every role you play


    This Acting Masterclass Video Training Is Ideal for those with little or no acting experience, this course provides the chance to explore acting technique in a playful, accessible and practical way.

    Whether you are an aspiring performer; wish to revitalize your creativity; or simply want to try something new and build self-confidence, you will find this course active, fun and rewarding.


    Exact course content may differ according to the course length and students’ needs. Topics covered include:

    Group exercises, drama games, and improvisation

    A range of approaches to acting technique

    Understanding and developing characters

    Rehearsing a scene from a play

    Exploring the use of voice and body through vocal and physical exercises

    Creating Characters

    Physical Characterization

    Character Biographies

    Making Character Your Own

    Voice & Character

    How To Use Your Voice, Use Your Body

    Working With Directors

    On-Set Collaboration

    Developing Characterization

    Making Bold Choices

    Enriching Your Acting Practice


    Growing Your Acting Career

    Each class will provide plenty of opportunities to practice your new acting skills under the friendly guidance of an experienced tutor, ensuring you feel comfortable and get the most out of your course.



    The ACTING MASTERCLASS VIDEO TRAINING takes what we like to call a ‘Field Of Practical Acting Experience’ approach in that we do not adhere to just one school of thought on a technique of acting.

    As You will experience various styles such as Method, Our acting coaches are all working, professional actors and directors who bring to bear their own expertise, enabling a rounded approach of effective techniques that work for you as an individual.

    We firmly believe in the value of Acting and Drama Courses for developing life skills, irrespective of whether you want to pursue acting in a sustained way.

    Acting techniques are transferable to your working and social life, enhancing communication – learning about yourself and how you relate to others – building confidence and developing your imagination and creativity.

    Our acting masterclass video training is planned to offer a progression through the levels of Beginners, Improvers to Developers And Professional Actors Level.

    You will receive guidance from your acting coach but in general, You can also go through the Course Outline In other to grabs some views of what you will be getting from This Acting Kit, The ‘ Acting Masterclass Video Training


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    Course Curriculum

    01: Introduction To Acting
    01: Introduction To Acting 00:00:00
    02: Choosing A Monologue
    02: Choosing A Monologue 00:00:00
    03: Choosing A Monologue Continued
    03: Choosing A Monologue Continued 00:00:00
    04: Working With Text, Carving Out Words
    04: Working With Text, Carving Out Words 00:00:00
    05: Working With Text, Grounding A Monologue
    05: Working With Text, Grounding A Monologue 00:00:00
    06: Attack It A Different Way
    06: Attack It A Different Way 00:00:00
    07: Give Them 50
    07: Give Them 50 00:00:00
    08: Varying A Performance
    08: Varying A Performance 00:00:00
    09: Mask Work Become Someone Else
    09: Mask Work Become Someone Else 00:00:00
    10: Mask Work Try It A Different Way
    10: Mask Work Try It A Different Way 00:00:00
    11: Mask Work Working With A Mirror
    11: Mask Work Working With A Mirror 00:00:00
    12: Mask Work Add Stakes
    12: Mask Work Add Stakes 00:00:00
    13: Grounding A Performance
    13: Grounding A Performance 00:00:00
    14: Raise The Stake
    14: Raise The Stake 00:00:00
    15: Trust The Words
    15: Trust The Words 00:00:00
    16: Domestic Acting Exercise
    16: Domestic Acting Exercise 00:00:00
    17: Reacting In Monologues
    17: Reacting In Monologues 00:00:00
    18: Impressions
    18: Impressions 00:00:00
    19: Acting For Screen
    19: Acting For Screen 00:00:00
    20: Acting For Stage
    20: Acting For Stage 00:00:00
    21: Collaborating With Directors
    21: Collaborating With Directors 00:00:00
    22: Collaborating With Actors
    22: Collaborating With Actors 00:00:00
    23: Creating Characters, Case Studies
    23: Creating Characters, Case Studies 00:00:00
    24: Creating Characters, Case Studies ( Continued )
    24: Creating Characters, Case Studies ( Continued ) 00:00:00
    25: How To Audition
    25: How To Audition 00:00:00
    26: Acting Career Journey
    Acting Career Journey 00:00:00
    27: Career Strategy
    27: Career Strategy 00:00:00
    28: Sanity Guide
    28: Sanity Guide 00:00:00
    29: Questions
    29: Questions 00:00:00
    30: Answer
    30: Answer 00:00:00
    undisclosed Bonuses

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